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  1. > mod randomly visits my profile

    "This is it. They're about to make me an admin. It's time"

    1. Ferno
    2. KHCast
    3. Zaysho


      You'll know you fucked up when the admins pay you a visit.

      Look where I am.

    4. Dejimon11


      You're actually banned

    5. Ryannumber1gamer
    6. DanJ86


      I'd rather get a strike. Just to see what it's like.

    7. Zaysho


      Don't tempt fate, @DanimeJ86.

    8. Ayliffe


      Huh, all I get are creepy stalkers from other completely unrelated forums visiting my profile on purpose. Maybe it'd be noice for a mod to randomly pop up on my recently visited tab for once I guess.

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