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  1. Nope, it was just about 3's Cortex theme and was animated (well, sorta, the animations were not spectacular).
  2. Reminds me of a fanmade metal remix made some time ago i listened to (tried searching again, but couldn't find it, they probably have pulled it from Youtube).
  3. Still no excuse for him to did what he did: he acted impulsively convinced what he knew what indisputable without thinking of alternatives or other theories, and the end result was that the hype is dead for 80% of the base and now the game has to struggle to convince people it's actually good (and even then there's a good chance you will be called a shill if you talk positive about it). He has spread chaos knewing that people had their eyes on him since a while, he has to take responsability for that.
  4. Since you guys are hungry for leaks, might as well post this. Just remember that it's not a proof on its own. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=240918756&postcount=16601 Supposedly, someone found and posted a data list of the character models in the game (either in gameplay or in story mode). It's in alphabetical order as it follows: The biggest differences with Ryce leak is that Ant-Man is completely absent and Ghost Rider, Winter Soldier, Death, Venom, Dormammu, Black Panther, Dahren Moran, Grandmaster Meio, Frank West and Mike Haggar are listed. We know already that Sigma and Black Panther are DLC and all 6 DLC characters are newcomer to the franchise. Thus, the GAFfers have put a theory that the vanilla roster is as follows: VANILLA: -Marvel *Captain America *Iron Man *Thor *Hulk *Hawkeye *Nova *Gamora *Rocket Raccoon *Thanos *Captain Marvel *Doctor Strange *Dormammu *Ghost Rider *Spider-Man *Venom *Ultron -Capcom *Arthur *Firebrand *Dante *Strider Hiryu *Spencer *Megaman X *Zero *Ryu *Chun-Li *Chris Redfield *Nemesis *Morrigan Aenslad *Jedah Doma *Hunter *Frank West *Mike Haggar FIRST WAVE DLC: -Marvel *Black Panther *Winter Soldier *Ant-Man (unless it's scrapped, in case someone we haven't heard of yet and who isn't in the story) -Capcom *Sigma *Grandmaster Meio *Someone who isn't in the game and doesn't appear in story mode to balance Ant-Man 16 characters per faction for 32 characters at launch (closer to vanilla MvC3), up to 38 with the first package by the end of 2017 (the idea is that Dahren Mohren is just a story boss and Death will appear only in cutscenes). I honestly don't mind a vanilla roster like that (especially considering you get the 6 DLC characters if you pre-order anyway), but the graphics absolutely need improvement. People reported the alternate costumes make the characters much better, so i guess the effort to put in doesn't have to be much. What supposedly would make this particular leak attendable is that it came out 8 days before the E3 trailer, and to correctly guess the Dahren Mohran and Grandmaster Meio seems suspicious enough Even Ryce is not sure anymore about his source. Could have think about that before causing all that damage... Also, people who tried the game at E3 and around (both plebs, pros and E-celebs like Maximilian) all agree on the fact that the game is fun to play and intuitive despite the 2v2 and simplified button layout, so really, it seems the game needs just more polish and extra meat on its bones. If only someone didn't spread dated news that caused a chain reaction that turned into negative propaganda...
  5. Dayly reminder for the 2 people who don't know: the developers of this game are the team behind the Syphon Filter franchise (and btw they haven't done a game at all since the PS2 days), and before that, more importantly, Bubsy 3D. Goes to show how far one can redeem itself. The game itself looks ok to me, nothing too spectacular but ok. Reminds me of what Ride to Hell: Retribution was supposed to be originally, plus zombies.
  6. Came across this randomly:


    Did Ace Attorney just made a reference to the My Sides meme?

    1. Bowbowis


      Ermm... You know that "sidesplitting" is a pretty common turn of phrase, right?

  7. So much for not supporting the 3DS anymore, eh?

  8. Here's the character select screen. It's true that these things are subject to changes and everything and this one will surely not be different, but unless they can't resize the characters' portraits, i can't see it containing 28 characters at launch without looking asymmetrical, something character select screens always avoided in the release of the MvC games (and even if they resize it, i can see it at that point containing more than 28 characters).
  9. Looks promising, and it's made by the guys who rebooted Castlevania, so they're kinda used to the formula (Mirror of Fate had a much more traditional Metroidvania 2D style). Took Nintendo long enough, but finally they're remembering Metroid exist.
  10. A common cliché is having a good character who was either a villain in the past or has questionable morality being on the new bad guys's side as a mole to spy its movements and taking the perfect moment to strike. You know, kinda like what Rouge was doing for the governament in SA2, so they're not even new to this.
  11. Calling right now, Mario will possess Bowser at the end of Odyssey.

    1. LovieHats



    1. MegasonicZX


      YES! I was wondering when they'd do this, nice to see they're finally giving this the attention it deserves.

    2. Teoskaven


      Weird though that they're focusing on GU and skipping the first series, but i guess it may be done later on.

  12. There are conflicting news even on that: Ryce guessed it was Frank West, then another leak said it was Asura, then D.C. Douglas hinted it was Wesker. In other news, here's a full playthrough of the demo from Maximilian: Considerations: *X american voice could be better, but i can handle it *Dr. Strange is now voiced by Liam 'o Brien *Arthur seems to have a new voice actor as well *Some of the interactions feel forced, the pacing could have been better *On the other hand, some scenes are really good to watch, like X using Cap's shield at the beginning *Some characters in the cutscenes are objectively ugly. People mentioned Chun-Li, but poor fucking Dante looks like he has PTSD. I really hope they're gonna be polished, i would accept delays for that. *On the other hand, the in-game models actually look better from the other trailers. *Way too many loading times for my taste, i hope it's a thing of the demo. *As expected, Rocket has Groot as a kind of assist move, with two variants so far *Arthur has a new shield move, not sure how it works *Spencer now has a grenade move and has lost invincibility on Bionic Arm *Chris now has reloading animations at least for the magnum, so we need to see how's that incorporated
  13. You know, to be honest the weirdest surprise from Sony yeasterday was when in the pre-show they sneakily dropped the bomb of Undertale being ported on PS4 and PSVita.
    So much for that Nintendo contract.

    1. Dejimon11


      I think the weirdest thing is that they didn't show that and crash at the main presentation and instead put it on the pre-show

    2. Teoskaven


      That reminds me that another thing that surprised me was the lack of an indie montage in the conference itself. It has been a staple in the past, but this year it was gone, i guess to make space for VR stuff.