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  1. Super Mario Odyssey (October 27, 2017)

    This feels like they've shown way less than any Mario game from the past to be honest.
  2. PSASBR was really bad guys

    1. Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      There's one thing we can agree on.

    2. Strickerx5


      it was ok imo

      then again, i got it as a gift

  3. Been replaying Majora's Mask and while it's clunky in a lot of ways BOTW isn't I'm still not sure which game I prefer.

    1. Count Vegeta

      Count Vegeta

      I'd say Majora's Mask is still the better game. Sure, the gameplay is comparatively simple, but the A.I. in Breath of the Wild is just as brain dead as it's always been, so I don't really think that matters much. The atmosphere blows Breath of the Wild's out of the water, so it's an overall better experience, IMO. 

  4. Do you believe a game can age poorly?

    1. Diogenes


      yes. see: all the 3d sonics that didn't suck the first time

    2. Shiguy



      Time has not been kind to this game but I still love it dammit.

    3. Speederino


      *points at PS1 era Tomb Raider games*

    4. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Tomb Raider aged WAY worse than SA1.

      Those controls, oh man.

    5. A Zombie KING heavy engine

      A Zombie KING heavy engine

      Super Mario galaxy






    6. Dejimon11
    7. Strickerx5


      *looks at sonic 1 and cd*

      ... im afraid to answer...

    8. Cayenne



      Yep. Totally.

    9. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Most N64 games, actually

    10. Speeps



      I just automatically assume everyone who says that about a Sonic game got this for Christmas as a kid.

    11. Dejimon11


      i'm willing to say that Mario Kart Double Dash hasn't really aged all that well. I still love it but man it's hard to adjust to it's controls especially considering how other installments improved on that aspect so much. 

    12. Cayenne


      While they really show their age, I still enjoy many N64 titles (no sarcasm, Donkey Kong 64 was my favorite game of all time for a while. Yeah, I know. I just love to explore and collect things). That console was made for me since I love collectathon platformers, Rare games and racing titles. :P

    13. Yeow


      IDK about citing GoldenEye 007; like, say what you will about its graphics and controls, but it has top-tier map/stage designs that is honestly lacking in quite a few modern shooters (especially Activision's GEWii adaptation). Most, if not all, of the Bond game adaptations still haven't really come close to surpassing it in quality either (though a case can be made for the spiritual successor Perfect Dark).

    14. Josh


      I've been burning through 64 stuff this week and aside from occasional clunk It's been fine.

    15. Cayenne


      The awful slowdowns and bipolar framerate is what kills GoldenEye 007 for me nowadays. It's the SNES Starfox of the 3D FPSs.

    16. Josh


      I imagine a shooter would be a pain, but I've been playing Mario 64 and Majora's Mask and they feel like some of the the best games in their respective series

    17. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Definitely. Quite a fair few games have aged poorly and not just 3D games either. I'll say a from 1/3 to close to half of the entire ZX Spectrum library has aged poorly just because the system wasn't powerful enough to do much or that the developers didn't know what they were doing. Similar thing to the Atari 2600 except it is perhaps most games that aren't from Atari, Activision or homebrew. Those two systems I can't get into really because of their age even though both have some good games that are still playable today. Even the NES has a fair few games that have aged poorly whether it is graphically, controls or unbalanced difficulty. Super Mario Bros as great as it is is starting to show its age because of the different physics even though graphical and musically it has aged very well. You could even argue the Mega Drive Road Rash series because that runs at 12fps.

      As for 3D, most 3D games that were made before the PS1/Saturn/N64/3DO era can be considered unplayable today because of single digit framerates however there are some that are completely opposite such as Virtua Racing where that is amazingly held up, even the Super FX games depends on the person/game. With the PS1/Saturn/N64 though, most games ran at 30fps or less so people who aren't tolerant to low framerates wouldn't like those systems as well as its quirks. PS1 has that textured warping, the Saturn had blocky quads and the N64 just had less memory plus that strong anti-analysing. If they don't have a stylised or cartoony graphic style, they would have aged poorly (e.g. sports titles, games with pre-rendered graphics, Gran Turismo even though I still like that game). Similar thing to low draw distance or pop up that can affect the game. Plus there are control and camera issues too because not many games had analog controls. That's why Crash 1 has aged worse than its sequels despite being one of the few PS1 games graphically that has aged very well and why many people couldn't get into most early Tomb Raider or Resident Evil games because of the camera/controls. I mean I couldn't get into Resident Evil 1.

      Oddily enough I still find N64 games to be playable as well as many PS1 and Saturn games (nearly all of the latter that I played for the first time recently and found them to be playable) however I can understand if people don't. Mainly because I grew up in that era.

  5. Question about Shadow the Hedgehog and Maria

    That would be the craziest fucking twist loool. I think it's just an inconsistency/plot hole type deal because there are a few of those in shadow's backstory but that would be a wild way to explain most of them away.
  6. 2 weeks til game of the year

    1. TCB
    2. Ferno


      mario be yellin at sonic like


    3. VEDJ-F


      Oh yes, everyone's looking forward to Assassin's Creed Origins!

    4. Dejimon11



    5. Forterror-Metallix


      "In just-a two short weeks, my plan will eliminate the bothersome lot of you! WAHOO!"

  7. Find a game you love as much as I love Majora's Mask


    1. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      At least you have good taste

    2. Shiguy
  8. I mean, there's a point where it went too far and started adapting aspects of shonen people found controversial even in the shows they stole them from, but a lot of Sonic concepts from the beginning were inspired by shonen anime/action serials. Not comedy. The Death Egg may be a "cute reference" but it's played mostly straight as a danger in the games that it's in. The emeralds are powerful and you're driven to acquire them because you want that power...the same reason anyone wants the Dragon Balls. People get hyped for Super Sonic for the same reasons they get hyped for a sudden transformation in anything else etc. Basically I'm saying Sonic wasn't ever really self aware but mostly kind of derivative to begin with. You can swear up and down it was a joke but they largely play the tropes they steal straight and they end up resonating with people for the same reasons they do in other things. Sonic ain't a bastion of originality. It's tropey as hell even in the so called self aware modern games and it probably always will be.
  9. The third game is pretty early on to establish something as a serious thing too. It makes more sense to see it that way than as a parody, as even the "good" Sonic games treat it as an emotional moment ala DBZ. It went from parody to following the trope. There's...not much wrong with that either. Some Super Sonic moments were really cool and earned imo.
  10. I mean, Sonic 3 is the first game that threw it in as a plot extension if you want to get technical
  11. I mean knowing past Sonic games the games might actually pull the whole "I won because I have friends" thing. But yeah that's something different than what was suggested earlier. I wouldn't mind that as much.
  12. I mean you do you. I personally cannot care about OCs and find the idea of an extended joke taking precedence in a main game really obnoxious. Especially since Sonic games aren't actually funny whenever they're trying to be.
  13. Or maybe they should be recognized as ultimately harmless and ignored.(They're ultimately harmless and the scrutiny they get from full grown adults who should have better things to do with their time is actually the weird and sad thing)
  14. That's not salvaging it. The character is as shallow as they were before, except now they're a joke. It only pats people on the back for not liking the trope. It's the type of cynical humor I'm bored of. What would the point of the "joke" even be anyway? That kids shouldn't create fan cahracters or we'll make fun of them? Lol. That's original territory.
  15. I mean, putting work into making bad characters ironically is just wasted effort you could have put into something good. I'd always rather something genuine than some half ironic winking and nudging that isn't even very funny half the time. You see that sort of thing all the time nowadays.