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  1. Yeah and if the series had kept that energy up this might have happened by now. It did not.
  2. I wouldn't mind it becoming official since it would show some maturity on both characters parts, but this franchise doesn't exactly do that whole character development thing
  3. Co op is nice but I'm holding off on buying it again until a version with Nyakuza Metro comes out on console. Not being able to get any of the extra stuff on PS4 has been a pain and I don't want to buy the game 3 times if the switch version ends up with no post launch support either.
  4. You could probably track some declining interest in the series if you had the numbers but a lot of the youngins are just on Twitter or discord or youtube now. If I was looking for new faces this is one of the last places I'd check.
  5. There's nothing the everyman can really do about it. It's frustrating that the merger was essentially cheered on instead of being denounced by the public, but I feel it would have gone through either way. If you, like me, are feeling pretty bad about the future of big budget cinema, I suggest supporting indie creators and smaller studios. Or just anyone that's not Disney, honestly
  6. It's pretty hard to argue the other characters are defenseless in Sonic Forces but the thing that probably bothers most of you about it is that their presence doesn't really impact the experience in a meaningful way. They don't make any significant gains on their own, even as a team. The game doesn't bother to let them show up in levels or anything like that which makes the idea that they're even participating at all harder to swallow when you deal with most things in the game by yourself. The war is brought to a standstill until Sonic and Tails return. They're also the only characters with any meaningful character arcs along with buddy. You could downsize the conflict to an island and have Sonic, Tails and Buddy as the only participants on the hero's side and not much about the plot changes. In fact with the game's limited pool of environments would probably come off better if we weren't supposed to believe this was a planet scale conflict. The game would have to ditch the war aesthetic but it was only wearing that as a skin anyway. Good war stories usually use a wider spread of characters and perspectives to sell the scale of the conflict. Ironically Shadow the Hedgehog was a lot better about this by giving each character their own explicit agendas during the Black Arms invasion. It felt a lot more meaningful to me to stop in a location where the conflict was going on and help a different character with a unique goal than to read about them scrambling in the background as a unit on the map screen.
  7. Sonic was meant to be cool over cutesy, but that doesn't mean that literally every character has to be the same type of hot blooded teenager.
  8. I appreciate you owning up to that there. I understand your mindset but I really disagree with it and I'll try explaining why in a way that's less aggressive. If sega wants to charge a competitive price for a house, I want the whole house. I don't want to choose between the foundation or the roof. I skipped Lost World and Forces because I didn't want to choose. I bought Sonic Mania on launch day because I didn't have to.
  9. I"m over the defeatist stuff. There's no point in discussing the series at all if thats how you really feel. I have a good feeling about the series going forward, so now is the time more than ever to put the word out about whatever features are important to us.
  10. I don't like technicalities. Let's put this in terms some of you can understand. again. Classic Sonic has been in Sonic games for the better part of a decade now with his aesthetic and even a lot of the mechanics being used for even longer. Despite this, Sonic 4, Generations, and Forces aren't considered legitimate entries in the classic series but Sonic Mania is. This is a no-brainer to most of you so I'd like you to provide modern fans the same courtesey and listen to us when we say that not every half assed attempt at what we want satisfied us. Or even better: if you don't actually care, don't comment. Classic Sonic fans are the last ones that should be mocking people for investing attention in a series that won't cater to their whims. Go back to talking down to kids on Twitter or something because we're not putting up with it here.
  11. Biweekly reminder that Sonic games should have taunts

    1. SupahBerry


      That would require grinding sonic to a complete halt just for a two second pose, and thats a big no-no for many

    2. Wraith


      He doesn't have to stop

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog


    4. Diogenes



      i'm just not sure what kind of practical effect they could have

    5. Wraith


      Practicality is for losers

    6. Dejimon11


      Ala DMC?

    7. Wraith


      Yes. In DMC5 you can use it to to give yourself a boost in the air at the cost of vulnerability. The same logic could apply here, though you should probably reign it in so it's not too good/spammable. May make things like shields redundant.

    8. Badnik Zero

      Badnik Zero

      Like a trick system, but with taunts?

    9. Wraith


      I'm not that interested in a fully involved trick system because I want the gameplay to be focused on interactions on the ground

    10. Badnik Zero

      Badnik Zero

      That’s what I mean, tricks give gameplay to otherwise idle airborne sections, so same with taunts? Just performed anytime.

  12. I mean....I got tired of playing as Dante and I guess Capcom agreed because every DMC game since 3 has different main characters to choose from. I guess if you're tired of Sonic you can go and play Mario...where you can usually choose your character from the start now. Or maybe the new Crash games where you can play as Coco. Resident Evil, maybe? That new Kirby game that lets you play as like the entire extended cast? Sonic Mania? Maybe it's a you problem...or maybe Sonic games have been lacking in terms of basic features and avenues for self expression for a long time now and you have a right to complain about it. Yeah it's probably the second thing.
  13. I actually don't really want a whole lot more Tikal. I thought what they did hit home pretty well and as a pacifist she can't really do a whole lot more in an action series without betraying the point of the character. If they find a way to bring her back without it feeling obligatory I'd be game, of course, but I couldn't come up with much myself. If they remade Sonic Adventure or revisited that piece of lore for one reason or another I'd be open to fleshing her out, but It's not something I'm itching for.
  14. I like a lot of things about them but more so than other aspects of the series I feel like there's a lot of potential just waiting on the table. Amy is one of my favorite characters but it's easy to fall into lazy writing habits with her. She has a pretty solid arc about not letting Sonic's feelings for her define her which the series kinda forgets about. That was a surprisingly mature lesson to teach that I wish the games stuck with. I'll be fair and say that newer Sonic games do tone down her crush but this runs the risk of just making her bland instead. An easy solution to this is to just flesh out her feelings about other characters besides Sonic. Only the comics really do this all that well. I thought she was great in archie but IDW has gone down the game route of making her a little too bland in trying to make her cool and capable. I like her best when she's wacky and a little on the naive side with a heart of gold. I like that She's a scrapper that's also able to get to someone's heart if given the oppourtunity. Rouge is one of the best additions to the cast on paper imo due to her morally ambiguous nature. I can't really imagine a better foil to Knuckles than a sharp free wheeling gem thief. I'm just frustrated with her because I feel like she was made an accessory to Shadow when she would be way more interesting if she was driven by her own motivations. Blaze was my favorite Sonic character for a long time but you have to confront some awkward truths about her: Sonic Team never really got together and decided what they wanted from her. Rush and 06 came out close together and portray what I consider to be two seperate character: The cool, clear headed mentor Blaze and the hotheaded and stubborn one from the Rush games. Rush is obviously way more interesting to me as the first female Sonic character to really headline a game and be the emotional core of it's story. Blaze in 06 on the other hand mostly exist to be a catalyst for Silver's development and I think that misunderstands the appeal of the character and sidelines her unnecessarily. You really could have put a new character in her place and things would have gone over better. We'd have another female Sonic character that was chill and I can keep dumbass Blaze. There are a lot more female characters when you count one-offs and bit parts. Tikal is pretty far in the background for most of Sonic Adventures run but I found her story genuinely moving for the little screen time it had. Shahra and Merlina were both pretty good foils to Sonic for different reasons. Wave is just a nasty, petty person with no real justification and I LOVE that. Marine is a lot of fun and actually had a good arc. On the other hand, Maria is more of a plot device than a character which is kind of a shame because she's the most interesting part of Shadow's backstory imo. Elise is similarly pretty bland even if I don't mind her as much as most do. Zeena is horrible but we all know that. There's a pretty consistent thread of the main female heroines being sidelined and that's probably the main thing that frustrates me about the series representation wise. You could argue that every character is sidelined nowadays but I still think that with Tails, Knuckles and Shadow all having multiple games worth of focus along with Sonic himself that it's not really even-handed in the wider context. It's a shame, because this is actually a pretty solid and varied female cast as far as action games aimed at young boys go. They just don't get enough oppurtunities in the driver's seat. I wish that would change. I want to play as them and experiences stories from their perspectives more. There could also...stand to be a few more of them too considering there are only 3 mainstays really. Stop being afraid of making new characters someday soon please
  15. They should just keep the tails is weirdly jealous part and ship it. That would make a good sonic game story imo
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