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  1. Merging Shadow and Metal Sonic;s lore has always been the way I've seen that plog going. There's not really a good reason to do both and Shadow is the better fit for a toy vehicle like a hollywood film. There are a lot of directions they could go with it. The simplest and most likely one is making Shadow with the quill but they've already tied the US military pretty heavily to Eggman too so they can do an abridged version of his original story if they want.
  2. She was my favorite for a long time but something kind of pulled me out of my fixation and I'm not sure what. It might have just been the lack of content, or the focus on her relationship with Silver over the other aspects of her character. I actually like the dynamic she has with him now, but exploring her own world and the relationships she had with characters like Sonic and Marine interested me more than the direction they went. There's also the usual untapped potential you get with most Sonic characters. There are a couple of things in her bio that they've never really done anything with, like how her abilities alienated her from others and gave her the hardened exterior she has today. For what it's worth I think the comics have been striking a nice middle ground and the social media acknowledged her world again pretty recently, but I wonder if it's a little too late to do a deep dive into her and her world. I can't see them using an obscure 3DS game as a jumping off point for a new one: they'd much rather go with a more accessible story most of the time. Maybe they'll let the comics do something with it soon.
  3. I was actually worried about them throwing out Gen 4's level design so this is one way to avoid that I guess? This might go too far in the other direction of defeating the point of a remake, but I'll wait to see what new Qol features/stuff they add before I say that. I'm a little bummed out I won't get to walk around a 'to scale' Jubilife City or Mt Coronet though. The chibi style is cute. It looks kinda basic, but so does that other game or really most of the other Pokemon games released prior. Diamond and Pearl is a childhood favorite of mine but I also remember it being one of the least impressive DS games out there technically. I just don't expect much from this series on that front. Not trying to silence people arguing that they should do better(they definitely should!) but I dunno. Not a priority for me as long as it runs okay. Pokemon Legends using the same angles and gentle piano accompaniment as the BOTW trailer had me dying. Might as well own it I guess. I'm most interested in shifting the goal away from gyms to "complete the pokedex". There's a lot more potential for completely free form progression with that premise. Sticking with Sinnoh means no need to worry about new Pokemon either, allowing them to put effort into other parts of the game. The performance issues are more of a turn off than the visual style so I hope they're going to iron those out. I'm not sold on it yet but something really cool could come from these changes.
  4. I didn't realize the new Pokemon topic was for both games. Can you just delete the one I made?

  5. I wanted a PS5 version to smooth out the technical issues so I'm glad to see it. Hopefully they cut down on the loading times/meandering the game does. Kind of a shame the Yuffie stuff costs extra but I'll still bite. Don't care about the mobile games.
  6. Avatar is one of the few things I don't mind getting a bunch of sequels because the format means they're not going to be able to ruin the previous characters all that much. A lot of characters in Korra are bad but it's easy to ignore.
  7. After Korra and the spinoff comics I'm not convinced whatever story they're cooking up will actually be all that good. I'm always down for more Avatar fight choreography though so I'll keep an eye on this for that.
  8. Ideally it would just be all the main series titles from 1 to Unleashed on one disc, but I guess we're seeing how nickle-and-dimey the other collections lately and assuming the worst, sooo: Classic- Sonic 1 Sonic 2 Sonic 3K Sonic CD Sonic Mania With spinoffs like sonic R and 3D Blast as a bonus maybe. Modern- Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Adventure 2 Sonic Unleashed Sonic Colors Sonic Generations With maybe the advance games as the bonus. i would say the rush games but I can't see them putting the effort in to get rid of the dual screen stuff. This is the most realistic way I could see them doing it. Basically sticking with the "safe" games aside from throwing the Unleashed people a bone. Maybe 5 games on each is stretching it a bit in which case section SA1 and 2 off into it's own release. I would like them to include Heroes, Shadow and 06 but I can't see Sega ever getting out of their "denying history" phase for good. This doesn't really serve as a good way to "catch up" either because there's no context given on Silver and Blaze and Shadow's plotline doesn't get wrapped up either but I think they're fine with that. Not everyone can be Capcom and actively tidy up and rerelease the worst games in the series just so fans can have the full context. I left out Forces because it's still on the market. Lost World also has a PC release but I'd push for it to get a separate console one personally.
  9. The sword was kind of novel since directional slashes weren't precise enough in previous games to implement them in a meaningful way , but I didn't find anything else about the motion controls more compelling or easier to use than their Twilight Princess equivalents. Shooting your bow with the Wii's pointer in TP wasn't just more precise, it freed the player up to multitask and do it while they were fleeing or riding a horse. drawing the bowstring back with the nunchuck and having to keep the motion plus in check just felt a lot more sluggish and less fluid in comparison. I guess the upside is that there's an added sense of balance and immersion taking this approach. I did like that other ranged options were more relevant since the bow didn't work like a lightgun. This just doesn't really transfer over to other stuff like flying and swimming. There was no natural way to transfer those motions over to the wii remote's limited technology. It just wasn't the catch all tool for motion control Nintendo thought it was, so some actions shouldn't have leaned on it. Being able to pick and choose would be ideal but Nintendo is still struggling with remappable controls on the whole so I don't expect it.
  10. Every time Shadow decided to pick a fight with Sonic in the middle of a crisis, he was choosing his grudges over the bigger picture. His last appearance has him choosing the bigger picture over the grudge. He transitioned from doing the wrong thing to doing the right thing. There's nothing else to it.
  11. Roy isn't considered very remarkable in the context of Fire Emblem so youre actually right with your break down there. Ike is one of the most popular lords in the series and probably would have been in smash eventually even if it wasn't in Brawl. Leif, Edelgard and Lyn are more popular characters than Roy but ironically it doesn't make a ton of sense to add more swordsmen now because of him. Roy is considered remarkable in the context of Smash Bros because Sakurai fudged his characterization to make him contrast Marth more and his voice actor delivered an extremely memorable performance. Seperated completely from the context of gaming history or any arguments about representation, Roy was a hothead who's blade could catch fire and explode. They turned one of the more milquetoast lords into a winner. You came for the characters you recognized, but surprises like Roy were the real gem. Sakurai admits that his take on Roy wasn't completely accurate but they kept it up because this version of Roy had a lot fans. Fan who had maybe never even played a proper FE game before, but fans with money to spend on DLC regardless. Fire Emblem Awakening featured so many Marth analogues partially because of Smash Bros, but then they became fan favorites and Smash Bros ended up having to include them anyway. I don't mind it since Chrom and Lucina are personal favorites of mine. I would probably be angrier if they cut Lucina than if they did any of the more unique characters after, lol.
  12. I don't find speculation fun at all since there's nothing to speculate on. Nintendo is air tight and have thrown every insider off the trail at this point so it's basically white noise between content drops. Even back when leaks were more prominent it was rare for the endless discussion beforehand to actually go anywhere or land on who the next character ended up being. It's mostly people leaning way too hard into their own biases or making embarrassingly ignorant claims about games they never played. It's weird that people have gotten to the point of discussing the hype cycle over the game itself. I like Smash Bros trailers as much as the next guy but I don't find commercials and marketing strategy all that interesting to discuss day in and day out.
  13. He's 50. He's not gonna be able to keep doing this forever.
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