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  1. It would be great if you could talk to generic animals. Not only they are cute, some of them have a tragic past (like the flickies Gamma had to release by commiting fratricide and suicide) and they're likely to say something interesting.
  2. If I had enough money to waste on ancient consoles, I would so definitely buy it. I'd love to play my precious Sonic 2 the way it was supposed to be played, not on an emulator. *v* Maybe then I would finally be able to reach the last zone before I realised how impossible it is. It's funny that I'd be more willing to buy a crappy archaic handheld to play one rather lame game than a Dreamcast (running gems like Sonic Adventures, Jet Set Radio, Space Channel 5, ChuChu Rocket...)... or even Sega CD with Sonic CD... I guess I'm a hipster after all
  3. I've spent quite a load of time on Green Hills Zone listening to the amazing music It made me so happy that I managed to get to the stage. ...It's a pity I wasn't destined to get past it in spite of having a few continues.
  4. Besides Sonic's slowpoke mode in Labirynth I don't like the spindash in 3D games. Mostly because of my talent of spindashing out of the stage.
  5. Sonic Rush bosses were generally rather boring, especially when compared with the stages. But the worst boss fight I've ever experienced was the fight between Sonic and Shadow in Green Forest in SA2. The controls were so awfully sloppy I kept homing-attacking out of the stage. No boss can be more annoying than King Boom Boo on emulator, though. (DC emulators can't display the shadow you have to attack after you let light into the room, so it's impossible to win without changing some settings)
  6. It would be amazing if a worthy sequel of the OVA appeared. I don't mean it'd have to use the same animation style, but the same kind of plot. SEGA has no trouble rendering gorgeous CGI cutscenes and showing breathtaking landscapes, so they wouldn't have trouble making the movie worth watching at least for the graphics.
  7. The person who deserves a spin-off the most is... Wendy Witchcart. She's the first female main villain in the series after all. She could fight for women rights. ... err, maybe after a tiny little makeover... Man if I spent all the time on learning instead of drawing random crap, I would be a genius.
  8. I think it's better when he's more independent. He has quite a different personality from Sonic, and it would never show if he kept mimicing him. There's a version of Tails backstory that says something like he was bullied for his two tails, and his trying to be himself and to become a great person without emulating Sonic's behaviour and relying on him all the time says something about his character. He's got to have a lot of determination to keep going after all the stuff he went through,
  9. I guess the continents on their planet move a lot faster. And everybody got used to having to shift from being an African to an Eskimo within a period of a few years. This seems plausible considering all the things that happen there.
  10. I like the boost. Not only Sonic goes faster instantly, the BGM and scenery around him gets distorted, giving the impression that Sonic's breaking the sound barrier. It also makes the gameplay more interesting.
  11. If nobody seems to care about JSR, then I'll add ChuChu Rocket to the list. A Sonic and ChuChu Rocket crossover! Tails has a Chu2 bomb in Sonic Battle already, so the game could be about directing the bombs on robots before Time Eater clones eat them! Brilliant!
  12. Well, it's annoying that not only the only playable characters are Sonic and Tails, their personalities are shallow and flanderized as if making Sonic stop cracking stupid jokes in Colors or actually speak to anybody in Generations would make the story too complicated. If Sonic's in the centre of attention, then that should at least be used to develop his personality like in the Storybook series. It's a shame that such an epic game Generations is treats characterization so awfully laconically.
  13. A Sonic and Jet Set Radio crossover would be godly. With JSR's funky style and Sonic's speed and graphics combined. Just imagine roller-blading around Generations stages... and grinding about... and spraying grafitti all over... and running away from crazy GUN units... all that while listening to the awesome JSR music. It could be the best game in history.
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