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  1. why was knuckles designed visually like a boxer if his main strengths in the game were air mobility and exploration

    1. Celestia


      Contrast is cool.


      Okay I doubt they put that much thought into it but yeah

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      He's still bad at actually jumping

    3. Milo


      gloves are balloons that help him float

    4. JezMM


      To be fair in his debut game he just punches and chuckles a lot, for which the big silly fists aid just fine with

  2. Much as I would be down for more Shadow content I'm not really interested in a remake of this one. The story was already told in the original and I'd rather move onto a new thing.
  3. I think this is their idea of an Easter egg or something and they didn't do it with the difficulty of the fight in mind. Either way it's a strange idea though. I don't think this detail was suuuuper important to the ending of this game though so it didn't bother me that much at the time. Neither the android plotline or the alien one were particularly interesting to me in the first place. The alien one is a bit better because I like the position it left Shadow in and I liked the way the comics leveraged it but eh there are a lot of excuses to give Shadow extra powers without it. You don't really need more.
  4. ASSUMING that Sonic 2 game gear's bad ending was supposed to depict Tails meeting an untimely, unspecified death, how would Sonic's life be different? It turns out Sonic 2's placement is quite dubious in comparison to Sonic 2, so we're going to humor multiple scenarios. TIMELINE ONE: EGGMAN WINS Sonic chases Eggman to Angel Island and manages to tail him just fine aside from a mild inconvenience in Marble Garden. He hops aboard the Death Egg when it launches, turns super and beats the fuck out of the mad doctor in space to the legendary anthem that is that one song from SMBZ. But there's one small problem. Who's going to catch him and the master emerald now? That's right, fucking nobody. Sonic falls into the ocean and drowns. The master Emerald is lost forever after Knuckles tries to go and get it without his trusty air necklace and also drowns. EGGMAN WINS. TIMELINE TWO: EGGMAN WI-wait what? ASSUMING that Tails was still alive for Sonic 3 but perished after, Sonic would go to the totally tubular station square to fight chaos. He would never get aboard the Egg Carrier and it would destroy the city unless Knuckles still does the dumb shit that causes to crash, leaving only Eggman with the means to escape. Eggman has three different means of destroying the City and Tails is responsible for thwarting two of them. EGGMAN WINS. Even if Sonic were to stop chaos on his own somehow, every other event in the series is now significantly harder if not impossible if Tails isn't present. Sonic Adventure 2? Tails wouldn't be around to cover for Amy OR track Eggman to the desert to get the space ship. Sonic sits on earth picking his nose and daydreaming about Shadow before Eggman fires the canon. Sonic Heroes? What's The Real Super Power of Teamwork without Tails to bridge the gap between Sonic and Knuckles's personalities? The Tangible Average Power of Begrudging Acquaintances? Shadow the Hedgehog? Who else would rob Eggman's circus and shatter his long term prospects as a live entertainer? Sonic 06? Who would do this stupid shit? Whatever he's doing. I didn't play this game. Sonic Generations? Who would have told me I was travelling in time and space? I sure as shit wouldn't have guessed that. Face it, Tails is THE most important character in the entire series, and he deserves to be respected and protected for the good of the earth Sonic's World Sonic's WorldS. He's like if that Elise Iblis thing was like, all the time. Discuss a world without Tails and how terrible that would be below.
  5. Even if they do end up doing DLC I won't care if it's just costumes and I'd pay for more levels as long as they're priced appropriately. Very excited for this one. I love how lively it looks. I like how it's a return to polished fast paced platforming since that's exactly my shit. I liked the other Crash games but the gimmicks were kind of obtrusive sometimes. The masks in this one seem like a lot of fun though. They add some variety to the platforming without resorting to vehicles or anything like that.
  6. The general rule is that gameplay is an abstraction of what actually happened because of the variety of different outcomes and the concessions you have to make in 'game mode', but it becomes harder to make that separation in your mind when developers nowadays are so eager to make gameplay and story feel seamless with one another. The Last of Us will function as a game right up until it doesn't while any game from 20 years ago is happy to make the separation clear with a results screen or a clear cut off point for a cutscene. I believe in games have the means to tell deep, complex stories but not all stories are fit for simple AAA action games. With enemies yelling eachother's names I expected more of a mechanical reaction to killing certain enemies, with maybe one becoming more wreckless to avenge their fallen friend. The only thing you really get like this is the dogs who's behavior shifts when they stop to mourn their owners. Ryan is right in that more feedback from Abby's side from the things you did on Ellie's side would have been a welcome addition as well. It's an unconventional story trying to fit into a conventional gameplay loop. Again, a weird direction to take your AAA darling but I appreciate them for trying, I guess? Some more twists to the mechanics and better AI would have elevated this game a lot but I guess that wasn't in the cards this time. There's probably going to be a part 3 and it's probably not going to drop this combat system so I hope they aim a little lower next time.
  7. Megaman was in Bowser Jr's trailer. Sonic was in the World of Light trailer. A bunch of the third parties are in the background of the Banjo one at the end. CGI trailers were less common with this one but it doesn't seem to be a huge issue.
  8. Remaster and archive all Sonic games

  9. We know they moved development to America already, and we know that most of Sonic Team proper worked on Sakura Wars instead of going overseas.
  10. sakurai be like "yeah i couldn't beat those spirit battles either, heres how to cheese them"

    1. Kuzu


      He truly is a gamer at heart

    2. Polkadi~☆


      i had to brute force 9-volt and 18-volt, and had to brute force paulina

      you're telling me there were EASIER WAYS to beat them?


      ...tricks for beating The Boss pls

  11. I find myself liking treasure hunting more the further we get from SA2. It's kinda hard to explain why, but getting a 6th sense for where the designers hide the emeralds and taking advantage of Knuckles's movement and shortcuts to get to them quickly is it's own kinda fun. Not the kind of fun I get from the Sonic stages but it's more like why collectathons can be fun. They had their own share of problems(it's tedious to get around some levels. They should commit more to them all being free flowing with multiple ways to approach each waypoint) but I think it's fine. The shooting is the one I think could use some tuning up. I actually think the basis for it(aiming at as many robots as possible and letting it rip while trying not to get hit and being mindful of the time limit you have to line up your shot) its fun, but neither game finds ways to shake things up enough for it to stay super fun to me. Different types of projectiles to dodge and more ways to move and dodge around the things would have added a lot to these stages but they get a little repetitive as they. Doesn't help that the platforming that they try to put in feels half-assed compared to the other two types. There's been a lot of debate about whether these types of things should be indulged in a Sonic game but I'm a bit beyond caring about that as long as they made something amusing. Sonic Adventure 2 brings a lot of Sonic Team's arcadey sensibilities to it so it turns out to be surprisingly fun no matter what the game is asking you to do, as long as you're willing to meet it halfway to start with. If the design is solid coherent enough and there are enough incentives to get better I can usually wring something out of it. I'd completely understand if they permanently put this stuff on the backburner to focus on one thing but I've played tighter action games with more divergent gameplay than this. If all 3 game modes were firing on all cylinders it would make for a pretty fun and varied action platformer in it's own right.
  12. It's time yall. See you on the other side. 

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