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  1. That is why...it is optional. What is your praxis here?
  2. what kind of absolute fucking moron wants more content in a video game
  3. hjmgtyvn,nhgnmahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahhahaahahaahha SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC SONIC

    1. Crow the BOOLET
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  4. sonic game bad. you get wrecked. take that sonic gmae remake sonic game! sonic game not bad when remake sonic game perfect!!! you literally can't comprehend the sheer volume of how much lack of correction i requrie in this
  5. sheer gameplay conformity isn't the only thing that makes a series my friend. The series prior to like, 2006 or 7 had the same visionaries and team working on the series, regardless of whether or not the gameplay was the same they were always working on new Sonic games, developing concepts, working on their technology and taking artistic licenses with the series. By 2008 a lot of the talent left but a lot of new people came in to work on Sonic Unleashed, a very passionate entry in the series. While donning new gameplay, aimed to evolve the series and build upon the previous entries. Hell, when you think about it the boost gameplay is just a pretty altered version of a typical 3d platformer formula that they were using for years. Sega dicked the Unleashed team around and they left, with the director of the game going to Square Enix. After that point there basically is no Sonic Team with every Sonic game after that point being worked on by contract programmers with a few long running key people like Iizuka producing. It's also worth noting that after Black Knight we also quit getting completely original spin off games that had collaboration from the main Sonic Team. Handheld Sonic titles devolved into watered down versions of the current console title and while we did get both Sonic 4 episodes, not even those two were worked on by the same team. And when was the last time we got a Sonic spinoff that tackled a different genre that wasn't racing? So now the series is basically just kind of a shell of its already eclectic self that also has an extremely shallow and bland output of content. This started happening after 2008 and 9. This is what I consider worthy of noting as separate eras.
  6. I would argue Sonic isn't irrelevant, but if someone wants to make the point that Sonic is too niche to even make a big budget movie out of to market to the masses then they're looking in the exact wrong place (Hollywood). Fans seem to be getting real picky over the details over what exactly makes it 'Sonic' and appealing when frankly all it needs to carry the general appeal of the series is Sonic doing cool things. which, unless I'm somehow mistaken the movie is very much capable of delivering on that. The masses, the children this film is for, do not see a completely different character or sect of the series when they look at a Sonic. they see a sonic
  7. Sonic is a sassy cartoon animal and will be teaming up with a cop to make jokes and blow things up. Tried and true formula for a film, really. If you're expecting them to put this big budget movie out for the Sonic fanbase that's apparently slowly regressing into its own niche to the point where kids don't even know what it is and the alleged fact that Sonic's sheer lack of popularity defeats any change of the movie succeeding regardless of the formula and Sonic's inherent appeal as a character then you're looking in the wrong place.
  8. Thats why theyre gonna put ads out to let people know to see the movie! advertising is magical
  9. sonic is a sassy talking animal who will be featured in a movie that will be heavily advertised. children will love him, and that's who the movies for. Movie isn't meant for aging Sonic fans who get all picky about how much from the source material they borrow.
  10. Deeming things eras is pointless unless you can clearly define what distinguishes certain points eras. And frankly, I naming things after changes in gameplay isn't very helpful. Sonic since like, 2008 or 9 has had nearly no direction as a series and an incredibly shallow output of content as they figure out what the hell to do with the series with no consistent development team. It's the same. Nothing has changed.
  11. design looks pretty beast to be honest I'm glad they are injecting some fresh ideas into the series
  12. a striking change, however even under management by Americans, which you would think would be the logical move for a franchise marketed towards American boys, you can only still assume Sonic will be a series controlled by aging Japanese men trying to figure out what small American boys like
  13. holy crap, long time no see! how have you been?

    1. Enderwoman


      I'm doing good.

  14. While it is pretty obvious we're not getting every stage back I always have a nagging feeling that every stage from the series should be included for the sake of completion, it would be really nice to have a full collection of stages. OCD is a petty reason, but feels very powerful to me. Regardless, most of the remaining stages aren't that big of a deal to lose. Since every single stage works for 8 player Smash this time around Rumble Falls and Icicle Mountain would prove problematic for just being too hectic and frustrating for most players due to a lack of space, and I have a feeling Yoshi's Wooly World is being excluded for a similar reason as that stages transition into the second phase is also a vertical climb. Orbital Gate Assault may be excluded from the lineup but I feel that stage had too much work put into it for them to want to easily discard, so I think it's coming. Sector Z and Planet Zebes are probably made redundant by their Melee counterparts, but I do think there is a benefit in having them because both of them happen to be a lot larger than their successors which would make them better for 8 player Smash, but it's an understandable omission. Super Mario Bros 1's Melee stage is also made redundant aesthetically by its successor. But I like that stage, and honestly them being able to reuse assets from the first SMB1 stage makes me feel it is likely to come back. Same with Pictochat 1, and it'd also be pretty weird to have a stage labelled Pictochat 2 but have no 1. It's weird to me that they didn't just combine the two, but maybe they have plans. Rainbow Road and Mute City would be tragic omissions, Mute City is a great stage and Rainbow Road is the most iconic thing from Mario Kart so these two aren't things that shouldn't be considered for the game. They are very similar conceptually and gameplay wise which might be a reason why they're both not present but I can't imagine why they wouldn't be. Pac Maze is a weird one because it's the only stage in the 3ds version that has a gimmick that relies on all the players working on different screens. Pellets show up on each player's screen and they're supposed to grab enough to get a power pellet, so they would need to rebalance the stage if they were going to port it to one screen. A lot of people say Pyrosphere is a problem because Ridley is now a playable character but that seems really stupid to me since it seems utterly impossible that a player would confuse the Ridley they are playing as and the stage hazard and if the logic of there being multiple Ridleys is a concern you've got to remember that it's a video game. It's a pretty large stage good for 8 players so I'd like it back. and also there is nothing to say about Poke Floats other than its exclusion would be utterly tragic and I want it back
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