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      huh. is it anything like paper mario?

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  2. you are a liar Are you guys really convinced that a mid budget, family friendly live action/animated hybrid action comedy starring actors comedy with actors from popular TV shows and also Jim fucking Carrey based on a nostalgic and highly recognizable video game character is not a safe bet for a studio to create? This subgenre of film of bringing cartoon characters to the real world has been around for ages, containing action and low brow humor, and Sonic being an established property only makes it even safer. This movie not being a safe bet would be like, an R-rated horror show that stars the director's literally who friends and being like a 3 hour David Lynch experience. Do you guys not watch movies?
  3. well frankly I have seen the movie and I have to say that you are absolutely wrong on all accounts and you should just quit hating by telling all of these lies, and you are being an absolute headless nark who also feels required to reference anal sex not once but twice on your horrible tirade against what many critics are calling the funniest movie in the universe
  4. Because this is more similar to a Marvel movie, or Star Wars. also, it's still not by any measure, edgy
  5. Obviously that would get listed on a site like this, what I was responding to says this is somehow welcoming in "edgy" elements to the series, an overreaction. But additionally, no, kids do know what death is and kids movies feature it all the time. Do you not remember any animated Disney film? My guess is that the owl is a parental figure for Sonic, so this is similar to Mufasa or Bambi's mom. It makes sense as an emotional beat to off this character.
  6. it's a waste of time I don't like it and it is a silly trend besides I bet the rumors are lying and there isn't actually anything significant
  7. Sonic is going Hollywood, thank god. Sick of these freakin' video games, it is movie time. Time for the magical grace of movies to take over, lights camera action baby haha

  8. movie should quit wasting my freak in time with credits sequences just put it at the end of the movie dumb
  9. That is why...it is optional. What is your praxis here?
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