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    1. Adamabba


      im so glad i no longer have a potato pc so i can try this later

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm not going to say "SEGA hire this man" or anything and need to try this out for myself, but... Yeah, there are lessons to be learned from this. The production values here are through the roof (not just "for a fan game") and in many respects it looks like the game puts SEGA to absolute shame. Official Sonic games have done a very poor job of keeping up with the times and they all feel pretty archaic. This looks like a truly modern Sonic game, rather than a stupidly branded "Modern Sonic" game as SEGA puts out.

    3. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I need to hurry up and get into PC Gaming already. I've been planning to for too long. I'm convinced I'd be less cynical if I do.

  2. Alright, clarification time since bias apparently colored that last point: most people thought revealing Forces early was fine, but I didn't. I hate CGI reveal trailers and I'd rather them not commit to anything until the game is close to completion. There was also like, the obvious shitstorm over Classic Sonic that got forgotten about when the OC caused a bigger one I guess.
  3. The game may release with the movie, but it could also easily take the holiday spot next year. If you're going to delay anyway, might as well take the full year to work on it, right? In that case I don't think there's really a reason to drop a trailer at E3. I could be wrong since they revealed Forces so early, but that went over so poorly that I don't know if they'll do something like that again.
  4. Just one DLC level for Mania would have been nice

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Given the choice, I'd have taken new zone over the barely-remixed levels with mostly ugly colour palettes that we got with Encore Mode. The only part of the entire mode that's really worth playing is Mirage Saloon 1.

  5. Saying that they're "embarrassed" is an over-reaction since the brand is in a pretty healthy spot. Everything they've released in the past 5 years has done well except maybe TSR, but they're not being being very forthcoming about those numbers so I can't even say for sure. It's true that SEGA doesn't feel the need to invest in Sonic anymore but that's because they've got a lot more viable franchises to rely on now compared to last decade. That's a good thing in terms of variety, and as video games balloon to an unsustainable level in scope I'm actually thankful to sega for being conservative and creating hits on a small scale. As a Sonic fan...yeah I do miss the bigger projects, but it ultimately wasn't a healthy direction for the series so I understand how they got here. Much as I would like a new Sonic on par with Ratchet and Clank or Crash 4, I could accept a low fidelity direction for the series if it wasn't so boring mechanically. I want them to invest more in marketing/outreach than anything else. Too many people I know weren't really aware Sonic was still around until that film came out.
  6. "Sonic Studio" logo. Took a bit because I had to do some digging to find it. It was going around on discord and not his blog. It matched with leaked promo art for the 30th anniversary.
  7. There's a chance but I think the only reason people are discussing E3 as a possibility is because they want it to happen, not because it's likely. If the game was coming out in the next 12 monthhs I'd agree but now that I'm pretty sure that it isn't I can't see them revealing it that early. Forces was revealed that early, but I think everyone can agree that it was too early to reveal the game at that point and that they'll probably do something different this time. Announcements tend to closer to release nowadays for the entire industry. That's the thing: I'm pretty sure Zippo or whoever his source was got access to this artwork and based his entire rumor around it. The supposed "Sonic Studio" logo was in this collection as well, and his concrete knowledge seems to begin and end with that concept art.
  8. I mean, I assume you're doing this in the first place for the sake of appeasing 'impatient/frustrated people'. Otherwise I...don't really see the point? I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve here if you're going to clam up the second someone is skeptical of you. It comes with the territory. Is that skepticism warranted? You tell me. It doesn't take a lot of digging to see that you're not popular in other communities for similar behavior along with...inaccuracies. I think there's a good chance that you land on more hits than misses, but only because your leaks lack any concrete details. When Sonic games leak in advance there's usually more specific story details or a good idea of the game's hook. Nobody believed stuff like the Werehog or the OC when those details leaked early but they were real. Do you have anything to offer like that? Because from where I'm standing your blog touches the broadest strokes and specific hot button issues from within the fanbase but not much on specifics as far as the actual products are concerned. IE: this is the type of stuff that you see on CBR or 4chan designed to spread around and get people talking. If you're so scared of endangering your sources that you can only be as nonspecific as possible I'm not sure why you're doing this at all. The best way to protect them would be to say nothing. If you think SEGA should have the final say on how this is handled then you also shouldn't bother. They're better off doing things on their own terms without you setting fan expectations through the roof. So, again I'll wrap this up by asking what this is for.
  9. I was completely apathetic to their last couple of releases. Another game like that would be pretty close to releasing nothing to me, so I don't mind the wait. They can take as many anniversaries as they want, whatever it takes to have a Sonic game that's interesting.
  10. From Global Licensed magazine. Anyone could guess this after SEGA implied that delays were happening due to Covid, but it's nice ot have it confirmed. 2022 will be one of the biggest years for Sonic in a while with Sonic Prime, the new film, and multiple games launching.
  11. Jak 2 is like a better Sonic Forces

  12. I've always felt like the idea that kids don't like difficult games was a myth. Minecraft and Fortnite are leagues more complicated than Sonic. The difficulty hit feels like it had more to do with adult critics and casual players bouncing off of Unleashed and embracing Colors with open arms, and I want to emphasize adult here because it seems like every time I read about a person actually having trouble with a Sonic game, it's an adult and not many of the actual children they're worried about. This isn't even getting into the fact that Sonic was largely easier than his contemporaries already, Unleashed aside. I'd bet making the games so easy to finish has alienated more people on the whole and made them less memorable with their target audience. Sonic Mania was popular with gamers of all skill levels and that had a pretty decent old-school difficulty curve. Basically I don't think they were right to lower the difficulty for a lot of reasons. At most I could see why they removed the lives system, but it had already been a nonentity long before Forces came around.
  13. AAA games seem to understand that the close, over the shoulder perspective is bad for combat and devote large chunks of the UI and visual language to fixing it instead of just PULLING THE CAMERA OUT. 


    It'd be so easy, but god forbid we don't copy Naughty Dog down to the smallest detail. 

    1. Polkadi~☆


      I'm reminded about an argument videogamedunkey makes in regard to camera position. Where Zelda BotW pulls the camera out so you have full visual clarity of your surroundings, especially since the game encourages exploration, something like Batman Arkham Asylum blocks up your vision by pulling in the camera too close to Batman, even though you're expected to look around your surroundings.

      If you can't see shit in combat because your character takes up most of the residence on screen, reconsider the priority of what you want your player to see, because they'd rather want to see what they're shooting at in a tense situation.

      Even Naughty Dog knows this.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      No we've got to have an immersive camera angle that's slightly off centre and cuts off the player character somewhere between the waist and knee. It's not immersive if your can see too much. But visual indicators of the enemy's line of sight and alterness are totally immersive. - virtually action/TPS game post 2008


      Tbh I've never been able to get accustomed to first person camera angles and over the shoulder ones always feel weird to me too. Platformers may have struggled work camera movements and perspectives for several years in the early days of 3D (and to some extent still struggle now), but they always understood giving you a good view of the environment and the player character. Dynamic camera angles aren't so necessary if the default camera position is well managed. The camera doesn't need to dart around to give you a good view.

    3. Wraith


      Lmao he talks about Horizon in this video. Horizon is the game I'm talking about.

      I think I hate Horizon guys.

    4. Dejimon11


      That’s the reason why I don’t want to play God of War 2018 because it looks like it has that same issue during combat.

    5. JezMM


      I definitely remember getting annoyed at the camera in Horizon pretty often due to how often it'd brush up against world geometry and adamantly refuse to phase through it, causing me to get a good look at Aloy's back and not much else during extremely tense combat moments.  Really hope they aren't so precious about immersion in the sequel and let the camera go through walls when enemies are around.  Still a great game overall though, I'm glad I stuck with it despite the little annoyances.

    6. Strickerx5



      I'm reminded about an argument videogamedunkey makes in regard to camera position. Where Zelda BotW pulls the camera out so you have full visual clarity of your surroundings, especially since the game encourages exploration, something like Batman Arkham Asylum blocks up your vision by pulling in the camera too close to Batman, even though you're expected to look around your surroundings.

      Arkham stan flying in here but I’ve sort of always been a bit off put by this take. They don’t zoom out the camera in those games for largely the same reason why you wouldn’t want to zoom the camera out in a game series like Resident Evil or something. A large focus is on Batman being stuck in these gloomy, and often claustrophobic, environments. Comparing it to something like BotW is sort of half-baked as you’re basically cutting away large parts of what both games are trying to accomplish simply because you’re finding things in both (and even then I’d argue that, in no way, are riddler trophies ever a priority for anything other than a 100% run... and even then most of them are neon green in dark environments so I question how much pushing the camera back would actually benefit the player lol).

      Plus, it’s not like the game is just allergic to doing it when it’s actually needed. When combat is initiated, the camera gets pulled way back. The actual priority of the situation has changed so the camera does.

      Idk, while I’m also not a huge fan of over-the-shoulder cameras a lot of the time (like in GoW 2018 where, while it did add to the feeling of Kratos being overall weaker and was still a great game overall, didn’t really aid the combat all that much), I’d say there’s a number of instances where it’s absolutely warranted.

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