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  1. HYPERNECROBUMPOFINFINATEPOWER! Well, I (and the people involved in my characters' storylines) decided that we should branch away from Sonic, because it felt odd to have such dark plots with cartoony critters. Therefore, I redesigned Katanga to suit a more anthromorphic style. I'm probably gonna' get more of these done soonish. It's also important to note that the pallette (for the most part) and inspiration came from an art trade with Izzy Goldrunner. She has ridiculous numbers of shades, but they work really well.
  2. I'm so glad you've decided to make a VERY triumphant return! Anyway, I have CnC'd all of them...more or less. So I'll summerise. #My favourites are Matt and Rachel. Matt's design is superb, as it the pose. I just love how well Rachel is sprited. #How you manage to shade all that fur I will never know. #Needs more dithering #Your re-designs are either totally recogniseable, or utter improvements. I wish I could find any faults that you hadn't already corrected. I've failed you XD. Stick around, spriting will once again take over the EssEssEmmBee.
  3. Yeah I was there the whole weekend. =) Awesome time. Even Limp Bizkit were good, and that's saying something!

  4. You were at Download....

    I was at Download....

    Did you stay all weekend?

  5. Sweet. Nice to hear some praisa for it. Still debating whether or not to buy it or wait for the second Mass Effect.

    Also, we so need to play on live more often. ATM, all I seem to do is clog your inbox with M2AFs

  6. You have no idea how glad I am to see SSN back online and well. I owe a lot to that site ^^.

    By the way, I was gonna' ask you on xbl last night but forgot. How is L4D2?

  7. It's blatently the only way Devil Jin can die.

  8. I'm redhauling my character design, and I finished shading a bust-like area, so it became my avatar.
  9. Obviously, that plan fell through... Well, I'm Katanga. Also known as MC-Katanga and Katanga Askar. Basically every variant of the word Katanga. I'm currently getting back into spriting and digital art. The only real reason I've started posting again is because I love the community here. I stopped posting after I played Sonic unleashed. Needless to say I didn't care for it. Anyway, give me a buzz on exbawks if you wanna' play Halo 3, Gears 1 or Tekken 6.
  10. Yup. Hwoarang has nothing on Maxwell. He just spawns a hydra and and milkshake, then sits back and shlurps his way to victory.
  11. Remember me? I'm back from the grave. Anyway, I'm currently playing a combination of Scribblenauts and Tekken 6, which isn't good for my hands.
  12. It's been a while. I left because of school reasons, but am ironically reclaiming my position as oen of the only spriters days before I go back to school. So, I have much to show you: PIXEL ART: Because I don't wanna post mega edits. First 2 are all custom, last one is half sprite revamp. Porygon Omega: Viragon: Nifox: (The name is a pun on "Neox", because his character has the same hair/quill style.) DIGITAL ART: Yeah, there's more of this. I've improved a lot. Here's a couple I like a lot that I've made since I left: First attempt at smudging. A milestone for me. No Stock, No burshes. Just me and my GIMP. Zacky (Lightning effect X3) All these sigs below are on a signiture rotator in my signiture. ENJOY!
  13. Amazing. I really like the decorations of the "About Me" section of your profile. How original and inventive :)

  14. Haha, brilliant. Pure genius.

  15. Here's some BATTLE STORY ART: Katanga: Decessus: Super shadow (Blurred to prevent thievery): Yeah...enjoy. SUPERBUMP AWAY!
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