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  1. Nobody has really considered that it might be an early 2019 title. There's still time for it to come out this year, since Sonic games are usually announced at the tail end of may, but it could easy be pushed to next year
  2. The cutscenes are better than they usually are. There's that usual Kingdom Hearts weirdness with the voice direction/pacing but that's about it. Everyone's more expressive than the past few games and it feels less stiff.
  3. I didn't know how much I missed Sora, Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts. A lot of the protagonists in the spinoffs were kind of downers and they didn't have anyone to play off of

  4. Alright that's enough Sonic posting back to positive KH3 vibes

  5. Yuji Naka may have "wanted" Sonic to be a certain way some 20 years ago, but the fact is, he left the series in 2006. His thoughts on Sonic have probably shifted since then and even if they did they're essentially meaningless since he's not in charge of the series anymore. The intention to "soften Sonic up" was imo deliberate and probably in motion before Naka left considering how far in advance these things have to be in the works. Sonic has been through a lot of changes because, believe it or not, Naka isn't his only father. A lot of people work on a given series and they're all gonna have their own take. Even with a franchise that's largely an exception to a lot of this stuff like Mario is due to the same person working on the franchise all it's life and being unwavering in his design principles for better, or for worse. A specific IP is allowed to be dynamic in the variety of tones it explores. It's...normal, really, and the sign of a good, flexible IP. Compared the moodier Rayman 2 with the preppy, goofy Rayman Origins, or Ratchet in the PS2 days to the shift to a lighter tone in the later ones. It comes with the fact that the people making these series are evolving and ever changing, along with the world outside of it. Sonic CD's promotional art and overall vibe were a lot more moody and serious than Sonic Mania, which is a lot more on the light hearted and fun side. You can even see this in each game's animated intro. Sonic CD is driven by urgency, stunts and stakes while Sonic Mania is a lot sillier, not afraid to show Sonic fumble around a bit, pal around with his friends and...smile. It's official art and animations are often simple and cutesy and even the sprites in game are a lot more expressive than they usually are. Were either of these games bad or not Sonic games for what they were trying to do? Not really. They're just two different expressions. Now extend that across the entire series and now you know why I don't care much about the tone thing anymore, as long as it's done well and leans into the series's strengths. Sonic's character design isn't suited to realistic violence and clashes with realistic graphics, but he's a very strong personality and it's enjoyable watching him overcome what seems impossible. You have to actually have it in you to make it seem impossible though. Some of the character's coolest moments are action scenes where he's in high stakes situations, and an actual story, characters and stakes worth caring about would only heighten those situations when they finally come to pass. This is basic storytelling 101. He's a mobile and expressive character so he's not suited to sitting around and telling jokes. Take advantage of this character design and do more slapstick. The funniest Sonic thing is Night of the Werehog and NOBODY talks in that shit. There are a lot of characters so if you're going to do comedy you might as well use their personalities and different quirks as a strength and have them bounce off of eachother. The same two characters standing around and talking is not going to work no matter how good of a writer you are. This is the most roundabout of roundabout ways for me to say the tone doesn't matter that much and you guys are too focused on it again. There are fundamental problems with how Sonic approaches things that need to be called out first, and after that, the "tone" discussion is a matter of fucking preference. Even if we go with the "get with the times" idea there's still darker animated movies and action shonen aimed at children, so it's not clear cut either way. It's also possible for a series to dip into both ends of the pool as I just described.
  6. Josh

    Regarding dark themes in Sonic

    On the topic of fight scenes, I don't think of Sonic as a head to head slug fest like Dragon Ball. Sonic usually beats the odds by dodging and being smart, so a fight scene in a Sonic game or any other related media should reflect that. It should always be about Sonic using his spinning ability in silly, surprisingly smart ways imo. Any fight scene where Sonic is punching or kicking like most of the stuff in Sonic X was kind of a misstep for me. A series I think they could take better inspiration from is Avatar. Aang's fighting style is more focused on evading, being a distraction to secure the safety of others, and escaping...and it's pretty funny to watch, sometimes. Especially how it contrasts with his more serious, stereotypical opponents. He irritates the hell out of them. Other characters would vary based on who they are of course. Knuckles is more of a brute force type character for example, Tails would probably play it as safe as possible and look for a weakness, etc.
  7. Kingdom Hearts 3 looks pretty good. Maybe not KH2 good, but it looks better than most of the other games in the series and I couldn't ask for more than that.

    1. Jovahexeon Sonic Heroes

      Jovahexeon Sonic Heroes


      Maybe not KH2 good

      In terms of crossover value, story and/or gameplay?

    2. KHCast


      Gameplay he more than likely means, which I agree with. Though I still feel it will live up to most of my expectations.

    3. Jovahexeon Sonic Heroes
    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      I get hyped more and more as I see it. I just love the look of everything. The worlds themselves look and feel fifty times more alive and look pretty damn fun to explore. This is an absolute new one for me because normally it's KH's original stuff I enjoy more, but I'm so insanely hyped to explore Monsters and Toy Story.

    5. KHCast


      It definitely doesn’t look as seamless as KH2 with the moves/combos, and while more grounded compared to other titles still has a floaty look to it during some combos. Also chip damage is still there. It definitely is more flashy and action packed

  8. Kingdom Hearts III still looks really good

  9. Josh

    Regarding dark themes in Sonic

    I mean, we all played Sonic CD, and that was a game conceptualized near the series birth by its creator. I understand it's not really done well after that, but I don't think it's beyond a platforming series. I've seen some games pull it off with mechanics at the forefront. I'd rather it not lean too hard on cut scenes though, so it's tricky.
  10. Liam Robertson apparently shared some more info on the game on his podcast. It's patreon only but here's what people are saying the details are Take it with a grain of salt of course, but if this pans out it sounds fantastic tbh
  11. .Technically it's more of a proper Star Fox than those games, but that's gonna vary from person to person, and even outside the controls, Zero is coming up short for me. Free aiming isn't actually a bad idea as far as ideas to freshen up Star Fox goes, but god it's impossible for me to ignore how much more intuitive this would be for everyone if it was on the fucking Wii Remote and Nunchuck and not the Gamepad. That, along with pretty much every other new gimmick or idea they had like the cockpit view or the new vehicles puts me off the game. I can technically put together a path through the game where I can avoid a lot of these sequences sure, but then I don't need as much yellow tape to enjoy Star Fox 64. Star Fox Zero is, at best, a worse game than Star Fox 64. And this is ignoring the fact that the game aesthetically and story wise doesn't really have an identity of it's own, but I'm assuming this is a Samus Returns/A Link Between Worlds type situation where we're more forgiving of those aspects because it's a back to basics kind of game. Zero is as much of a Star Fox game as those to me because it takes the IP, meanders around with gimmicks and otherwise doesn't scratch the itch that 64 does, still. There more to it than "is this more or less of a proper Star Fox game." It's not what I want and wasn't good enough on it's own merits for me to enjoy it, so it can go with the other 5 or so Star Fox games that fall into that exact description. It is very much an agree to disagree situation, and I feel like it's clear that a lot of people aren't so hot on Zero for similar reasons. But hey props to you if you had fun with it. I don't like hating video games. I'd like to be a part of the "fun" side of the conversation where I can gush about the game, but it's just not what I want from this series at all.
  12. The controls make Zero inherently different from the other Star Fox games even if the aesthetic is trying desperately to convince people otherwise. Speaking as a Starfox 64 fanboy, it's not what I'm looking for. On the flipside, much as a blunder as Other M was, Sakamoto did turn out Samus Returns, which is as Metroid as you can get. Miyamoto or whoever is in charge of Star Fox now needs to release a game that shows they "get it" if they want to quell the demand, imo. The metroid fandom has calmed down significantly since Nintendo threw them some bones.
  13. Well think of it this way, it's been two years since Federation Force came out and we haven't seen what Prime 4 plays like yet. I think the frustration is more a proper Star Fox game being put off even longer for this. I'm not really bothered myself and think this game could be cool, but it's easy to see where the frustration is coming from. Like, of course a proper Star Fox game will probably be made eventually, but with how Nintendo has been jerking the series around, it's a frustrating wait.
  14. Josh

    Badniks in 3D

    One thing I liked that the Boost games did was that there were a few enemies that would keep pace with Sonic, so running past them wasn't really an option. The Boost games mostly had these enemies appear on the more fixed quick step sections, but I think they were in the right mindset. The very first change you'll notice about the goombas in Mario 64 is that when you walk past it it will try and chase you. Enemies need to be more aggressive. It's hard to do this in a way that isn't frustrating, but I think the "Hotaru" badniks in Mania that follow sonic around and take shots at him until he destroys them might be a good start. The player would have the decision of trying to ignore them and making progression a bit more difficult or stopping for a second to destroy them. If taking real damage from these enemies seems a bit too punishing or something, they could have the light flash blind or stun Sonic for a second instead. I also think it would be neat if the "roller' badnik followed Sonic's movements like the shadow Mario clones from the Galaxy games.

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