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  1. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  2. I've released a patch for Demo 5, as a response to all the people who have played the game and found those little things that get on everyone's nerves. If anyone has already downloaded Demo 5, be sure to download it again. There are a whole load of fixes and changes to make this version a more solid experience!
  3. It's finally here. After 2 years, Demo 5 has now been released, and all you have to do is click this button: - = SUPER SONIC KNOCKOUT: DEMO 5 = - Click the button to get it now! I'm just gonna say now that I'll be taking a short break from SSK, because my summer holiday is now over and I've spent a lot of the past month getting the game to this point. Enjoy the game, and if you have something to say, be sure to tell me about it by replying. Link to the blog-post
  4. The 2011 Demo Launch Trailer is now out! The demo is going to be released tonight!
  5. I've been trying to get gamepad support into the game, but some weird stuff begins happening when unplugging and replugging a gamepad. Still, the game is perfectly functional with key-to-pad programs like Xpadder if you still want gamepad control though.
  6. Sunday Special #25: The Last Special Okay, this is the last Sunday Special until Beta 5 comes out, so first things first: Sorry guys. Too much is still left out, and I don't want Volcan's first impression to be literally half-baked. Onto some good news then. First off, the demo is finished 100%, so all my attention is on making sure this game doesn't throw and last-minute bugs at you. I'm also going to be releasing a Launch Trailer on the 17th, the day before I release the game as part of the SAGE 2011 Event. Secondly, the lead composer for the project DJ EAR has created a preview track of some of the music he's done recently. These previews are from a separate extended cut he is working on, and the tracks in the game are rearranged to suit the game better. Click here to listen to the track on SoundCloud! Click here for the full blog post!
  7. Sunday Special #24: Some New Features This week was all about adding the last few smaller features that I wanted in Demo 5 to make the whole thing feel more complete. One of the more visual changes included modifying the Main Menu once again. Players can now view the highscores for Nonstop mode whenever they want. Other recently finished features include manual saving after battles when autosave is off, and a small demo mode that plays if you keep the title screen on too long (it was a Sonic game and a fighting game, so it kinda needed one). Click here for the full blog-post.
  8. Sunday Special #23: Ongoing progress Long story short, it's been a really long time since I've released a playable version of SSK (over 2 years in fact). So I'm releasing a beta of Demo 5 for the SAGE 2011 Event. It will come out within the time of the expo itself: between the 18th and 24th of September. So in the mean time, I've nearly finished 3-month long webcomic run on deviantart, so I'll be spending the rest of my free time making sure the beta is presentable with most, if not all, the features I want in it. Whether that includes Volcan or not, only time will tell. Speaking of which, the character is about half done now, which is faster than I expected. Click Here for the full blog-post!
  9. Sunday Special #21 and #22: MUSIC! This week and last week has mainly been a whole bunch of bug-fixing, experimenting, and behind-the-scenes work. Thankfully, our resident composer DJ EAR has recently finished some original tracks for SSK and will be working on more in the future: Click to play EVENT: Universal Tension Click to play EVENT: Beat Rush They are both pretty much final, but tell me what you think. CLICK HERE for last week's blog post (#21). CLICK HERE for this week's blog post (#22).
  10. Sunday Special #20: Volcan Concepts Just a quick update this week since I've had a short break from working on this. Have some concept art! The looks of the attacks are subject to change, but Volcan's moveset is pretty much solid. Oh, and that is not a Chaos Emerald in the bottom-right image. That would be stupid. Click to see the blog post.
  11. Sunday Special #18 & #19: Working on Sprites For the past 2 weeks I have been doing smaller things like bug-fixing, and also trying to get progress moving with the game's resident fan-character: Volcan. Last week I asked for another sprite artist on the blogsite, due to having to lose 2 sprite artists who had to move on. Thankfully, blog-site regular 'Green' has taken up the mantle, and has done an impressive job so far. Click here for the Sunday Special #19 post. Click here for the Sunday Special #18 post.
  12. Sunday Special #17: New Mode This week I finally get to tell you all about the brand new addition for SSK: Nonstop Mode is a brand new single player mode for SSK. It's very simple, select a fighter from all the ones you've unlocked then battle it out against as many opponents as you can in a row! Click here for the full blog-post!
  13. Sunday Specials #15 & #16 Here is a short recap of the past 2 weeks: 2 weeks ago I attended the Summer of Sonic convention, and I got to show and play a beta of the new demo with a bunch of people, getting their feedback and making tweaks. At this point, there were only 2 major additions left that I wanted to add before I could confidently release Demo 5. Since I didn't have much to show that week, I added some more up-to-date screenshots to the site's Arena's page. You can click here to go to the ARENAS page. This week I've started some proper progress on one of those 2 major points. I can't show you much without spoiling it though, I'd rather tell you all about it when it's finished. So here is a teaser. Can you tell what it means? Click for Sunday Special #15 Click for Sunday Special #16
  14. This week, I've been busy sorting out some comic work and some more of Story Mode, so this update I'm going to release a video of the cutscene I've been teasing for the past two weeks: In other news, I'm also going to Summer of Sonic next week. I'm going to be bringing a laptop and a beta of Demo 5 in the hopes of getting some face-to-face feedback from people. If you're coming and you want to give it a go, you can go to the blog post to see what I look like so you can find me. The full blog-post can be seen here!
  15. Sunday Special #13: Story Mode marches on! This week, Story Mode has taken up a lot of my time. I've now finished the new version of the Stage 3 cutscene and I've already begun work on Stage 4. Since I don't want to show the cutscene in full just yet, I've got these screenshots lined up instead. I could upload the new cutscene to YouTube, but I want to see how many people would want that first... so if you want it, ask for it. Click to see the full blog-post.
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