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  1. Copying from what I wrote on TSSZ: It was very sad when I saw it on BBC Points West News a few days ago. It’s tragic… I live a county over and they really should put restrictions on the beach at certain times of the day at Burnham (possibly Weston Super Mere as well). It’s really treacherous and accidents like this have happened before and may happen again if something doesn’t happen soon. Rest in peace.
  2. Dayum, dat rain. It's making my internet so slow -_-

  3. Batman: Arkham city is not only an amazing game, but also hosts one of the most shocking and amazing endings I have ever seen. If you haven't played the game, DO NOT READ THIS. Finish the game and experience it yourself.
  4. I almost fucking cried when I saw this on the BBC this morning. I'm really angry now. When somebody is THAT distressed and his entire LIFE is practically taken away through palarasis, then surely he should be allowed to have his one simple request fulfilled. Assisted suicide should be legalised but only for future cases like Tony's. R.I.P.
  5. Before 2000: Sonic After 2000: Mario After 2010: Ma - wait, Sonic Colours and Generations were good? Too hard to choose.
  6. I still play Generations to this day. Sonic Team pleased me with that one, especially the Modern stages with their brilliant open ended level design.
  7. I used to enjoy Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic '06 and Sonic Unleashed to the point of fanboyism. I then played S3K again...
  8. You only just discovered? Yeah, as someone else said, more people are starting to shit all over this game. In 10 years time, it won't be a classic. It will be down with the likes of Big Rigs. Well, maybe not THAT bad, but you get the idea.
  9. That was fucking brilliant. Glad they got some Monty Python in there!
  10. What an amazing Olympics. I'm definately proud to be a Brit! :D Hope Rio 2016 will follow in it's footsteps! :)

  11. I quite like the Mario developers, because they (somehow) manage to merge original ideas with old ones very well (although, I do think they need to up the originality. CUMON STEP IT UP). I think Rocksteady is really cool. I mean, they've made so many great games that the list is endless. Who doesn't like Arkham Assylum and Arkham City, pulling off critical strikes and reaching insanely high combos? Valve has been pretty revolutionary (albeit very slow with releasing their damn games). Sonic Team have also been stepping it up. Slowly but surely, they've been improving and taking in fan feedback, and the result is greatly designed games like Colours and Generations. Fuck DIMPS, though.
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