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  1. You know the thing that bothers me the most with a proper working life? Not so much the stress or the physical strain, but the fact that i keep losing track of wich day of the week is. Due to the schizophrenic shift schedule of my place i don't have a regular turn rate, so as a result i end up having a week with say, Monday and Thursday as the free days. Then i arrive at Sunday and i'm convinced it's Friday for some reason.
    It's frightening on how disorienting this is.

    1. Biggs


      totally feel you, even worse is doing a late night shift and a morning shift back to back, then napping after said shift to recoup lost sleep and waking up disorientated as to what day it is. I almost miss the structure that school brought to my life as well - Fridays and Saturdays felt special and something to look forward to. Now they're just another potential working day like the rest

    2. MegasonicZX


      Kind of the opposite for me. My scheduled days were so similar week to week that I could tell the day by just seeing what times I worked.

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      I've had rotating and steady shifts both and neither scenario helps keep the days from all blending together into simply "day". I've been with my current employer for just about nine years now and three of those in my current job and everyday is only different thanks to the different seasonal temperatures. If not for that the almost always sunny weather would pretty much result in every day being indistinguishable from the last. If not for life away from work I'm positive that the monotony would drive me crazy.

    4. Teoskaven


      Yeah, that's kinda the feeling i'm getting right now. It doesn't help that the work routine is very repetitive, so the only thing that changes ultimately is the free time i spend after (or before) being done at work.

    5. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      Yeah, your free time is what ultimately saves you. Planning things to make each day unique is also a way to go about it and makes looking at your calendar more enjoyable to :)

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