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  1. image.png.17aca478b127caf1595bf0f18fa9ff1a.pngd

    1. KHCast



      >Under Lost World


    2. Wraith


      these are the soundtracks and i like lost world's original selections more than gens's remixes(though gens's remixes are still very good

    3. KHCast


      I know lol. I just found LW’s music overall fairy generic and forgettable  outside a few tracks 

    4. Wraith


      I think most people have it backwards. Most of the soundtrack is pretty good with only a few things like the main theme and lava mountain being lame

    5. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Agreed with you except that sonic CD USA isn't on the same level as the Japan version. Needs editing.

    6. KHCast


      I’ve listened to the LW soundtrack a few times. Barely anything sticks outside tropical coasts beats and lava mountain. They’re not bad. Just kinda there to go with the themes of the levels mostly 

    7. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      This list really needed an "Average" section to put Sonic 4 into.

    8. Strickerx5


      lw is way too high for my taste but nice list nonetheless

    9. Wraith


      every song in sonic 4 makes my skin crawl

    10. Kuzu


      Lost World has a lot of underrated tracks tbh. It's not my favorite OST, but the sheer variety of it is good. 

    11. Thigolf


      I couldn't find the heart to put Spinball's OST so low just because Toxic Caves exists


    12. Adamabba


      Sea Bottom Segue alone puts Lost World 2 tiers above where it would be without it

    13. Kuzu


      So here's a question; which tracks can anyone remember from Zero Gravity, that's not Un-gravitify.

    14. KHCast


      Was it Zero Gravity that had Sega Carnival? Also The Core was awesome 

    15. Kuzu


      FINALLY, someone else who  remembers The Core!!!

    16. Milo


      Zero Gravity also has Aquatic Time, Dive into Gravity, and the menu music.

    17. Wonderworld Ultima

      Wonderworld Ultima

      Thought the TSR soundtrack could be at the Great tier

  2. The assertion this discussion is based on isn't really true. They aren't framed the same way as they used to be, but this body type still exists. There's just more variety beyond it.
  3. It's hard to say which arc I liked more. I liked a lot of individual issues in each. Neither ended that great but the Metal Virus had a much better pay off than the first arc IMO. Gonna cheat and say Tangle and Whisper since Issues 2 and 3 of that are the issues that stick out the most to me in this entire series. Once Ian learns how to end a story arc he'll be golden.
  4. Probably aren't the same two groups of people. This game has a lot of negative buzz around it but it's not completely unappealing or anything like that. There's probably at least some people that were excited before but aren't anymore.
  5. Seems like a huge tonal mismatch to me. I can't really see the chosen undead jumping around like a Smash bros character does without it looking really goofy.
  6. I've been thinking that they might have made a deal with Xbox to get them exclusive content of their own of some kind, but I can't imagine what it could be.
  7. https://blog.playstation.com/2020/08/03/a-friendly-neighborhood-spider-man-lends-a-helping-hand-to-earths-mightiest-heroes-in-2021/#sf236490259 Spider-Man is confirmed as a playstation console exclusive.
  8. This soundtrack is sublime. It is borderline untouchable despite how limited the soundfont seems to be. It's gotten to the point where these are some of the first tracks I think of when I think of Sonic, despite the fact that this game has nothing to do with him and carries nothing that was great about the original games aside from the artstyle. I also like the amount of playable characters and their nuances. I always felt like Classic Sonic could stand to stretch itself just a bit more in this department and this cursed artifact does that, for better or worse. I keep hoping that a character with Vector's ability will just pop up in a new 2D game even if it isn't the master vocalist himself.
  9. that sonic discussion board could use some spice

    1. Strickerx5
    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Put some garlic and relish on it

    3. blueblur98


      after forces' constant pre-release drama, we don't need aaaaaaaaaaany spice.

    4. Cuz
  10. The only real reason to be concerned about Rouge would be some sort of cast-wide reset, but there's no grounds to be worrying about that at this current juncture. There's no reason to single her out specifically, either. It's just fear-mongering.
  11. Strong preference toward one Sonic or the other aside, these are genuinely great models. They nailed Tails in particular. I can't wait to see how they animate.


    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      They are fantastic. And Knuckles has his hat. WOW.

    2. iambitter21


      yeah I'm starting to see the appeal a little, hat's off to hero.

    3. StaticMania


      The lack of molded creases for Sonic's brow is worth it alone, it's like Generations model...

      But better.

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Also appreciative how the model's shading is influenced by the JPN artwork's soft coloring, like with the slight blue on Sonic's gloves and such. In a way, it's a slight breath of fresh air compared to the majority of 3d fangames that just take the Unleashed/Generations models f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶f̶i̶r̶s̶t̶ ̶s̶t̶e̶p̶ and make either hyper realistic or give it a cel shading that just looks fake.

    5. iambitter21


      I'm still biased for the modern sonic aesthetic.

    6. Wraith


      I prefer Modern Sonic too but it's not like someone out there is going to make the Sonic game I want exactly the way I want it for me for free. 

      If you're less interested now that's completely understandable, but I think the game deserves better than to be caught up in this dumb classic vs modern war at the very least. There are a lot of reasons changing to brighter colors and simpler, more expressive designs could be a good call for an action platformer. 

      I have a lot of thoughts about Classic Sonic fans and how deeply they've harmed this community in the long run but I don't think this game has much to do at all with that. I might make a topic about this later.

    7. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      I woke up and thought these were official screenshots until I saw knuckles hat. Then I was like, "Sega would never..." 😒

    8. Tracker_TD


      It's also worth noting that it's not a case of going for the same look as say, Generations; beyond just the shaders, P. Hero Sonic is, well



      (This image is from the game's Discord, which is public) 

    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I love how Tails finally has a cartoony pinwheel effect on his helicopter tails. The 3D games have always just had them slowly rotate as a normal 3D model, and it always looked so bad I've wondered how no one has actually managed to pull off some actually cartoony animations for, y'know, a cartoony two-tailed fox who can fly like a helicopter somehow.

    10. Maxtiis


      Wait which fan game are these from? I just hopped on and suddenly everyone is going on about classic and modern Sonic and I'm just here confused.

    11. Tracker_TD


      This is Project Hero now.

    12. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      If this is a game set in the OVA universe and we see Sara, I'm gonna flip. 

    13. Maxtiis


      Oh I was thinking this was something related to Sonic Utopia.

  12. Sonic's guess that Silver was the one factor that would lead to their victory was a fair one, and even without that logic it just makes sense to partner up with the only other guy who has a super form while Shadow is out of commission.
  13. why do all the ban dodgers like shadow

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Shadow dodged death

      Shadow fans dodge the deaths of their accounts?

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      They plan their way to sneak back in, lurking in the Shadows

    3. Diogenes


      shadow is a bad influence on the children

    4. KHCast


      Wraith, you like Shadow


      what are you hiding 

    5. Wraith


      I was that guy that told everybody they were living under Sonic's dick, I confess.

    6. Polkadi~☆


      living under what

    7. Milo


      @Polkadi~☆ oh sweet summer child~

  14. I mean, make no mistake. I said I was curious, I didn't say I was hopeful lmao. SEGA's upper management has been screwing this series since it started. People have just been more successful at slipping good content in through the margins.
  15. Just announced at the Xbox preshow. Yuji Naka and Naoto Oshima team up to create a new type of action platformer. BALAN WONDERWORLD. Coming spring 2021. More info to come
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