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    Sly4Good got a reaction from prettyinplague in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    Tails ate them.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from prettyinplague in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    What the HELL happened to Omega? I haven't seen him in a main series game since '06....save for the cameo in generations and I really want to know what happened to the poor guy.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from Redemption in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    Tails ate them.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from Redemption in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    What the HELL happened to Omega? I haven't seen him in a main series game since '06....save for the cameo in generations and I really want to know what happened to the poor guy.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from Monkey Destruction Switch in [Artwork] Sly's not necessarily Sonic related art, but it's still art.   
    Good lord a lot of the art I've posted here is old; it's amazing what 7 years, 3 of which involve formal art training, can do to spruce up one's art work huh.

    Anyways, here's a few pictures I've worked on as Concept Artist for the Fallout: Kanawha Fallout 4 Mod -- you can just smell the improvement honestly.




    I have a new sonic project in the works, so I can't wait to share some of the concept art for that with y'all! Hope you enjoy ❤️
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from Phantom G in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    What the HELL happened to Omega? I haven't seen him in a main series game since '06....save for the cameo in generations and I really want to know what happened to the poor guy.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from dbzfan7 in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    Tails ate them.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from Writer's Blah in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    What the HELL happened to Omega? I haven't seen him in a main series game since '06....save for the cameo in generations and I really want to know what happened to the poor guy.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from Shasonsil in Your Unanswered Sonic Questions   
    What the HELL happened to Omega? I haven't seen him in a main series game since '06....save for the cameo in generations and I really want to know what happened to the poor guy.
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    Sly4Good reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice   
    No, we're expecting them not to lie and pin any changes on us in a manner that suggests we only want a speed cherry on top of a shit sundae, like we're a dumbass monolith. I would expect someone with integrity to admit the game wasn't well-received (which actually makes no direct statement as to its quality) and to then list big changes they're making and play those up as quality attributes to look forward to, like any decent PR person working on a fumbling property. But I suppose that would require the decision makers involved in ensuring this game would be an SC retread to have a fucking clue in the first place.
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    Sly4Good reacted to JonoD in The Alton Towers Roller Coaster Crash   
    I’d actually made a point of this in the Theme park topic.
    Firstly, it's horrible that such a thing has happened, and all my thoughts are with those who were not only on the train when the accident occurred, but also with the ride's operation team who undoubtedly would have been awfully shaken and any guests who had to bear witness to the crash itself. I can't begin to think what any of those individuals had to go through, and I hope that nobody who visits a theme park ever has to.
    I'm sorry to say this Hog, but you're very misinformed in some areas about this incident, and some statements made frankly just annoy me. Alton Towers’ quite simply has had one of the most untarnished safety records in attractions history, and whilst there's no doubt that this is a horrific accident, this is hardly a thing that happens remotely often, if even ever. Yes, I do remember the Runaway Mine Train accident back in 2007, but it's nothing compared to what happened here. Nothing at all.
    As for the apparent late response time to alert emergency services, the park already has an established first response team, who were on the scene in minutes, and are normally well equipped to deal with most situations, but then realised the situation required additional help once they were all on scene.
    Let me begin by saying, I like to think I know a thing or two about this ride and park operations in general. Roller coasters are my second biggest passion after Sonic the Hedgehog, and it's my absolute favourite in the country. So I'll do my best to explain in coaster terms what has happened, and ultimately what I think it means for the ride and the park.
    What was the sequence of events leading up to the crash?
    The exact sequence of events is still under investigation, but eyewitness accounts paint the following picture:
    Following some downtime earlier in the day, ride operators send several empty ride trains around the circuit to ensure that all systems are functioning properly. After sending a few around, the final test train fails to complete one of the loops on the first half of the circuit (possibly due to high winds), and as a result it rests in the ‘valley’ between two loops. There it stays, and people report the train.
    By the time the news has reached the dispatch cabin, passengers have already embarked on their ride. Right now, nothing so far has gone amiss.
    The train full of passengers ascends the lift, and the ride’s ‘Blocking’ system rightly stops it from dropping off the lift hill as the previous train has yet to clear the track ahead. This train waits here for 15 minutes.
    This is where things go disastrously wrong. At this point, for whatever reason, the ride’s blocking system fails, and the lift hill restarts, sending the train off the lift hill, and onto the circuit, where it inevitably meets and collides with the stranded ride train.
    Why did the first train stop?
    Let’s get one thing clear right away. Roller coaster trains simply cannot ‘break down’. They’re free rolling cars that roll strictly under the laws of gravity and physics.
    It likely stopped due to combination of unexpected high winds, and the fact that the train was empty, meaning that it may not have had the momentum needed to clear the loop.
    You can actually see when this nearly happened during testing with how slowly it crawls through the loop. Incidentally, the same loop the train in this accident failed to clear:
    The trains were substantially modified after these initial stalls, and the problem never surfaced again until a couple of days ago when the accident happened.
    How did the two trains crash? Aren’t there systems to stop this from happening?
    Yes, there are. It’s what’s known as a ‘Blocking’ system. Basically, each ride circuit is made up of several ‘block’ sections. If a train occupies a certain block, then the ride will prevent any other train from entering that block until the first train has cleared the way. Even if a ride operator is hurriedly spamming a dispatch button, the ride simply will not allow the train to proceed if it doesn't think the way is clear.
    The train that had been stopped at the top of the lift should have never left it. Right now, that’s what is being investigated: Why did the ride suddenly begin again when the block hadn’t been cleared? This is something we’ll have to await the results of the investigation for to know for sure.
    Why did they release a train of passengers when the empty train hadn’t returned to the station?
    The Smiler operates several trains. As many as 5 at its peak times. Its circuit is divided into two distinct halves (each one with its own lift hill). As one train begins its journey up the lift on the first half, the train ahead of it is beginning its ascent of the second lift. With the number of trains involved, it’s impossible to completely cycle the ride so that everything is on the final brakes or in the station. One HAS to be at the bottom of the second lift. If not, the train is in the maintenance shed.
    Why did it take rescue services so long to rescue the passengers?
    Emergency services were alerted virtually immediately, and were on scene very quickly. Alton Towers has been criticised for seemingly evacuating surrounding guests as their first priority, and then worrying about the passengers second. However, with the location where the trains had come to rest, access was very restricted, meaning the emergency services require all the room they need to work without members of the public hindering progress or putting themselves at risk. The section of the ride in question is built into a large pit, meaning the track is approximately 20 feet above the ground, and is of course permanently fenced off from the nearest side due to it being a ride area.
    Emergency services were on the scene very quickly, but right away, it has to be assumed that everybody on that train may have sustained some sort of spinal injury, so extracting them from the ride immediately becomes a very delicate process. Not only is the train’s resting place awkward to access, but it’s also at a 45 degree banking angle. If anything, the emergency services got the passengers away remarkably quickly given the circumstances.
    Where does the blame lie in this accident?
    Again, this is going to be a case for the investigation to decide. It’s unlikely to be one individual party, but right now the ones with the most questions to answer is the company who designed and built the ride: Gerstlauer, as it was ultimately a crucial ride system that failed. As a precaution, Merlin (the group who owns the park) has also closed a sister ride at Thorpe Park called SAW, which operates using very similar hardware.
    What’s The Smiler’s future? Will Alton Towers scrap the ride?
    Certainly not. It's too popular a ride, and too big of an investment for them to simply remove after only 2 years of operation. There will certainly be modifications made to it however. Be it in terms of a major software overhaul, the installation of additional sensors on the track, or even re-profiling of the track for the section where the accident occurred.
    It will remain closed for a long time for sure whilst changes are made, and we’re probably not going to see it active again for the rest of this year at least.
    What does this incident mean for the park?
    The park has been completely closed for two days, and is remaining closed tomorrow as well so that investigators can continue to try and find the cause. This without a doubt will cost the park many millions in lost revenues, but one thing to remember is that the park is owned by Merlin Entertainments: The second biggest attraction operator after Disney themselves.
    One question on the investigators minds is if this is an isolated incident, or whether this same event could in theory happen to any other ride.
    Regardless of if it is or not, ride policies and procedures are going to be tightened up a lot. Even more so than what they are now.
    The outcome of this investigation may not only affect Alton Towers operating policies, but possibly the entire roller coaster industry as we know it should they find the same problem on other rides.
    Will this discourage me ever from riding a coaster again?
    Check the avatar. Of course it won’t. The only result of this investigation and its inevitable changes to the ride will only make it safer, and without a doubt improve safety standards across an already very safe resort. At the time of this post, the statistics state that for every one and a half million rides, only 1.5 of them will report injury. This means that the odds of sustaining serious injury stand at one in 24 million. I'm sure as hell not going to be scared of odds like that, and I'll gladly ride The Smiler again once it eventually re-opens.
    If it wasn't already made clear, this news has devastated guests, ride operators at Alton Towers, executives of the park and even the CEO of the Merlin Entertainments who flew in from across the country within hours of the accident taking place. Needless to say, the accident devastated me too. I love this ride, and the thought of people getting injured on it and this event happening at a place I hold so close to my heart hurt me a lot when I heard the news.
    I need a drink.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from DaddlerTheDalek in Sonic Underground   
    meh, Manic was probably the only thing that kept me interested in Underground for as long as I watched it. He essentially the Tails of the show...if Tails was a hedgehog who was raised by thieves. Still, Manic was an enjoyable character, better than the Spoiled Brat, that's for sure.
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    Sly4Good got a reaction from SlickEvan in Sonic Rush 3 [Theoretical OST]   
    This seriously makes me wish there was a Rush 3 fangame with this music as it's focal point. It's seriously that good. Pseudo Paradise Sonic, Phantasmal Thicket Sonic, and Nightclub Necropolis Blaze happen to be some of my very favorite. Really looking forward to how the rest of it turns out!
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    Sly4Good reacted to Jango in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Sorry to break it to you, but the cover art was leaked yonks ago:

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    Sly4Good reacted to Sami in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    I can be and am appreciative of Mr. Frost's passion for his work as well as his interaction with the community. That said, I don't think that has anything at all to do with my opinion of the actual quality of the game.

    I'm tired of seeing "I feel so bad for Frost" and "be polite to Mr. Frost" everywhere. He's a grown fucking man who can handle criticism from a bunch of teenagers on the internet, and I would hope he and the rest of BRB are proud enough of Boom that some constructive criticism won't hurt their feelings.

    That's all I have to say about that.
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    Sly4Good reacted to BonkersTheAutomaton in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Well.  I know I said this in my last post.  But I am still hyped and excited about this game.  In fact if i am really honest with you, I really hope that Boom sell a lot of copies on both Wii U and 3DS despite the fact that the game might be that good.  Not because I don't want people to waste their money, but because I want to see BRB get a second chance if it does suck, that way they can learn from what they did wrong in Rise of Lyric and correct it in their next game.
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    Sly4Good reacted to SlickEvan in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Guess I just don't know what poor design is then. It could have been different or better? Sure everything can but it being completely poor? I just don't see it. meh...
    EDIT: Also, they didn't just say- eff us fans but merely are trying to do something different. I mean, lots of people say Sonic Team should do this, just eff all the fans and make something consistent- people seem to agree on that but BRB it's a whole case of they just threw us out the window. I see your point but still can't accept it is all (@KKM) it just doesn't feel that way to me.
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    Sly4Good reacted to Hyper Enesephus in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    I think a lot of people are resentful that it's not made for them. When Sonic Boom was announced with its first trailer, we saw all these awesome things like multiple playable characters and more open worlds. Then, over time we see just how different from the usual Sonic experience it is, and people realize the game really isn't made for them, but a whole new (younger) audience. Some people also haven't been satisfied with the last few Sonic games in the series, so to see such an initially promising looking (or at least somewhat interesting looking) game turn out to literally be not made for them at all.... Well, I can understand why a lot of people are unhappy about this and keep bringing it up.
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    Sly4Good reacted to Mrsonic699 in Tudd's art showcase er... thinger ma jiggy   
    Yo, guys!
    I've created a topic here before, LOONG ago, with some of my Sonic CD styled songs. I feel like I should be more active on SSMB though (I've been practically dead), and that I want to start by creating a proper music thread for myself. The Sonic Showcase really needs a bit more music too, don'tcha think?
    I'll start off by offering my Soundcloud here.
    Now keep in mind, I have like 5% of my actual work posted on there. Oh, and my older songs are kind of awful, beware of those. I have about three songs waiting to be uploaded there though, so look forward to them if you think my work is any good.
    There's also my Tumblr here, which doesn't really get much use. It's mostly reposts of my Soundcloud stuff, but it /does/ feature songs that I didn't show anywhere else. Sorry for that though, I will try to take the time and post a lot more unreleased things on it. I have LOADS.
    And lastly, if anyone's interested, I will post links through box.com to songs of mine that are almost finished, or were almost finished but eventually scrapped. I have some fully finished ones were never uploaded too. I'll post a tiny bit right now, actually.
    This one is looking to be uploaded sometime. It's a remaster of Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn)'s Green Grove act 1. I'm waiting for a friend to possibly record a guitar line to go as the melody of this song, but the rest about it is pretty much finished. 
    Here's another Sonic CD styled remix, like the ones from my previous topic and the soundcloud ones, but it's not exactly finished. I wasn't sure of it, I didn't think that it lived up to how well I managed to make the other SCD remixes, so I didn't finish or release it. I'll have you guys be the judges. It's Rusty Ruin from Sonic 3D Blast. Again, it's pretty old so finishing it now also means extra polishing on the instruments and mastering.
    Here's one that I would say is pretty interesting. Basically, I think I stumbled upon the very instrument library that Kazumi Tokata used to create the soundtrack for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so I did what a normal person would do and tried to compose a song in his own musical style. I dunno how well I did.
    An early one again. This is supposed to be a remaster of every music track in the developer menus of Wario Ware: DIY. It only has three so far of... what it was, 7 or something? I'll try to finish it in the future.
    Another one that I would love to finish, a Classic styled remix of Quartz Quadrant Present form Sonic CD. I'd say it's got a good base, but it's not polished AT ALL in the mastering department and it misses a heck ton of instruments. I just really didn't know what do to with the lead while handling the mastering, so it slowly drifted away from me.
    THIS is one that I really want to get finished. It's a remix of Byrne's battle theme form TLoZ: Spirit Tracks. It's kind of done, the only instruments that aren't untouched are the guitar and flute leads. I'm really gonna try and finish this one.
    Also, I'm gonna try and focus myself more towards original songs in the future. I've already did that, and have quite some songs ready, but I won't uncover them just yet :3
    To end this, I would HIGHLY appreciate any kind of criticism, comment, nitpicking, anything on any of my songs, be it composition, sound or mastering wise. The ones I've shown or especially my Soundcloud ones, any of them. You do the picking.
    And finally, thanks a lot for reading or listening if you did. I'm still quite early in my experience with music, and I haven't really set down my style yet. I'll be looking forward to hearing anything, I hope you enjoyed my music so far.
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    Sly4Good reacted to LongcrierCat in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    Let's get this out of the way. 
    At worst, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is an average game. An average game fills the criteria, but may not have anything special of note in the way of difficulty or design that will lure people into the experience. 
    Some people will like it, some people won't. This certainly isn't that grand Sonic game some of us dreamed about, and unfortunately we will have to keep thinking on that until another developer (or fan developers, hint hint) come around and make that thing that we want so badly. I think it should be fair for some people to find this game perfectly fine fluff to play through while some have more refined palettes. Of course, this shouldn't be an excuse for the developer to use their demographic, i.e. kids, as an excuse to churn out a shite product. 
    But what constitutes a shite product? For starters, if it doesn't work. If it's glitchy and unplayable and overall broken, then there's no excuse. You have a genuine turd. If it works mostly with very few bugs? Then it's average unless you've managed to do the unthinkable. You made a bland game. 
    Now this is getting into the real meat of what could make or break a game like this. It's important when you're working to your genre, instead of creating without a genre in mind, to keep its elements intact. This isn't to say there isn't a poor way of doing it or that it will feel weird when you have a pre-established franchise in place that you're using for your vehicle to make said game. Did the games play differently before this? Were they beloved by an audience? Then there will be preconceived notions on how this should play. 
    This game is a beat-em-up action adventure platformer. Can you jump? Can you move across terrain? Can you move? Can you fight? Will enemies react to the fighting? Will they engage you by attacking back? This is all answered in the footage. And from what I see this succeeds that. Now does it do it well? At the least it works. But just because something works doesn't mean it will be good necessarily to someone else. Does this game exude Sonic? Is it fast? Speed stages exist, albeit are fairly average, cream of the Temple Run crop. So you can't say there isn't something speedy there. But is it done well? It's the execution, but even that is an objective quantifier that some people savvy to code and game mechanics can be harshly (but not undeservedly) critical of. 
    Some people have different factoring expectations. I like DMC 3, someone else likes DmC, for example. I can call them out for liking a game that scores on you easier than the harder game. There's different standards. Some people will be fine with a game that's average or above and some people will only take the best that the genre of choice can offer. I like the new Raymans, you can like the new Sonics. We can like both, even, even if it's for different reasons entirely. 
    For some people, the effect of So Average is Mediocre comes into play in videogames so often, because of these standards. 
    I've been in the boat that most of the last 16 years of the franchise have not been up to par and that games I even found enjoyable have aged badly and more recent games that were supposed to be my cup of tea failed other expectations of mine in terms of coding, physics, and general game sense. I've even outright called those games what I feel they are, but that doesn't stop them from being what they are. Objective things that many people will have a different view on entirely from my own. I can go ahead and say it's shit all I want from Sonic Adventure to  Sonic Colours, but someone will have their own argument directed from their own experiences as a videogamer and their specific tastes.
    This doesn't make me or you wrong or right. This just means we're on different sides of the scale here. This is us being objective. We can have our opinions but the fact is that this is an object. We'll have our opinions on the object. But if it's at least stable it's a solid object at the very least, regardless of what we feel the quality to be. 
    So far, this game seems alright. Not really that "Sanicky" game that I or you guys want. But it's a game. It's not really that good, but it's not really that bad either. But the expectations from this franchise's history will have an effect on how you feel about it. 
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    Sly4Good reacted to BonkersTheAutomaton in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric (Wii U)   
    While I haven't payed much attention to this thread at all (or anything Pre E3 in a long time).  I can still happily say that I am still excited for Sonic Boom.  Rise of Lyric, Shattered Crystal and the TV series look to be amazing game in my eyes.  I know that Critics are going to say that it is bad (especially after everything we have been seeing recently with nearly every person out their beside major Sonic fans), but I am still going to buy this game regardless of what the critics say.  Not because I'm a sonic fan, but because I like the look of this game.  don;t get me wrong, being a sonic fans those help but I can't help but feel hyped about this game.
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    Sly4Good reacted to spinny in Sega lost over 10B yen during the previous period   
    And right after you're let off, this happens.

    This should have a fun ending.
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    Sly4Good reacted to TearForFear in Chuggaaconroy   
    Hey everybody, it's Chuggaaconroy!
    Welcome back to more threads opened by FearTear! In the last episode...
    Emile Rosales-Birou, better known as Chuggaaconroy, is one of the most famous Let's Players on Youtube.
    He has a huge spot for Nintendo, confirmed by the tons of Let's Plays he made on Mario, Zelda, Pikmin and Pokemon games (to name a few) but he's also prone to no-Nintendo games, if his LPs of Okami and Sonic Colours are anything to go by.
    One of the many reasons of his popularity is the amount of awesome and funny moments that happens to him during his recording sessions and not, such as

    One of the three members (the other two are NintendoCapriSun and ProtonJon) of a team of Let's Players called The Runaway Guys, Chuggaaconroy is not a simple player: he loves playing games, but he also loves sharing his fun with his viewers and followers.
    This quality of him came full circle when a terminally ill kid named Nic (sadly no more with the living today) wished to meet Chugga and play with him before his death.

    Today, Chuggaconroy is Let's Playing his favourite game of all time, Xenoblade Chronicles.
    What's your opinion of this guy, guys?
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    Sly4Good reacted to spinny in ARTWORK: Spindash scrapes a graphics tablet with a pen and it sometimes looks decent   
    Because no one ever gives this outfit enough credit.
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