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  1. Absolutely
    Teoskaven reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    So, on par with most Sonic games, then?
  2. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Tornado in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    Why would they do fucking literally anything they have done with this game since it started getting shit on for looking so half assed? About a month ago they raised a question about voice acting unprompted, something no one would have expected a Pokémon game to have, to claim things that every other modern RPG has gotten over in the past decade would just be too hard for them to do.
    It's like they are functionally incapable of responding to criticism now that they are finally getting it without justifying it.
  3. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Tornado in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    "Essentially true" if you ignore that these are the second set of games Game Freak has made on the Switch, and developer claims that they are being redone from scratch (as blindly parrotted by news sites) are irrelevant to whether they actually were.
    Now, even sidestepping that...
    "Essentially true" if one assumes that all of these great new animations and graphical details outlined as possible reasons to the Pokémon actually exist in this game.
    "Essentially true" if someone wants to defend that Game Freak needs to keep their profits up on their low budget near-yearly 15 million+ sellers that they are now charging 30% more for than before.
    "Essentially true" if someone wants to make the argument in 2019 that the only way anything can be added to a game with set release requirements is by dumping stuff piecemeal in a sequel.
    "Essentially true" if you want to make the argument to defend Game Freak releasing these fucking things nearly yearly in the first place.
    This isn't the first time something like this has happened in a console generation. Game Freak aren't the first developer where it looks an awful lot like they were caught lying about porting assets while claiming they were all new (though the leak hasn't thus far made that as clear as it was with, say, Forza 5; so hackers will need the actual game files to be sure). And that guy would do well to not assume that he's the only one on the internet who knows anything about game development; because while everything he says is valid, he's speculating about things possibly being too difficult that we already know Game Freak have done successfully.
    Everyone I've seen has not been arguing that all Pokémon must be in every game ever. It's very true that surely there must be a breaking point for that, and most people I've seen shouting loudest about Dexit have recognized that. But Game Freak probably shouldn't have chosen their line in the sand to be this game; on a console that already has a Pokémon game with ported assets, with increasingly terrible PR defending their design decisions, and from the leaks doesn't sound like it's the redefined console Pokémon experience (that they've been using to justify their increasingly terrible PR since Let's Go was announced). Arguing that it would have had to been done eventually (as that link is also doing) is foolish when people are talking about this specific game where it doesn't seem like it did have to be done but they did it anyway and then made a bunch of bad excuses for it.
    It all coalesced, and the conclusion for why (even if it wasn't from a company with a history like Game Freak's) could naturally be made that it's because they wanted to cut corners when making the game without it being found out. It would have been a better bet in Game Freak's case to just shut the fuck up and try and bury the bad reactions with time and lack of news before release, than to keep trying to head it off by conducting interviews and releasing materials that seemingly vindicate those you're trying to say are wrong about your game.
  4. Chuckle
    Teoskaven reacted to Zaysho in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    In fairness
    Sega probably doesn't even know what Sonic music they own anymore
  5. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Dr. Stone (Anime/Manga)   
    For those that haven't heard of this series, Dr. Stone is a manga series released in 2017 that follows the story of Senku Ishigami, a young science loving student who awakens in a world that's been petrified for 3700 years. A mysterious event that happened in the past has caused the entire race to be completely encased in stone, and the world has reverted back to the primal age. 
    Escaping from his stone prison after a mysterious miracle cure hits his encasement, Senku has managed to retain consciousness for the entire duration of his encasement, Senku quickly sets about on trying to revive the human race, and retake the now renamed Stone World. Awakening his best friend Tajiu Oki, a headstrong oaf who was in the middle of confessing his love to his crush - Yuzuriha Ogawa before the petrification process set in around the world. The duo agree to discover the secret behind the miracle cure, and rebuild society. 
    Discovering the secret to the cure, the duo finds themselves having to revive a famed martial artist named Tsukasa Shishio in order to protect themselves from the dangers of The Stone World. Little do they realise that they have just created their own worst enemy - Tsukasa sets about on a murdering spree, killing as many adults as possible. Upon rescuing Yuzuriha from her imprisonment, the now trio find themselves against Tsukaka and his schemes to build his own society that festers on killing corrupt adults. 
    With the possibility of an all-out war brewing, Senku sets about in creating his own army to combat Tskukasa's plans to destroy the world. Using his scientific knowledge, Senku sets about in creating a Kingdom of Science that will attempt to fast track through the history of Human Evolution and stop Tskukasa before he can succeed in his plans.
    Where you might've heard about the series is the recent anime that premiered earlier this year, and is currently up to Episode 18, and the series in general has been receiving a ton of praise. I'm honestly surprised there seemingly isn't a topic on it given how much buzz the series had been getting around it's premiere (or maybe there is a topic, and I can't find it due to the broken search function), but I guess here's a topic now. 
    While the anime has a rather slow start due to Tajiu and Yuzuriha getting a bit more attention in their story, the anime gets really going after Senku sets off on his own to create the Kingdom of Science, and finds a new supporting cast in the process. If you picked the series up and dropped it quickly, I think it's worth giving it another shot, because once you get past the introductory stuff, the story becomes really fantastic, with good tension, fun characters, the animation is really good and it has a lot of great comedy. 
    I'll leave things off with the absolutely fantastic ending theme for the anime:
  6. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Polkadi~☆ in Dr. Stone (Anime/Manga)   
    I have yet to catch up with the anime, but i've been reading the manga for a while now, pretty much since last year, and loved it immensly. Between this, Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer added to MHA, Shonen Jump is having a lot of new fresh blood to accompany the veterans.
  7. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (June 21st, 2019)   
    If the silhouette for the December Prix turnes out to be Fasty, it might as well be themed around "characters who were added in spin-offs and are quite obscure" with Rilla Roo and YaYa Panda.
  8. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Sapphirine Wind in Pokémon Spoilers Topic (Current Info Leaks: Sword & Shield)   
    Most of the team i mentioned in my spoiler is made by 'mons that in the last bunch of generations are found only in the mid-2/3-end of the game (and that's not counting the ones that are trade exclusives because they aren't catchable in the same game), the whole "you have to adapt with what you have" comes with the territory everytime you start a game. That's for examples why the games give you consistantly the critter, birb and caterpillar lines almost immediately, because they are perfect for most of the games, you train them in time for them to be evolved fully and then decide if to keep them in your team or not.
    I'm talking about the lack of the possibility in itself to have a potential team made by your favourite 'mons, competitive or not. Arbitrarly limiting the access to the entire pokémon roster in a complete way is and will always be a dumb concept, i'm sorry.
    But fine, here's an idea that can satisfy both: you want me to have to use the 'mons of your new region? Use the regional dex you have created and use this simple rule: limit the trading/Bank option to be avaible only after beating the Elite 4, a reward for those who went all the way and now can rechallenge trainers, train their favourite 'mons and take on the post-game (assuming Masuda remembers how to properly idealize one).
    This way one can get a favourite team and yet has to adapt with what the region has to offer for most of the journey. Seems fair to me.
  9. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Solly in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    I remember when people who never played a Dragon Quest game were arguing that "Erdrick" would be a Robin clone/derivative because they use a sword and magic spells. Then we got arguably one of the most unique characters in the entire series, with more special moves than any other fighter. Disappointed that some are actually taking the "hat Ken" memes seriously. 
  10. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Blacklightning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    Where I'm going with this is that all of your comparisons are bullshit.
    Stop for just a few minutes and think - actually think - about all of the things you have suggested so far. This all started because you baselessly labelled Terry a Ken echo. Not a clone, not even just generally speaking a ripoff - an echo. Do you actually know what that means? What that's reserved for? I'll give you a hint: all of the current echos are, bar one or two differences (and sometimes not even that, ala Daisy) functionally identical to the character they're based on. The only exception so far is Chrom, and that's only because he borrows from two characters instead of just one. I don't know how much I can drill words like "functional" and "mechanical" into you before you comprehend stuff like race, colour and theme does not fucking fit that definition in any meaningful way.
    So Terry has a projectile. Big whoop. So do 59 others. But off the top of my head, Bowser Jr is the only character with a grounded one - but it wouldn't matter even if I was wrong on that count, because even if there were many others, none of them are Ken.
    So Terry has fire moves. Big whoop. So do about 20 others. But if you'd rather narrow it down to "people that punch with fire", Terry has more in common with Captain Falcon than Ken, and yet comparing the two at all is still a premise so laughable it basically approaches parody.
    So Terry has a "shoryuken" esque move. Big whoop. So do about 6-7 others, and considering even if later games hadn't basically phased that move out anyway that Smash is almost as much a platforming game as a fighting one and all characters need recovery options regardless, it's really puzzling to me that this is somehow a sticking point for you. Funnily enough, continuing off the theme Tornado established earlier, Mario is one of those characters.
    So Terry can punch and kick people. Big whoop. It's a fucking fighting game. Punching and kicking are the default actions that signify fighting. There are way more characters that fight with hands and feet than those who don't, and most of the exceptions are fucking quadrupeds whenever they're not weapon users - and even those still have kicks thrown in here and there most of the time. It is beyond baffling that this is seriously, actually, honest to god a point you're trying to make. Did you come from another planet and hit your head or something?
    To be totally honest I'm not sure why I'm wasting this kind of energy on you, because I can't reason you out of a position you clearly didn't reason yourself into. So you know what? I'm done. And so are you. I'm done tolerating this hysterical, borderline fanboy attitude that's been on show every time you try to double down on this nonsense, and I'm this close to acting in an official capacity to ensure this comes to a stop. If you're not here to say anything of substance, just stop.
  11. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Tornado in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    Sounds like Mario.
    And off the top of my head, in the dozens of games Terry has appeared in that he has a rising tackle, it has worked just like a Shoryuken in three of them. Anti-air does not mean DP. "Moves look similar" does not mean "plays similar." You're wrong on this, period.
    There are characters in SNK games who are straight Shotoclones. A few of them are so infamous they led to the creation of Dan. Terry isn't one.

    I'm not sure where you're going with telling someone who has extensive experience with the two characters how they play.
  12. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Adamabba in Final Fantasy 7 Remake "is this the real life..."   
    To be in spirit (eh) with the Halloween festivities, Square has released a new screenshot of the train graveyard level, showing the ghost enemies.

    Pretty good if you ask me, similar to previous enemies showcased the team is staying really close to the original designs.

  13. Fist Bump
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Myst in Terminator: Dark Fate (Paramount's 'other' movie)   
  14. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Zaysho in Worst Youtubers/Youtube Channels   
    There's a lot of bad content on YouTube, yes, but that doesn't mean we have to create a dumping ground that just gives bad content more attention than it deserves (like that video about the guy cashing in on Etika's death definitely does not deserve the attention--in fact I'm editing it out of the OP as well). I don't think this topic really serves much purpose or truly provides any discussion value, so I'll be locking this.
  15. Fist Bump
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Supah Berry in PlayStation's State of Play (PlayStation Announcement Stream) - Latest Stream - Tuesday 24th September 2019 - 9PM BST/4pm EST   
    Spoilers prevention, if i have to guess.
    Considering this year is an important anniversary for Ape Escape, some news related to that would be nice. Especially since Japan Studio is not doing much these days (aside, of course, of Knack 3 baybeehhh).
  16. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Perkilator in Final Fantasy 7 Remake "is this the real life..."   
    Is that Mark Hamill or Jim Cummings as Don Corneo?
    Anyway, the more prominent changes that i've seen in the trailer (President Shinra using an hologram instead of greeting AVALANCHE in Sector 5's reactor, Reno and Rude actually as boss fight in Sector 5's church and a scene with Tseng kidnapping Aerith during Sector 7's destruction) all make sense, i'm really getting the vibe that Square knew in advance that for this first episode they were not going to go outside Midgar so they consulted even on the more minor things to fill in that the original didn't had.
    Still very interested, as i was after this year's E3 presentation.
  17. Too Many Rings
    Teoskaven reacted to dbzfan7 in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    Except Waluigi. Cause Fuck Waluigi and they are content burying that one XP
  18. Nice Smile
    Teoskaven reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Apologies for it being a bit late, but it's now officially a wrap on Sonic Musical Spectacular 4. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel this year's celebration video, but the event itself went off without a hitch. First things first, here's the intro made by @Polkadi~☆
    Here is some of this year's stats as well - 
    This year was the longest of all years - a ten hour playlist compared to last year's record of 9 and a half hours. 34 members took part in the event this year! 5 new song categories this year Mania, Forces, and TSR tied for most songs individually Smash was the first crossover category to get as many song requests as the newer games So, already the forth year of the event has passed (time certainly flies, right?), and this year was quite a bit different from last year, with the Motobug crew aiming to try change things up a lot more, compared to previous years, not only for the simple convenience of everyone, but to allow a lot more games into the running this time, especially ones with a strong connection to the Sonic series in some way. We were pretty iffy about doing crossover stuff to begin with, wanting to keep it strictly main series, but I think in the end, it all worked out.
    As for the event so far, we've heard the feedback in regards to how we ran this year's event, which I was pleased to see such a positive reaction to the changes. The two day split for the event in particular was one of the best changes in my opinion, making it easier to run the event, allowing a break between days so it isn't a marathon, and more importantly - allowing us to shift the format of the event by allowing four requests per person, as opposed to the previous years' 3 requests. Plans for another event next year is still pretty uncertain, but we're almost definitely going to keep sticking with this format of splitting the event between two days, and potentially looking into other song categories to add. In general, how things progress from this point onwards for the future of Sonic Musical Spectacular is anyone's guess.
    All that said, the event itself went absolutely swimmingly, with many members from SSMB tuning in to listen to the music live, talk about random stuff, and throw out some good times the whole day throughout, and in general, provided a very relaxing, and very chill atmosphere, which IMO - is the perfect kind of atmosphere for tuning into a music marathon. 
    Unlike previous years where I usually get pretty wordy with these finale posts, I think this year I'm gonna try to keep it short and sweet, for risk of repeating myself, but as I said before, as the event host for the fourth year running, it really does surprise me just how much the community on SSMB comes together for it. So many people coming together to enjoy an event based around one of the best aspects of this entire series, lending their contribution to the event. From art pieces from @DanJ86 and @blueblur98, to the excellent intro video provided by @Polkadi~☆, to the Motobug team that spent so long helping me prepare the event and host it this year, to all the SSMB members who came along to the event and listened to the music for an hour, a few hours, a day, or even the whole event, and even those who popped in with their contributions in this topic, and gave us some of the best beats that Sonic has to offer. 
    Sonic Musical Spectacular isn't a one-man event, nor is it even really an event that's made by just a small team of people, it's an event that involves many people from this community coming together to throw in their contributions, to have a good time, and to make the event in general a reality, during the good times, and the bad times this series runs into, and personally, I think that's pretty special. In a way, Sonic Musical Spectacular is only so much of a fun event because the SSMB community makes it such a fun event, and for that, I can't thank everybody enough. Massive thanks to the Motobug crew who pulled together to make this happen, a huge thanks to @Strickerx5 for sponsoring the event this year, and of course - a massive thanks to you for contributing and making the event as fun a time as ever.
    With that said, myself and Strick are currently in the middle of discussing badge distribution, so they should hopefully be with everyone soon enough. Until next year SSMB, stay cool! 

  19. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven got a reaction from FFWF in Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection (January 2020)   
    I hope Casual Mode is true to its name, because most of the MMZ games are hard as balls. Haven't tried ZX yet, but this will be a good oportunity.

    This also proves that DS games are able to be ported in some fashion, so it opens the possibility of the late BN and SF titles.
  20. My Emmerdoods
    Teoskaven reacted to blueblur98 in SEGA to announce new 'AAA' title at Gamescom 2019   
  21. Nice Smile
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    My picks:

    *Rusty Ruins act 2 (Sonic 3D Blast Saturn version)
    *Let Mom Sleep (Jet Set Radio)
    *The Palace that was Found (Sonic and the Secret Rings)
    *Vs. Egg Dragoon (Sonic Unleashed)
    *Remix: Fight the Night Simpsonill Remix (Sonic and the Black Knight)
  22. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven reacted to Blue Blood in Pokémon Sword & Shield (Coming November 15th, 2019)   
    I'm so grateful that Game Freak cut the national dex so that we could get those quality animations at 0:18 and 0:25.
  23. Absolutely
    Teoskaven reacted to Tornado in Why does the Sonic 1 & 2 victory theme sound so depressing   
    It's because you've succeeded at playing a Sonic game.
  24. Chuckle
    Teoskaven reacted to Sonictrainer in Super Mario Maker 2 - Electric Slopealoo (June 2019)   
    -Getting towards the end of the Level
    -See the Goal Pole
    -Magikoopa appears and turns the Goal Pole into a Coin

  25. Thumbs Up
    Teoskaven got a reaction from Supah Berry in Square Enix/Marvel Games   
    One and a half year later, it seems this thing is still alive:
    Similar to the FFVII Remake news, we can only wait and see at E3.
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