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  1. Hey SSMB! Come on in and join the party! We need more people like you dedicated Sonic fans! https://discord.gg/EyYsHTP

  2. I managed to go Super Sonic in the final boss. It totally broke the on rails boss fight and let me do whatever I wanted. Also gave it a better (albeit harder to work with) camera angle. edit: I know what you're thinking. And the answer is no. This isn't supposed to happen.
  3. Humbler, you were the greatest friend of mine to just drop off the internet and die forever ;_; what happened?

    1. Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug

      Also can I call you Hambler

  4. i finally understand

  5. Yeah... PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sucks...

    1. buba
    2. Cola


      What's so bad about it?

      I myself found it fun, but it's definitely got some flaws.

  6. Call of Duty MW4. You control the gun. Everything else is AI.

  7. This place sure is something...

    1. NGw00d


      Welcome to SSMB!

    2. Silencer226


      Join the BlazBlue alliance... or die, I mean... welcome. :)

    3. Celestia


      Hello there!

    4. Ruby CUL Terumi

      Ruby CUL Terumi

      Join the BlazBlue alliance, or fall to the ponies.


  8. Just finished replaying Mega Man X and I was reminded how much I love that credits theme.

    1. MegaMan_EXE


      Mega Man X is a good game. X4 is the closest to be beating it

  9. Hai, welcome!

    1. Humbler


      Oh crap, I didn't even know you could do this! I just noticed this message lol Awesome. Thank you!

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