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  1. (I just wanted to be Macho Man. I worked kind-of hard on writing the material and making the logo. And it didn't say anything about not being able to play as other video game characters. I'm sorry, I just wanted to be him.)
  2. (But you let the Snake guy in and he's a cut character, why can't I use Macho Man?)
  3. Macho Man Randy Savage Occupation: Pro wrestler for the WWF, WCW, NWO or now known as the WWE. Personality: Macho Man was an old wrestler from the 80's, and has a bigger than life personality. He loves being over the top, and snapping into slim jims. That's one of his main sources of power. Macho Man loves the catchphrase "Oooooh yeah brother!" and "Snap into a slim jim!", which he usually shouts before ending his enemy in a body slam. Macho Man decided to join the Smash universe after his early retirement from the ring. He hopes to join in on the fun! (I know he has never been in a Smash game before, but I figured I'd add him in. It didn't say we couldn't use characters from other games, and Macho Man has been in quite a few wrestling games. I hope this is okay, I made his own logo and every thing!)
  4. Surprised Pixels is getting as bad of reviews as it is. The message at the end was really smart and greatly delivered. 

    1. Jacky


      When Sonic appeared at the end, he really brought a new form of magic to the film. It wiped away most of the mistakes it had made and really made me think for once.

    2. Hill



       Yeah, I was surprised that they included Sonic in the first place since it had taken place in older arcade games. I guess Sonic represented when the aliens and the humans finally came to peace. Or perhaps they just wanted Sonic in their because he was Sonic. Either way, it was greatly delivered. 

    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      @Jacky ....Your joking

  5. Hello, uh, hello?

    1. Klinsy


      Hi, Ness' Dad!

    2. Hill


      wow i'm the phone guy i'm way better than that ness guy 

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