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  1. A fresh interview would be enough to satisfy me since it's been a while, but if they had one I'm not sure why they wouldn't lead with it. Just not gonna hold my breath either way.
  2. Wasn't expecting anything but I was at least hoping for a new interview since it was mentioned earlier. Hopefully there are some real surprises later but I'm not holding my breath.
  3. Any leak that mentions competing with Mario can be discounted by default.
  4. This is kind of where my head is at. I don't think its feasible that she just dropped out of the sky. She was probably born into that world through natural means. I've even seen it suggested that 06 Blaze is actually an ancestor. My favorite piece of speculation I've read came from the idea that the Sol Dimension only exists in the first place as a means to contain Iblis's power, and that it's power doesn't overwhelm Blaze due to the Sol emeralds being the only way to tap into it for real.
  5. Well, the implication was always that some part of the process made Blaze lose her memories of Silver/Sonic 06. They've been referenced as being feint but still existent in official games and the new comics that are designed to be closer to the source material. Content that was released years after Maekawa's departure. It's curious, because almost no other parts of Sonic 06's lore are referenced, either jokingly or otherwise, in the rest of the series. From what we understand, the majority of Sonic 06's lore is off limits, so why not this? It's clear that they want to maintain that connection, even if they don't want to commit to most other parts of that backstory. I have my own crackpot theories on how the 3 games are connected, but those are just that: theories. In regards to the series's actual intent I think that, like it or not, Silver's relationship with Blaze actually is a foundational part of his character that's difficult to just ignore. That and it's always been a popular relationship in fan material. Sega is just giving people a lane to continue being invested in that without really committing that hard to it themselves. Tldr: Sega sees people like the duo as a unit but don't want to jump down the 06 rabbit hole and untangle the wires themselves. They've re-established their friendship in a way that's vague and open to interpretation. However you'd like to fill in the blanks is up to you. I think them ever revisiting this is unlikely, but Silver is a popular character so I wouldn't completely rule out him getting the spotlight again in some way. Probably nothing that capitalizes on this stuff, since these games are all 15 years old at this point, but something simpler that also uses Blaze i could see.
  6. It honestly just sounds like you haven't engaged with most of the media in that picture. Like, it's based on cuphead and temptation is a central theme in that one.
  7. I have metrics backing me when I say Sonic is doing alright. Discourse online about the series has always been volatile, so it's just not going to be the voice sega prioritizes over numbers. And the pandemic almost certainly delayed progress on the game. That includes any chance that it would be ready to be shown any time soon. It's better to just move the time table back than rush to show something that won't be out for another couple of years. Hardcore Sonic fans will be engaged no matter when they choose to show it and casual fans aren't gonna be thinking much about Sonic until they see it.
  8. It is important to consider that management would be diving up duties on the project. If management didn't see Sonic Forces as a project worth throwing more than a year's worth of full production at, that might say more about what Sega thinks the brand is worth than Sonic Team's actual skill. If Sonic Team is actually just suffering from a lack of talent, it would still be on Sega for not getting the right people involved. There's no sign that the brand is particularly suffering if the movie and the numbers the games are doing are any indication. What reason is there to rush? I haven't heard a good reason for it yet aside from satiating hardcore fans's impatience, and that's a small amount of the people who buy Sonic games, even these days when sales and budgets are lower.
  9. I could see another playable character or two but I'm not sure if they'll try and tackle a flight gimmick next time.
  10. The World Ends with You is back, reimagined as a new 3D action game that keeps the series trademark sense of style. Coming 2021
  11. I liked the first game but never got around to any downloadable content or the second one. I would pick this up for full price if it exists.
  12. Mephilies, Black Doom, and the Deadly Six are already pretty obvious allusions to the devil/demons. This question isn't even a hypothetical. It's been done before. They avoided any obvious references to Christianity but that's about as far as they went obscuring it.
  13. Streets of Rage 4 is probably gonna be my personal GOTY unless Hades is insane when I finally get around to itl.

  14. Remaster Sonic Unleashed.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You know... SEGA could really, really knock it out of the park if they bothered to make an enhanced port of Unleashed. Port the vanilla game and it would naturally be enhanced by modern hardware (framerate and resolution), but then they should fix a bunch of its issues too. 

      Remove the Werehog battle music for regular enemies (or add a toggle for it). Allow instant travel between the towns and entrance stages. Have Tails tell you which new levels have opened up instead of requiring you to travel to Spagonia/Shamar to have Pickle tell you and arbitrarily open up a new icon on your map. Explain the medal system better and remove meal restrictions for the main story levels. Add in Super Sonic (and Super Werehog too because why the fuck not). Fix the garbage hotdog missions. And very importantly, get into the nitty gritty of the level design and fix up some of the egregiously cheap moments, including the QTEs.

      Unleashed could be ported and left vanilla, but that would be doing the game a second disservice. It doesn't need to be hugely changed, but it would benefit so much from a proper directors cut.

    2. Wraith


      Making any substantial changes threatens stability so I'm not sure if anyone would bother with stuff like that, but my ideal remaster would bring in a suite of QoL changes without altering the difficulty too much. Reduce medal restrictions, Streamline Werehog rpg system so people are funneled toward unlocking new moves, Lesson medal requirements without removing them entirely. the obvious battle music change, instant loading would fix a lot of issues with moving around hubs on its own etc. Not as interested in level design/QTE changes since I could easily see them going overboard, but an easy mode as an option wouldn't be the worst thing. 

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      When I said level design and QTEs, I'm thinking of things like the 6-button 2 second QTE at the start of Eggman and that will kill you if you fail and the battles with Titans on rooftops in Skyscraper Scamper night that will stun lock you into falling into a pit. Those QTES are just awful; I cannot clear those things without pausing the game. And put some railings around some of the pits. Not all of them, just the ones where it feels like youre over punished for small mistakes.

      The other thing that I didn't mention that would be a huge boon that would go unnoticed by many player would be to fix the Werehog's turning circle. He, for some reason, cannot turn on the spot. He's got to take a step or two when you want to change which way he's facing, and this leads to so many unnecessary deaths in tight platforming sections. That's a pretty big, relatively invisible QoL fix.

  15. Anyone who was wary about Miles in the comics should check out the newest run by Saladin Ahmed. I'm not exaggerating when I say it fixed 90% of the problems I had with his corner of the universe with the remaining stuff just being unfortunately baked in pretty deep by Bendis and co. As a Miles fan It's been great to see him hit his stride in the comics, the movies and now the game. I think he's had the knock on effect of making Peter a better character too since it's forced him to mature a lot more to set a good example.
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