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  1. Being here just makes me angry, so I'm gonna try and quit. Normally I wouldn't announce it but I want it to be embarrassing if I can't stick with it, so yeah.

    1. Ivo the Coldsteel

      Ivo the Coldsteel

      I don't blame you. See ya.


    2. Solly


      I've been pretty removed from discussion lately so I don't know if something happened or what you'd be angry about, but if you feel like you need to leave, and that this isn't a positive environment for you, then there really isn't much reason to stick around. 

      sucks, though. hope you feel better one way or another. 

    3. Sean


      Take care of yourself man.

    4. Strickerx5


      I assume this has been a building feeling and not just something that came about recently? Well in any case, I do realize that we've had a fair number of disagreements in the past so if I'm at all part of the reason for this departure, I do apologize.

      This place can be something and a half so if it's truly doing something to you I understand this action. Stay real man.

    5. Jambone


      Having constant access (or exposure) to arguments and conflict is bad for you, so I don't blame you in the least.  Good luck.

    6. TCB


      Embrace the hate.

      nah but alright 

    7. Flame Lance

      Flame Lance

      I relate to the feeling, honestly. Better to use your time doing something that brings you happiness rather than anger. Take it easy. 

    8. Dejimon11


      Ouch sorry to hear that. Take care and best of luck

    9. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      The last time I actually thought really hard and took serious consideration into a big discussion with people here (let alone enjoy it) was months and months ago. The feeling of frustration and eventual apathy is totally understood here, don't even trip if you wanna leave.

    10. KHCast


      And here I thought we’d be together until KH3 released and we had opposite opinions on it that sent us into a never ending war. :(

    11. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Sad to see you go, but very understandable unfortunately. Personally I just disengage from most parts of the forum and only interact with a few areas when I feel that way (and I feel that way now tbh). But I can't say I blame you at all for quitting altogether. Best of luck in your endeavors in life.

    12. Zaysho


      Take care, man.

    13. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      While I didn't always agree and even strongly disagree over your opinions, you are pretty calm and have no issues. You was one of the regulars and it is sad to see you go. I don't blame you since here can get very intense especially when it comes to talking about hedgehogs (it is why I usually stick with Status Updates these days).

      See ya later and good luck.

    14. Space☆Yeow


      Take care Josh. Until/unless we meet again, good night and good luck.

    15. Soniman


      youll be back

  2. I'll admit to misreading the comment about Silver's personality, but I don't see how Silver's naivety couldn't shine through in silent situations the same way Knuckles's ego or Ray's entirely new goofball persona does. His design isn't an issue because the fundamentals of a Sonic design rarely are the problem of how expressive they are. It's almost always down to the actual skill of the animators involved. Sonic's attitude and range of expressions rarely shines through in Sonic 06 despite everything because of how poorly animated the cutscenes are. Sonic Unleashed goes a long way toward fixing a lot of this, and that game was only 2 years later and uses the same design, just heavily tweaked. Again, I legitimately apologize for misreading you, but I still think the logic around excluding Shadow and Silver is flawed.
  3. So Shadow and Silver are suddenly super bound to the story arc they appeared in because reasons, but going the extra mile to give Blaze her third origin story in the form of a classicverse introduction makes sense. Ok. Also apparently Silver doesn't have a personality now, I guess. Because no one here cares about what's in the games and is fine with talking out of their ass in the middle of their big word rational sonic the hedgehog essay. Those games are the B A D ones so I can say what I want. We really could just save a bunch of time by skipping to the part where you say you don't want them in the game because you don't like them. That's at least understandable, since I don't like Mighty and Ray.
  4. So when they brought back Mighty and Ray and tweaked their abilities to suit the game what do you call that? Is it not pandering because you like those characters? Mighty and Ray are literal nobodies who didn't have a presence in the series for most of it's run. Their inclusion is based on their association with the Classic aesthetic and the curiosity that comes with that. They weren't characters that had stories and the few mechanics built around them were largely ignored. Their inclusion is pandering to that audience that loves niche Classic stuff just like a good chunk of Sonic Mania's aesthetic is. If you want to talk about holding back a lineup, it was widely agreed Amy was snubbed in favor of these characters even by the few fans they had. No matter who they pick, it could be defined as pandering. I don't know how you escape that label aside from contextualizing everything and giving it a specific, unique purpose in the game, but Mania has gotten off scott free snatching entire levels and sequences out of other games for the sake of fan-service and fun, so what's the big deal with this? You guys are acting like you're defending a carefully curated and constructed world/story when Sonic Mania's just by and large dedicated to bending over backwards for the sake of fan wank. That's fine, but accusations of pandering for throwing another part of the franchise a bone are kind of ridiculous in the context of this "series" or "universe". It literally only exists because you guys wouldn't stop crying for this shit back in any way possible. It's the definition of pandering.
  5. It wouldn't hurt, as long as you tweaked their designs to fit. That can be done. They're more serious characters but there's not much more to them than Metal Sonic at the end of the day. Shadow's just grumpy and Silver's...really not that serious of a serious guy at all, when you get down to it. I haven't seriously thought about how to integrate them, but that's because I genuinely believe it doesn't take a ton of thought. Letting Tyson Hesse or whoever take a crack at their designs would be fun. The tricky thing is the power sets, but that just means you can pick and choose the power you want the most to be their movement gimmick and leave the rest by the wayside. Characters like Amy and Cream are a lot easier because they've had a 2D gameplay style before. It could be done, it'd just take a little creativity. The guys who developed Mania have plenty of that going for them though, so I wouldn't worry if that was what they decided to do
  6. It's not that big of a deal. He's basically saying whichever one you like the most you can slot in as to what happened. Fans...do that type of stuff, anyway. It's also not uncommon for adaptations like Mania Adventures to be treated as a separate entity. Sonic X wasn't canon to the dreamcast games. IDW isn't canon to the modern games etc.
  7. The presentation doesn't really make it clear that that's what's going on. It's just Sonic going through portals.
  8. This hand wringing over the score(including Aaron stepping up to wag his finger) is kind of embarrassing. Reviewing Sonic Mania Plus as an individual package is the proper way to do it from my perspective. I'd like some perspective for people who already have Sonic Mania on how much the game is actually changing.
  9. Started reading One Piece...this is shenanagins

    1. Sean



    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter


      Early One Piece is the best. Savor it

      If you're up for a good early 2000's anime, the adaption is worth checking out as well, for a bit. It gets obviously worse and worse over time, but I loved the vibes the OST, animation, and voice work added to the experience overall

    3. TCB


      Oh Romance Dawn....i remember that arc as a wee lad

    4. Space☆Yeow


      *hits the @Ferno skylight button*





    5. Ferno



      there's gonna come a point in the story where each chapter/ep is like eating a pringle

      and you cant just eat one pringle

      that point in the story tends to vary from person to person

    6. blueblur98


      isn't there like, 800 episodes of that show?

    7. Shaddy the Zaphod

      Shaddy the Zaphod

      I honestly wouldn't recommend the anime at all. The pacing is about as slow as classic Dragon Ball early on, then slows down to be worse than Z's Buu arc. It can be insufferable, and it's not saved by  bouncy and expressive animation that the manga totally deserves, nay, was practically *born* to receive, yet Toei neglects to properly implement in the series, instead opting for detailed and polished limited shots (read: still not that great). The music, voice acting and occasional bursts of sakuga from Naotoshi Shida or Naoki Tate are great, but I honestly found it a pain to wait through by the Arlong Park arc. I really think people let how much worse it got over time overshadow the fact that it was never a very good adaptation to begin with. One Pace helps, a lot, but it also informs of just how much of a missed opportunity the series is. I'm really hoping due to it's insane popularity that it'll get a proper remake come the definitive and final ending. The manga deserves the best.

    8. Adamabba
    9. Sean


      Early One Piece anime is good. It remains consistently good up until like... Thriller Bark, which is where the pacing and animation quality become more noticeably bad

    10. Ferno


      Yeah, One Piece these days is similar to Dragon Ball Super animation-wise where the show will have very high highs, but also really low lows from week to week. I actually miss the early eps. They were always average looking, but there was always an overall consistency to the show's look. 

      I'll admit that I my favorite era of the One Piece anime visually is actually the Foxy and Water 7 arcs when the show first went HD and they were trying to emulate the style of Movie 4 but in the main show, but after that things seemed to gradually get worse and consistency went out the window with each arc afterwards.

  10. The new Smash Bros Ultimate song this week is Mega Man Medley by Jun Senoue 


    1. Dejimon11
    2. Strickerx5


      The man continues to do work.

      Though real talk, if we don’t get a new Sonic track it’s really going to hurt.

    3. JaidynReiman


      I think if we've got Jun Senoue and Tomoyo Ohtani making music for other tracks, surely they'll remix Sonic songs as well, right?

    4. NegaMetallix


      > Jun Senoue

      > Mega Man music


    5. Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley

      Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley

      Sonic and Megaman videogame crossover when?

    6. Dejimon11


      @Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley not before we get a proper mario and sonic one

  11. Critics are here to judge if content is worth the asking price. They aren't here to pat developers on the back. There's plenty of your type around to handle that. The new content is an individual transaction, so it makes sense to rate it individually. It's not just an update we're getting for free. It makes sense to judge DLC on it's own merits in terms of what it brings to the table. I'm glad that they're keeping it real because I know I can hold off on buying this for a while based on the impressions I'm getting.
  12. didnt think id be laughing at the dragon ball z movie 5 months before it comes out

  13. the sonic forces logo is way better than the sonic mania logo

    1. Dejimon11



    2. Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley
    3. Tracker_TD


      I do like Racon Basic Bold a shitload now but I think I prefer Mania's spin on the old geometric design elements more

    4. Bowbowis



    5. Wraith


      For what it's worth, I like the logo featured in this art a ton
      Related image

      I just don't like the main one very much

  14. Never been interested in TMNT before but the style of the new one is grabbing me

  15. the woke "was sonic plots EVER good" take is just one of those really thoughtless takes that stifles any real discussion 

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Colors had a great story imo

      And Forces it had a good idea with a terrible execution. I'd like to see Eggman winning again but done right.

    2. NegaMetallix


      Sonic games have definitely had some good stories. The question of when they did obviously depends on who you ask, but I fail to see how they've "never" had any.

    3. Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley

      Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley

      It's as pointless a take as the idea that there are "no good 3D Sonic games".

    4. Strickerx5


      the real question is "was sonic EVER good"

    5. Wraith


      it's okay if you really feel that way, but i'm just not sure what it brings to a discussion of what the games did well if you don't really bring any actual ideas of your own with you

      it also disregards a lot of the efforts that went into the presentation of these games which i dont think is realy fair

      same with the "3D sonic was never good" thing

    6. RedFox99


      It doesn't help when someone tries to pass it off as fact, and tries to make it seem like 3D Sonic fans have low standards. 

    7. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I played SA2 yesterday and while most of the cutscenes were... not the best, there were parts in it where the story tried, at the very least. (And dang the ending is still cool) I can enjoy those moments like a good cheesy Saturday morning cartoon, like a Platinum Games plot, and that's a good thing in my opinion. The rest of the dreamcast-modern games have some of these moments, as well, so key word is that they try to be entertaining, or try to be something more.

      I don't think I'll ever stand by "Sonic games have a good story" ever again, though. I used to think SA2 was one of the best plots in video game history for... some reason, now I can tell that's obviously not the case. So much of my enjoyment was up to my willingness to put up with the story's faults, and what I personally derived from it, so I never actually recognized how bad it was until I reached the point where I didn't care anymore. Black Knight was another game I thought was the best plot later on, but rather than me realizing why it wasn't the best, people had to tell me why it was bad in the first place. And that's still one of the best written plots in the game series up to this point, regardless.


      It is reductive; in an ideal world you could have ample discussion about what they did right while still being self aware of all the flaws. But too much of the discussion around them in the deeper parts of the fanbase is that they are great in the first place, and while it should be fine, (they're just Sonic games after all) it comes off as shortsighted in the long run imo, especially with the Pontac and Graff incidents. If throwing around "Sonic stories were never good" is reductive, "Sonic stories were always good" is the other side of the coin, in a different way.

      Imo it's the Overrated V. Underrated crowd butting heads again. One side thinks the other is dismissive for hyping it up to unreasonable degrees, the other thinks the other's reductive, always bringing up the flaws with none of the good. It's a natural push and pull of a conversation as far as I'm concerned. *shrug*


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