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  1. The creation of Mighty Gunvolt Burst was all Inti's idea that Comcept approved (and had the contract to do after making Mighty Gunvolt). It's basically inti's way of "redeeming" MN9 and its failures by making a cheap fun game that better utilizes the characters and their potential. I'm waiting for the 3DS version, but I am glad to hear it's been well received. When inti's allowed full reign, they really do know how to make a good game. It doesn't fix MN9 and Comcept as a whole... but (hypothetically speaking) if this was to be the last MN9-related game ever, it seems like a good game to end on.
  2. Hate to break it to you, but: Black Panther's part of the DLC pack, just like Sigma. I'm still believing that the leaks are real, but potentially not the complete roster. Far too many specific details have been confirmed for me to call the leak a miss, and Zero still potentially takes up that unknown capcom fighter spot the leaker mentioned. But I mean, that's just me. I'm just still hoping for my sweet blue boy and his fancy manicure at this rate.
  3. So Groot IS an assist for Rocket.... if there was any doubt the leak was real, I think it's safe to say it's dead and buried. But it's a relief to see they won't be the only characters. Zero's back afterall?! Heck yes! And black panther looks really cool. Though sheesh.. hiding 6 new characters behind DLC? That's pretty excessive right there. I am happier with how things look in terms of the possible roster, but gosh I just can't get into what capcom's doing overall so far. It all feels like such a huge stepdown from MvC3, and that game had its share of problems too. But least I can get a good laugh out of the bad visuals in the meantime. Like X's voluptuous plastic lips. It's been a rough 13 years for the guy, that's for sure.
  4. I don't think anything specific's been announced, but I would expect it to be there for sure. It's a big game set to release later this year, so I won't be surprised if we'll see another trailer and maybe a playable demo. Just wishful thinking though. Edit: whoops! I meant to specify I'm talking about E3.
  5. Seems more likely he was given permission from whoever gave him the info, not from Capcom themselves. At least that's how I took it. If Capcom DID let him leak this as a means to trick people... I hope it means the new characters listed are still real, but just only a portion of the roster. I guess we'll know more next week.
  6. I'm so conflicted. If this is all true, that roster is very underwhelming... but Jedah?! I've been vainly hoping for him ever since a new MvC was even hinted, and it may just actually happen? Don't do this to me Capcom. : ( But nearly every other character I used isn't going to be included this time (at least not until DLC or Ultimate or whatever, and that's still a what-if). I guess I can be happy Dante and Firebrand may be sticking around, but even with Jedah in the mix, I think I'll have to wait on getting the game. I also wanna see what scummy thing Capcom's going to do this time before I give them my money again...
  7. The character creator thing is the only thing that's got me interested in Forces right now. Not just for making my own characters, but also the chance of recreating characters that will never be playable (like the Archie Sonic cast).

    My only hope is you can give your character different hairstyles... though from what the trailer showed, I didn't see anything indicating that option exists.

    1. Polkadi


      Even if you could, Sal's hair is pretty unique. One look, and everyone goes "I see what you were trying to do..."

      Could result in some issues, but I'm hopeful it works.

  8. I want GameXplain to give us another quick Nintendo Switch video update entirely on what the console tastes like.

  9. Why must I play fighting games when I know I'm too bashful to actually fight against anyone :[

  10. On a personal standpoint, 2016 was better for me than 2015. I finally got the medical help I've needed physically and psychologically for years, and I can't recall the last time I've felt this okay on a day to day basis; It's just been a relief being able to walk, go out, and just do whatever without it feeling like my body is about to collapse from stress. I've also been pretty happy about my art. There's still more I need to push myself with, but I'm just glad I can look back and say "Wow, I made a lot of progress this year!". My biggest wish is I'll do even better next year regardless what ups or downs may await. As for media... Games I had been excited about finally came out this year and I enjoyed all of them very much. Up until then I hadn't sat by a console in ages, so being able to once again brought back a lot of nice feelings for me. I even got into a new series (well, new for me) that has really helped make the stressful parts of this year more enjoyable too. Regardless what happened this year, I'm able to look back on how much fun I was having anyways, and I'm very thankful for that. So with those things, some new friendships, and an improved outlook on my life and health... I'm more content than I was just a year ago.
  11. I had a very casual Christmas and I was happy about that. It was just me, my parents and my brother, and we talked to my other brother and distant family to wish them merry christmas too. Just a nice time with a nice simple breakfast starting it all off; just the way we like it. As for presents, I got... - A dip pen for my ink. I've never used one before, so I look forward to trying it out. - Several boxes of my favorite herbal tea, which I am very happy about. They're hard to find sometimes. - The album Fragile, by Yes. I love this album alot, and I'm glad I get to finally own it. Thanks bro! - Amazon gift cards. Now I just gotta figure out what to get... or I could just hoard it for later. - Lucas Amiibo. This one I knew about already... because I saw him at the store, and he was on clearance for $4! What the heck?! So he became another chrimbus gift. - Some earbuds. I'm very impressed with them, and I usually don't wear earbuds. They didn't even cost much either, and I know how much good headphones/earbuds can cost, so I'm very satisfied with them (and I'm all for bargains). - a WONDERFUL box from a good friend of mine, full of things she hand crafted for me. She made me an altaria plush, a little UFO keychain, bought me a raccoon mug, and made adorable doodles on the address labels. It was so kind of her to do that, and I will cherish these gifts forever. I believe that's it. All in all, an enjoyable Christmas.
  12. Has everyone hung their Christmas Chainsaws from their Christmas Power Lines yet?

  13. is everyone ready for the Winter Man to crawl out of his cave and bring us lots of wonderful gifts this Sunday?

    1. Azoo


      I really hope winter man comes to my firmly trimmed and wet chrimbus bush and gives me the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Chrimbus Special, Now on DVD

    2. Pompadour


      WOW that's my wish too!!

  14. Sonic Eraser is the only good Sonic game.

    1. Shikushi


      I thought everyone knew that by now

  15. A couple of years ago I attempted 3D modeling and made Sonic.

    Do you think it still holds up for a potential portfolio to Sega? or even Pixar?

    snorc 3d.png

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      The right leg looks a tad lumpy, but other than that, I can't tell the difference between this and official Sonic renders. Good job!

    2. Pompadour


      Thank you! I'll be sure to keep that in mind next time I render him. :D

    3. SurrealBrain


      It's impressive. A perfect rendition of the Blue Blur himself. Sega would be insane not to hire you...which is to say, they might not, because they're not too intelligent.

      Still, impressive work. If Sega won't hire you, I'm confident you'll be going places! :)

    4. JezMM


      Pixar?  Aiming a bit low don't you think?  Well it's good to be humble I guess.

    5. Miru the Living Planet

      Miru the Living Planet

      Dreamworks might have taken it during the Shrek Clone era. For now, I bet Crest or something would LOOOOOVE this one. Especially the peeps who made Norm of the North.

    6. Gabe


      my eyes just burst into flames

      because it's beautiful

    7. CottonCandy


      It's..um..great! Wonderful piece of..greatness! 

      I'm really jealous..

    8. Pompadour


      Gosh I'm so flattered! You guys are too kind ;v;

    9. Fusion Force

      Fusion Force

      Still better than Sanic