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  1. Hey, at least in this case the dev team would have to make more interesting level design that doesn't rely on those abilities as crutches if they aren't standard features. ...Wait, who am I even kidding?
  2. The Conker fans over at DK Vine (which is more a "Rare animal games" community than just a Donkey Kong one) loved Conker's Big Reunion.
  3. I was not responding to the video, I was responding to your assertion that SA2's gameplay was consistent with SA1's, which is untrue on all but the shallowest of levels.
  4. Sonic Adventure 2 resembled Sonic Adventure in shallow ways, but the level design philosophy was entirely different and Sonic's controls had changed quite a bit. SA1 feels like an honest attempt to have the original gameplay in 3D, whereas SA2's levels were more straightforward, had more set-pieces, more Boost Pads, and Sonic couldn't even roll. SA2 feels sorta like a middle ground between SA1 and Unleashed to me. Rolling used to be Sonic's signature move and even in SA1 it often came in handy if you knew what you were doing.
  5. While this is true for you as you're from Japan, for most members of this forum this version of this game came out around the beginning of November, with November 1st being the initial release date.
  6. The hackers that do it make it sound really simple, so I assume programmers at a giant video game corporation can handle it. But then this is SEGA we're talking about.
  7. Well, all they'd have to do is inject Sonic's parameter file from Generations into Unleashed. It'd be a very quick fix and any future Unleashed port should do this.
  8. My Wii U is (mostly) a glorified Donkey Kong machine personally, but that's okay because Tropical Freeze is in the running for my personal best game ever and having the older games makes that a great library for me. I do wonder if some of these PC ports could hit PS4 and Xbox One. Should be easy enough due to the similar architecture. Maybe not Lost World depending on the Nintendo contract, but I'd love Colors on my Xbox One, and a console version of Unleashed that actually runs well.
  9. I've been playing the Xbox version since midnight and everything you've heard about this collection is true. It's almost exactly like playing on a NES, which I love (but the NES slowdown and flicker is involved as well so your mileage may vary). It even has the flicker on the Mega Man 3 stage select screen (not even the Virtual Console versions has that), it all feels so authentic. Much better than the shoddy work in Anniversary Collection, but I would like the Complete Works soundtracks in the game. I'd even pay a few bucks for it as DLC. They've hinted they wanna do a Capcom Disney NES games collection in this same engine, so I'm pretty hyped about that. I'd also like to see Castlevania get this treatment.
  10. Happy birthday, boss!

  11. Oh, no, you were right about it downloading the game off Xbox Live. It simply uses the disc as a "key" to know you have the game. And yeah, I'm as shocked as anyone that they actually have an Xbox 360 emulator running on Xbox One.
  12. No, because Xbox 360 games on Xbox One are simply running on an emulator. There is no porting of any code. Do some research before you blindly reply like that.
  13. No, it makes it an emulation of a port of a port.
  14. This was explained in the stream. The way NES outputs video means there's no specific definitive colour palette for the games (which is why even the Wii/Wii U Virtual Console and 3DS Virtual Console look so different from each other, with 3DS versions of NES games looking much brighter). Legacy Collection is tweaked to match screenshots taken by Capcom way back in the 80s/90s. People are just used to emulators and that little screen probably just hasn't been updated to match the latest tweaking.
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