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  1. Happy birthday!

    1. Ferno


      Thanks alot!

  2. I miss Shrek.

    1. MamboCat


      We're still not ogre his departure.

  3. PSA: Playtonic's staff did not work on every Rare game. They are mostly just people from the team that made DKC 1 and 2, the console Banjo games, Ghoulies, Viva Piñata, and yes, Nuts & Bolts. I would not expect Conker or Diddy Kong Racing successors from them.

  4. Haaaaaaaaa’aaam, gurrrrl!

  5. XD375

    Happy birthday Tara!

    1. Tara


      Thank you! <3

  6. Can we just talk about good sitcoms like Arrested Development, Community, Parks and Recreation, or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?

    1. Gregzilla


      it's more fun to talk shit about shit


    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      the last of these is not like the others

    3. Goldenlink64


      Malcom in the Middle will always be my favorite. No laugh track needed to be awesome.

    4. FromASloth
    5. XD375


      None of these shows have laugh tracks, Goldenlink64.

    6. Goldenlink64


      All the more reason that they're awesome.

    7. Goldenlink64


      Though I haven't seen the shows you mentioned yet though.

  7. Happy birthday!

    1. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      Thanks mang, hope you're doing well.

  8. Happy birthday!

    1. Ferno


      Thanks man!

  9. I actually enjoyed the Lego episode of The Simpsons. It was far from perfect but it was the best episode I've seen in years.

  10. Happy birthday Josh!

  11. Johnny Gioeli is so enthusiastic during live Crush 40 performances.

  12. Xbox One has the first exclusive I care about between it and PS4.

    1. Wil348


      Subset Overdrive looks Hnnnnnnng!

  13. I want to be Dan Harmon.

  14. Someday I will kill Pacer without getting caught.

  15. The only reason I'm excited for Fallout 4 is because I'm excited for the possibility than an Obsidian game (like New Vegas) will follow it.

    1. Dr. Homem

      Dr. Homem

      I was hoping Obsidian would *make* Fallout 4. Bethesda clearly doesn't know how to handle the property, and I'd prefer them not to work on it themselves.

    2. XD375


      Yeah, if Obsidian makes Fallout 4, that'd be the best case, but I'm being realistic here.

    3. C4k3


      I hope E3 brings us some details on it.

  16. I don't get why we need more than one Felix.

    1. Victoes


      I don't get why your questioning this. Felix or GTFO

  17. i have a theory in sonic adventure battle 2 for gamecube where sonic was dead all along

    1. Briraka


      Chaos Control your way out of that, Sonic.

    2. KHCast


      If only this was the case in Shadow the Hedgehog.

  18. I haven't really been around much lately...

    1. Kiah


      You should fix that!

  19. XD375

    Happy birthday! :D

    1. Iggy


      Thanks XD375!

  20. I keep trying to play the PS1 Crash games but I am not enjoying them. I just feel like I'm walking forward and jumping on things. Where is the gratification in these games? I know they're not bad games but I can't figure out how to like them.

    1. XD375


      (I love the characters and universe, though.)

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Ever play Super Mario Bros?

    3. XD375


      Super Mario is different, there's level design and a sense of momentum and stuff.

    4. Marcello


      As a kid I always hated Crash's design. I thought he looked really stupid.

    5. Shikushi


      I love the PS1 Crash games, but I think the levels are very straightforward

    6. TheOcelot



      Which PS1 Crash games have you played?

    7. XD375


      I own all three of them. 2 and 3 have more solid gameplay engines but I just can't get into any of them. :( Maybe the levels get more interesting later in the game?

  21. Welcome to the SSMB, fellow composer!

  22. I still don't understand what Jim saw in Pam.

  23. Congrats, old comrade.

    1. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Thanks bud! Really appreciate it! Wish more than a couple of people noticed. :(

  24. My "prediction" is that the Generations team is working on a game with a four year development cycle. It'll have the old designs and be released in 2015.

    1. Kuzu


      And it will be the same shit we got in the last four games.

    2. TheOcelot
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