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  1. I was lucky enough to secure three more tickets in case I find any friends of mine are wanting to go. I would have gone for 4 but I thought 3 was the limit. Oh well! Glad more folks here managed to get in.
  2. It's currently very much touch and go that I'll be able to make it at all, but I'm glad I've got the opportunity if I'm able/want to. It is a shame they can't distribute tickets via monitoring enthusiasm, but that would require invasive and illegal surgery, most likely. So, thankfully, it all came down to clicking fingers. Maybe if y'all spent less time playing Sonic and more time in the gym, your clicking fingers wouldn't be so rusty. ;D Good luck for Sunday!
  3. I got my tickets without any hassle whatsoever! My interest is fairly limited but I'll be sure to attend, just to scope it out.
  4. I'd forgotten how much of a stylistic achievement Nichijou was. I haven't actually finished the series yet. I'm watching the To Love-Ru OVAs which are fucking torture.
  5. You guys are crazy! My memory insists it was an A rank but a cursory internet search reveals they don't exist. S'weird. My bad y'all. I definitely left the room and returned to a finished level, that much is accurate. Fuck knows where I was in the level at the time, I was bored out of my mind by how bland it was and have clearly retained very little information about it. And Black Knight was somehow worse. Thank goodness for Colours.
  6. Thanks for the context - I don't mean to go off the rails here but I did find it crass to see "xxxx likes this" next to a post lamenting a child's rape. It's obviously an emotional subject. Again, thank you for your reasoned response.
  7. You can do what you want, and I can think it's tasteless. It's like writing "+1" on an obituary.
  8. Fun Secret Rings fact: Once when I was playing it I put the Wiimote down and went for a piss. I returned to an "A" rank. Pretty awful game all told.
  9. I'm not criticising your post, I'm criticising those who in the face of this shocking event think the best thing to do is just go "yeah what this guy said". Edit: Though way to wise off in a thread about the rape of a child. Sure showed me.
  10. I'm excited 'cos it means more people will be talking about the best 3D platformer series.
  11. Also, use of the "like" button in post 2? Tasteless.
  12. A fantastic magazine in its heyday. - a really brilliant lookback.
  13. What the fuck are you talking about? Edit: What the fucking fuck are you talking about?
  14. I don't really watch children's cartoons anymore but this is something really special.
  15. This is gonna enter an infinite recursive loop of anger. Like, ouroborous. And bro she probably entered the thread to find out what it was about, not to shit on it. I think it was a reasonable point. ANYWAY Did anyone play the original? I did. It was great. For equality.
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