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  1. Yeah I basically never read death into anything this franchise does unless it's explicit. People on here and in other Sonic communities have always just read every game as darker than it actually is because it makes for better arguments.
  2. He's a cartoon character so his anatomy isn't supposed to make sense. I've always assumed they were a natural part of Echinda hands and Tikal not having them was just to reinforce her passive nature. It still works the other way though where she could have chosen not to wear gloves like that so I'm fine with either interpretation.
  3. A new transformation is usually a good bookend to an emotional low, so now I feel like the arc Shadow needs to go through in this game(coming to terms to with his reputation and building a better one) needs to be more defined and his insecurities need to be overcome through a face that represents those things. Thing is, they kind already did that with Mephilies, but technically that didn't happen so I don't know where he stands as far as how he actually affected Shadow's character and whether it's worth going down that road again.
  4. ....Knuckles wore boxing gloves. That was their distinction before you even get to the spikes.
  5. What's your favorite game released this decade

    1. Sean
    2. Adamabba


      Super Mario Galaxy 2

    3. Spookilator


      -Pokémom Gen V and VII

      -N. Sane Trilogy

      -Smash Ultimate

      -Three Houses

      I could go on

    4. Red


      FE Awakening
      FE Three Houses
      Pokemon Black/White
      Spyro Reignited
      Night in the Woods

    5. Speederino


      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

      No really I’m not being meme-y this time. Not THIS time.

    6. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Either Tropical Freeze or Smash Ultimate

    7. Mil-O-Lantern


      super mario 3d world. cuphead and dkc: tropical freeze are pretty much right there next to it but i haven't completed them yet; so 3d world wins by default for me

  6. Black Shadow Devil Arm Shadow Devil Sword Shadow Can we give him wings?
  7. Shadow technically has a couple of transformations already but some Devil Trigger half alien type shit would be kinda dope tbh Like, I was pretty shy about confronting the Alien stuff but honestly it's better to acknowledge it than to run away from it and you might be able to do something fun with it as shadow learns about his father's "History". Maybe not a death cult but he finds a weapon in the ruins that bad guys want to use.
  8. That and Maria always talked about wanting to see the planet so I feel like this is the natural follow-up for SA2 that never really happened. I imagine it as something like Sonic Unleashed with the tone and the stakes even lower but with a lot of smaller stories that can vary in tone in each location. Some of them can lean a little toward melancholy or tragic and others can just be really silly shit that throws Shadow way out of his element and asks him to deal with it lmao.
  9. Yeah this has been my idea for Shadow 2 for years. A bunch of borderline episodic adventures of him helping people on a wider trip around the world for the sake of self discovery. A lot lighter in tone than most Sonic games with him in it but he'd still have to deal with his reputation and the fact that he tried to destroy the earth.
  10. I'd like if there was a villain team like Eggman's Dozen but I'd want it to be completely separated from Eggman in every way just to have an opposing force in this series.
  11. Can you just stay out of discussions about them then if you literally have no perspective to offer
  12. I also love how the detractors don't even know really basic things about them(how long ago was Sonic/Sally a thing in the comics?) I don't even really like them that much aside from Bunnie and Nicole but it takes maybe 10 seconds of thought to onboard them on a basic level.
  13. It'd be so easy to just make Sally's kingdom just another place on Sonic's World. Their own organization with their own agenda. Sometimes Sonic heads into the kingdom. Sometimes the freedom fighters come out. You could even make a whole game about Eggman invading if you wanted to.
  14. I know theres this meme that the freedom fighters were restricting Sonic's freedom because he chose to stay with them to fight Eggman or whatever, but they were always far more like Sonic than they were different. GUN's thing in the games was being an exaggerated take on human authority complete with being comically corrupt. I'd argue that they're not supposed to have a face the audience can relate to attached for thematic reasons. On the flipside the freedom fighters were literally a resistance movement pushing back AGAINST authority that represented the underdog. I'd argue that they're incompatible if you wanted to preserve what they were actually about.
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