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  1. I've seen a lot of funny moments in Sonic, but this is by far the funniest.
  2. NoahTH

    Sesame Street

    Ah, sesame street. You've always charmed me.
  3. My favorite model so far is definitely the one they're using right now, both the in game one and CGI one. For my favorite modern 2d art, I'll have to say Uekawa's current art. However, I'll add another design that I love that hasn't been mentioned yet, but will probably cause raging. Just. Freaking. This. I LOVE the Genesis design. This is what it would be like if Sonic's growth process made SENSE! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Classic Sonic (especially Oshima's), but this is just something that makes a bit more sense for Sonic to grow up from. The green eyes, the inbetween quills, the slight pudgyness, it's all something that makes sense for Sonic to start as. Even then, it's a great design all on it's own, and think they should've made a spin off where Genesis continued, or at least a Sonic Universe arc. It would also be cool if they had this design in the games somewhere, just for fun, like a bonus mode.
  4. Sonic's quills look a little weird in that poster. I'm guessing it's the wind or something.
  5. NoahTH


    Also, my avatar has the most shocking twist in the comic yet.
  6. Unleashed and Secret Rings, for reasons that have already been thoroughly discussed.
  7. This show is confusing to me, it really depends on the episode if I like it or not. I'd say that the episodes with the best animation were probably my favorite ones.
  8. ...Why won't ANYONE try to keep the geek perspective? What, do they think it's not worth it?! They try to, they start, they always do, but whoever's in charge decides "NOPE! LET'S TURN THIS INTO A TV CHANNEL ABOUT WRESTLING, OR SPORTS, OR STUPID REALITY SHOWS!" Why can't we just have ONE long lasting nerd channel!
  9. Hm... Probably Sonic himself. The free spirit that is Sonic, pretty much defines the Sonic series in general. The desire to run, stop evil plans, and be free.
  10. NoahTH


    Probably around over a million dollars.
  11. NoahTH


    It's times like these that I wished I had money.
  12. NoahTH

    The End.

    Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Generations.
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