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  1. I guess the consolation price here is that being pretty conclusive and solved, we don't have to retread The Cyber Chase after this. -hopefully-
  2. I'm miffed about this as well, you're seriously telling me they couldn't even rework it into something else entirely like they did with Plans to Eradicate the Sayans? Between this and Ben leaving the group at the beginning of the year, something tells me the team is having some internal struggles. It's a good thing right now i'm only interested in FFVII Machinabridged and that seems to be having no real problems (hopefully).
  3. The Morolians invade the SSMB.

    What do.

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Cock my Tension Blaster and prepare for one hell of a dance off.

  4. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Iron Man 2 videogames have arrived. Now the only titles i'm missing for my superhero PS3 games collection are Captain America: Super Soldier and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

  5. Wow, the Iron Man videogame is so buggy that it even deleted my save file in between sessions despite showing multiple times it saved thanks to autosave. And that's on top of the other glitches i've found, and the game even had a patch. I don't even wanna imagine how it was at launch.

  6. Is that Mark Hamill or Jim Cummings as Don Corneo? Anyway, the more prominent changes that i've seen in the trailer (President Shinra using an hologram instead of greeting AVALANCHE in Sector 5's reactor, Reno and Rude actually as boss fight in Sector 5's church and a scene with Tseng kidnapping Aerith during Sector 7's destruction) all make sense, i'm really getting the vibe that Square knew in advance that for this first episode they were not going to go outside Midgar so they consulted even on the more minor things to fill in that the original didn't had. Still very interested, as i was after this year's E3 presentation.
  7. Spider-Man: Edge of Time has arrived (and apparently the previous owner was a greek girl, cute); the disc seems in good conditions but the manual is missing the first page for some reason. Not a big deal, i wasn't gonna resell the game anyway, but it's a bit of a shame.
    Will test the game later on.
    Iron Man 2 and X-Men Origins: Wolvering have still yet to arrive.

  8. A more quiet birthday in the end, but i'm having the proper party and presents this Sunday anyway.
    Still, 28 years feel a lot, in two years i really should start drinking Monster energy drinks.

  9. Accurate representation of me having to go again into BlightTown for Dark Souls Remastered.


    -more seriously, thank goodness they managed to unfuck the framerate issues-

  10. Yeah, i don't get why people would have expected R3make out of this. Too casual of a teaser and the word has no meaning with what Jill does (not to mention, better world that could be tied to RE3). 8 maybe, but again, too causal of a teaser, would be the kind of game that would be revealed at E3 instead of a random day with a presentation the week after. Anyway, for what this trailer shown it looks harmless; considering there hasn't been a proper L4D zombie game in a long time, i could see why trying the formula with Resident Evil. Gives a better vibe and RE feeling than Operation Raccoon City or Umbrella Corps, that's for sure. Will wait for the TGS demonstration.
  11. Uh, i never realized my birthday's the same day of the Dreamcast. Weird.

    1. Shiroi


      Happy Birthday ^^

    2. tailsBOOM!
  12. So apparently The Playmobil Movie has already been out in France and UK and it has grossed barely a tenth of its budget other than collecting bad rewievs. I doubt the USA release of December is gonna help.

    And I still have to see a single trailer, talk about bad marketing.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Saw the trailer on TV, it looks so generic. 

    2. Failinhearts


      I got one North American trailer during Dora, and mannnn.

      The promoting feels scummy over here, they make it look like Rex Dasher is the main character because lol daniel radcliffe.

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      It looked like a bad knockoff of the LEGO Movie anyway

    4. Joy


      I was actually shocked at the Glasgow city centre Cineworld it's one of the few movies that got big promotion in the lobby by way of 2 "life size" Playmobile statues. The only reason I've even seen the trailer at all is because I'm an Unlimited member so I'm constantly in the cinema for stuff.

      The film's actual quality aside it's really not been getting promoted much at all. It's really reminding me of how Missing Link was recently almost sent out to die at the box office with under marketing. Playmobile feels like it's stuck halfway between a mid-scale production for Netflix and a full-effort box office release to the extent of the Lego Movie and it's consequently not really found an audience at all.

  13. Deadly Premonition 2 is easily the shocking surprise of the Direct for me. Literally noone saw it coming.

    Swery also said already he's director and writer of that, so it's the genuine article.

  14. Memetendo keeps on riding the tide.

  15. Just to let you know, i called the existance of a haunted teapot Pokémon months ago.


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