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    1. Forte-Metallix



      I'm guessing he's in denial about that recent loss?


  1. You haven't noticed all those franchises get called out for being repetitive constantly? Zelda doesn't get it as much as the other two, but that's because each game literally come with a new cast of characters beyond LInk, Zelda and Ganon and a lot of them don't feature Zelda or Ganon at all.
  2. I understand the hesitation toward adding new characters, but any series you can think of is constantly adding new characters all the time. Sticking to the same cast is a good way to get stale, especially with characers as deliberately one note as the core Sonic cast. "If and when it's necessary" is practically an empty statement. If you want to tell a new story that goes beyond Sonic and Eggman scrapping, you'll need new characters. I would argue that it made sense to add new characters most of the times the Modern games came forward with them. There was no one in the cast that could play the role of Shadow, or Blaze, Or Merlina or whoever. Even the classic games added new characters. "Iconic" characters you love now were new additions. Granted they all don't need to come back very game.
  3. So Dragon Ball Super isn't very good

    1. Strickerx5


      i find it to be on par with the series in general honestly

      it's an imperfect show with a lot of flaws but it's fun all the same

    2. DiamondX the Fighter

      DiamondX the Fighter

      I'd say the opposite after this episode.

    3. Strickerx5


      What happened? (I don't mind spoilers)

    4. Nix


      Super's not very well thought out, but man it can be a treat sometimes.  Some of the fights are up there with the series' best visually.

      The last one was fucking wild.

    5. DiamondX the Fighter

      DiamondX the Fighter

      Well, this episode

      -Goku almost won but UI ran out. He almost fell dowm the stage but Freeza saved him with a Death Beam.

      -17 is alive.

    6. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


      I was cool with Frieza saving him; I anticipated him to be a linchpin in the end, since we never saw him get eliminated. Android 17 being alive, however, makes his sacrifice less meaningful... and it just comes out of nowhere. Come on.


    7. Strickerx5



      well tbf this is far from the first time this series has given a character a very great death scene but then pull them back in soon after


  4. I'm not saying they'll be reskins in the game, I'm saying that's literally been their go to thing in their other appearances. Mighty stood in for Sonic in Knuckles Chaotix after they decided to take him out. They play nearly identically to Sonic in SegaSonic the Hedgehog. This is their "History" in the series. I'll admit to liking Fang, Bark and Bean more than Mighty and Ray, but thats because their designs are really unique and ooze personality. There's not really anything like those three in the rest of the series, while Mighty and Ray designed pretty blatantly to be Sonic and Tails expies. If they announced Bark the Polarbear was playable in the game my mind would be going crazy wondering what the hell they had planned for him. Same thing with Fang considering his springy tailand his gun. This is all compounded by the fact that Amy got shafted again. It's not Mighty and Ray's fault Amy got shafted again, but I think it was gonna put a damper on the announcement no matter what. I'm not coming at anybody for being excited for Mighty and Rey but it shouldn't be hard to see the other side of the coin too, IMO. Maybe they'll do something cool with them. I'll wait and see.
  5. With only 5 minutes to work with per short and a presumably smaller budget considering they're viewable for free and exist for promotional reasons? Doubt it. I'm not really going to compare the two either The OVA and the animated Mania stuff have a completely different vibe even if the designs are kind of similar. I'm excited for thise, but I'm hoping thisis just a stepping stone bigger animated Sonic stuff in the future and not just a one and done commercial for Mania.
  6. You're admitting they're basically non-characters, so it should be expected that a lot of people aren't excited about them appearing. Their role in the games so far is to literally to play similarly to characters that are in Sonic Mania already.
  7. It's not confirmed to be free. I didn't hear it during the panel but people are saying they said the opposite. I'm not fussed either way. It'd be nice if it was free but I'm not surprised it isn't.
  8. I feel like they were chosen BECAUSE it's easy to make them reskins compared to other characters. Like..I feel like if the Mania Team proper was working on this the updates would be more substantial, but nothing is confirmed.
  9. No Amy and no new stages means this is a pass for me. This doesn't really sound like a meaningful update to me so I'm not gonna bother. It's cool to see old characters brought back but these are probably the two least interesting choices for that kind of thing.
  10. You can tell by my KH hot takes that I'm a salty SoraxKairi fan at my core

    1. JosepHenry


      Hm? How so?

  11. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    I've never actually known about that little quirk as many times as I've played that game so that's actually interesting.
  12. I stand by giving Mania an 8.5 but Sonic 3 is absolutely a better game and I even find Sonic 2 better in a few ways.

    If there was a port of Sonic Adventure that had it's shit together I might put on for that one over it too but alas

    1. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud

      3K obvious gets a leg-up by being entirely an original thing the whole way through but Mania's pretty much topped it for me as far as it's level design goes. For me it flows better without going to Sonic Advance 2 levels of blatantly being built to emphasise long-stretch running.


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