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  1. My favorite villain is Perfect Dark Gaia because he is the strongest villain in video game Sonic that wasn't retconned. Also, his power could destroy the world, that's cool, too.
  2. I like Sonic Championship, it's a fun and addicting game with a simplistic fighting style that anyone can pick up and play. However, the game IS really easy, but that's my only con (I'm easily impressed with fighting games, by the way).
  3. I understand that. You think this game is the worst game in Sonic history, and I don't. I had n experience with glitches, and you did. I don't know, maybe I'm blessed or something. Anyways, now I want Sonic 06: Complete Edition, with everything fixed up, as 06 was only about 22-23% of what they wanted. I think that a "Complete Edition" that fixed the glitches, character speeds and level layouts, as well as loading times and overworld maps, could easily be in my top 10 Sonic games, top 5 if they tweak the story to make above even decent.
  4. Really? Maybe you were doing it wrong, as it always worked when I tried it. I played 06 yesterday and the trick worked fine. By the way, the final boss is fantastic IMO, besides Super Silver, nothing different about him except being golden and stronger, like Super Saiyans! (I actually really like DBZ)
  5. No cause if you move the camera sideways you have no problem! I learned this from a Youtube video before playing the game. Yeah, I guess, but I still enjoyed It! It wasn't 100% fun, more like 70-80%, but hey, 70 is still a passing grade. The 2 games I hate worse, #2,is 65-66% enjoyable, while #1 is 50-60%, which is not excepted for any game.
  6. I would say Solaris, but he doesn't exist. So, I guess Dark Gaia who, by my calculations, is slightly stronger than Hyper Sonic when he fights Sonic and Chip not at full power. So yeah, Dark Gaia.
  7. I didn't say he wasn't generic, just that he is slightly less generic, and still a bad villain all things considered. Also, I was just saying I like 06 more than SR, and it turned into a page long argument. I thought the internet was wrong, but I guess the Sonic fanbase IS this bad.
  8. The main thing for me is I actually LIKED Sonic 06. I thought its story was stupid and it had precise controls, but I ran into no glitches, even when attempting to. Plus, I was actually able to finish it 100%, unlike Secret Ring which I only beat the story. SR has worse controls IMO, a definite worse villain (too generic for my taste), and is much more frustrating.However, Secret Rings does have a better story and final boss, as well as Darkspine Sonic, so I'll give credit where credit is do. However, you will never, EVER convince me that 06 is worse than SR. Also, I hate the level up system. This is exactly how I feel about 06. EXACTLY
  9. My pet-peeve is when people say Sonic 06 is the worst game. Not the worst Sonic game, the worst game ever, when it;s not! I don't even think 06 is the worst Sonic game, Secret Rings is IMO. Anyways, just my input.Ta-ta, everyone.
  10. 1. Thanks for reminding me, I will fix that. 2. I am going by their original appearance as many of these opponents could be beaten by the older, more experienced Sonic nowadays. I wasn't measuring how good the fight was, I was measuring from multiple sources how hard it was for the hero to defeat them!
  11. 1. I completely forgot that Shadow did not have the Chaos Emeralds, either. I will change this. 2. It was just an educated guess as in the comics, it states that Super Emeralds have greater power than Chaos Emeralds, so my brain instantly thinks twice as powerful. However, I believe it is safe to assume that if the SE were 2x as powerful as the CE, this would be somewhat accurate. 3. Exactly, that's why Dark Gaia was able to beat Chip, because not all are equal in power. 4. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... 5. I rated the difficulty of the people playing in the videos through a 1-10 on how much I could see that they wanted to go Super or even Hyper to "cheese" their out of the fight and into victory. I then averaged in the numbers I collected and then proceeded to take that number into a calculator and make it into a comparable number with the others. If you couldn't go Super or Hyper in the game, I measured how much difficulty they were having with the boss. Same for those who can only be Super or Hyper. 6. If you play the classics, you would know Eggman has only slightly inferior speed to normal Sonic and that is strength, smarts and overall comfort with machines makes him more than a capable match for Sonic.
  12. So, I would like to know if I have this list right. Also, I believe Hyper form is equal to 2 super forms and that a super form that really isn't "super" ( Like Silver or Knuckles and Tails in Heroes) count as half of a super. Okay, here's the list. 1. Solaris- This wins by a landslide because it can supposedly eat dimensions for lunch and can most likely destroy time itself. It took 3 supers, but 2 were only 1/2, making it 2 supers. However, I add another .5 because it takes the most super hedgehogs to defeat. Difficulty: 2.5 supers 2. Perfect Dark Gaia - He is second because it takes 1 super, a .75 super (Chip) and a .5 super (Base Sonic) to defeat him equaling 2.25 supers. Al though it takes 3 different forms, it is technically still only 2 people, so it is still weaker than Solaris. Difficulty: 2.25 supers 3/4/5/6/7. Metal Overlord/Finalhazard/Egg Salamander/Egg Wizard/Time Eater- All of these guys took 2 supers to defeat (Knuckles and Tails together count as a super and the Sol Emeralds are equal to the Chaos Emeralds) and were still incredibly tough. Difficulty: 2 supers 8. Doomsday - I have moved this all the way up here because I realized that it could possibly take Hyper Sonic to win. However, since it could also only take Super Sonic, I averaged it out to 1.5 supers. Difficulty: 1.5 Supers 9. Gemerl - Gemerl is this high because Super Sonic alone couldn't beat him, he needed the help of Eggman as well. However, it's not 1.5 supers because Eggman is only there for gameplay purposes. Difficulty: 1.25 supers 10. Super Ix- The reason this guy is this high is simply because he uses the most powerful emerald, the Master Emerald. However, he is still beaten by 1 super. Difficulty: 1 super 11/12. Perfect Chaos/Devil Doom- The reason these guys are higher than the next 2 are because they use power from the Chaos Emeralds. Difficulty: 1 super 13/14. Alf-Layla-wa-Layla/ The Dark Queen, Merlina- These 2 would be tied with the higher 2 if it weren't for the fact that they have no Chaos powers. Difficulty: 1 super Eggman: Eggman has varying machines that could take no supers or 2 supers to defeat. However, the strongest Eggman creations have already been listed. So I will now list 2 tiers for Eggman: High and Low. High tier includes the ones that take a super or are a lot of trouble without one. Low tier is where the ones that take no problem without a super are placed. Anyway, let's get started! High Tier: Super Egg Robo- 1 super True Area 53- 1 super Chaotic Space- 1 super 15:Ifrit: The only reason this boss is higher than the next is because it took 2 people to beat it. Difficulty: .9 supers Big Arm - .75 supers (Thanks to Autosaver, forgot about that one attack) 16. Emerl: The reason I am putting Emerl this low is because Sonic could beat him without going super but he had to use everything he had normally to win. Difficulty: .75 supers Metal Sonic Kai- .75 supers Heart of Death Egg MK II- .75 supers Death Egg Robot- .75 supers Nega-Whisp Armor- .5 supers Egg Extractor Robot (fan-made name due to having no actual name)- .5 supers Final Fight- .5 supers Low Tier: Egg Destroyer- .5 supers Mock Ball- .25 supers Crystal Egg- .25 supers Final Zone- .25 supers Sky Base- .125 supers Atomic Destroyer- .125 supers Spiked Egg- .125 supers Killer Turkey-gou (Translation, don't blame me if it's wrong) -.125 supers 17: Grand Battle Kukku the 15th: This guy is beaten by Tails and his gadgets. Tails is weaker than Sonic. 'nuff said. Difficulty: .125 supers Labyrinth Final Boss- .09375 supers Robotnik's ship- .09375 supers 18: Wendy Witchcart- Same thing as number 17, except without the gadgets! Difficulty: .03125 supers I hope you all understand any mistakes I made and give constructive criticism. I believe I am only missing the Riders bosses as I don't think they are really bosses, just races with a stipulation. Also, I would like to know if Fang is a final boss as he is a boss in the last special stage. Anyway, thanks in advance to any constructive criticism!!! P.S.: This took a lot of work to put together! Over an hour! Really hope you appreciate it! P.P.S.: I've edited this list for the 4th and most major time now, and if I choose to, and have good reason to, I will add more bosses or change places as this will be an ever evolving list with each Sonic Game released, if this site is still around. See ya, and hope you enjoy the list, however many search for this one day!
  13. Guys, Guys. I think we are forgetting the most important factor. Sonic and Knuckles are the strongest by default due to Hyper Sonic and Hyper Knuckles.
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