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  1. Horrible. 

  2. Every good thing that happens will be turned into an excuse to cry about Sonic Team.
  3. I didn't die at all in the game up until the pirate world flying boss because I didn't get how it worked. Died a couple more times on the final boss but that's it. These game have always been some of the easier action games you can play though so I want them to focus on giving the combat more agency as opposed to harder vs easier.
  4. This along with the bigger mobs and wacky camera making getting blindsided far more common means I've never made a serious attempt at anything past standard on this game and probably never will. This isn't even really just a KH3 thing. I find higher difficulties in most games pretty unbalanced and kind of a drag.
  5. Tangle having faith that showing him his comrades would at least shake him isn't OOC or anything so I was fine with that. This backstory and shedding a light on it was ultimately what this arc was about, so it made sense to bring it all back here.
  6. The first 3 issues of Tangle and Whisper were packed with great character work so it's a tad disappointing the finale feels a little hollow. Ian is definetly trying to leave room for some things to resurface later, but I wish it felt more conclusive as a story. Even the fight was disappointing as a setpiece. I feel like that was an oppurtunity to show Tangle and Whisper's newfound symmetry but it doesn't come together like that.
  7. 30 bucks is too expensive but the things they added are all things I felt really strongly about when they were absent from the main game so I'll grab it and give the game One Last Playthrough. I don't expect to like it that much more if the core gameplay doesn't get major updates but this series used to mean the world to me so I feel like I at least owe it this chance.
  8. Amy wasn't toned down because of political correctness it was because people outside and inside the fanbase used to go on about how her manic antics were annoying. Even then it wasn't by a whole lot. An actual feminist push would probably have her impact the experience in a meaningful way. That was more likely to happen before 2010.
  9. What counts as a turd is completely subjective to begin with. How much a remake should keep varies from person to person which is why debates about the ones we have in gaming are so heated.
  10. This reads like you don't actually like Amy as a character that much if her Hammer and her short temper, two fairly consistent aspects to her character since the 90s, bother you to this degree. None of this has gotten in the way of her being fairly competent and able to keep up with everyone else. She's shown again and again and again that she can very much keep up with the others in her own way. Her curiousness and her capability was never stomped out by having a hammer. She's able to keep up by leaning it what she does uniquely well the same way Tails does. I look at the potential quirks in her gameplay as an oppurtunity. There are more than enough characters that play exactly like Sonic. I like that they tried to bend the rules of their own game a bit and think it could lead to something interesting if polished up.
  11. These leakers won't know anything until maybe the day before announcement at best. You're better off ignoring their attempts at clout chasing and waiting for something more concrete to surface.
  12. Ask me anything

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Why should I?

    2. Solister


      What's the origin of life?
      Was Jesus real? And what about God?
      What happens after life? Just a black screen?
      Is there any "right" religion?
      What's the recipe for master success?
      Which is the color of my underwear right now?

    3. Ryannumber1Santa


      How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

    4. Sean


      favorite badnik

    5. Adamabba


      what music you been listening to recently

    6. TheOcelot


      Favourite Sonic soundtrack?

    7. Wraith





      Low Roar cause of Death Stranding


      Sonic CD or Sonic Unleashed.

    8. Teoskaven


      Reasons for the choice of your nickname?

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