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  1. If you were to focus the story of the next Sonic game around Sonic himself, what would his arc be? Like what lesson should he have to learn?

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      he should learn to not suck and have a good game

    2. Milo



      (sorta serious answer: how about sonic becoming unsure of his super speed being a positive ability when he uses it to cause some disastrous effect

      have it be like his speed is seriously tested or he's challenged to a race; he goes so fast, he overclocks and distorts reality/almost gets someone killed/idk

      he tries to brush it off, but when seriously mulling over the event it puts him into serious doubt

      sorta like what lost world tried to do in having his brashness kick off the plot when he knocks the zeti-controlling conch out of eggman's hands

      none of this is really anything original but i kinda tried scratching up something i guess

      e: forgot to add the lesson. maybe it can be something about recognizing his abilities has the capabilities to cause both positive and negative things, and that he intends to keep that in mind for the future?

      maybe go a bit further and show that sonic's attitude also contributes towards the aftermaths of his speed? like maybe the more doubtful sonic is on using his speed to stop enemies or deal with his own problems, that creates harmful side effects on later --reluctant-- attempts to act quickly?)

    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      so sonic labyrinth but with a proper story?

      I don't know man, Sonic and Slow should never be in the same sentence imo. It's the entire point of Sonic.

      Sonic without speed is your run of the mill platformer.

    4. Ryannumber1gamer


      Taking inspiration from Forces and Archie, I'd like an arc where Sonic himself is forced into the position he regularly places Eggman into. Imagine 175 of Archie where Eggman manages to beat Sonic and completely destroys the place while capturing everyone, all the while forcing Sonic through the same "wise cracks". 

      I think a part of what Sonic's arc could be is to take him off his podium as someone always able to win a fight with no consequence. Force him to have to rise up above a threat or even make him gather a team to beat it.

    5. Milo


      who said anything about sonic being slow? i said super speed, not just speed in its entirety. like sonic can still run, it's just going into his trademark blistering speeds is what makes him pause

      although again, i kinda just threw this idea up on the spot

      (p.s. i'd say sonic without physics is your run of the mill platformer, rather than his speed. sonic may be fast, but aside from mania, the platforming in recent games really isn't anything worth writing home about. ...but that's a different topic. :v)

    6. Dejimon11


      He should start taking the situation seriously. Lost World had an interesting idea with that but it failed. 

    7. SupahBerry


      He has to go through the whole game with a twisted right ankle

    8. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Maybe something challenging his love of freedom? Like put him in a situation where his valuing of freedom ends up only helping an evil cause while being brutally harsh and punishing evil no matter the case succeeds at first, making Sonic's freedom orientated mindset be scorned for caring more about indulging his own amusement and ideals at the expense of actually being willing to taken down the bad guy. Have him really think over what it really means to value freedom, and accept the benefits and consequences of it after some needed introspection. Then reconstruct later on by having the brutal punishments begin to extend to people who are at best misguided or in need of genuine help, and at worst people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, thus causing a lot of problems, and Sonic's more able to form a more nuanced solution that still aligns with his principles.

    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I think tons of things could be done with Sonic if people wanted to, but the biggest problem I find is that he doesn't have any real character flaws actually set up in the established narrative as-is, or his actual character, with how well rounded he's already been portrayed as throughout the series. The only real flaw people find with him is the fact that he doesn't have any for the most part, along with the status quo that comes with that. And although having him actually struggle in one way or another is a good start for a more interesting conflict, I don't think it really serves a character-specific arc all that well if it's only pushing back against an arbitrary status quo the series has been subject to forever.

      My take at this point would be to introduce him to a new character, either an antagonist or side character, who either acts as an actual foil, or just someone who just brings out the worst of him somehow, in someway, and have the story revolve around that aspect of his character, and however he comes to terms with the flaw. Something like his arrogance, his overconfidence, a personal dislike of the character or their actions/ideals, etc. Either way it needs to come from a new character or scenario to introduce something like this imo, because the series has never framed any of his character traits as flaws so far, and it'd be weird if it just decided that they actually were a problem straight outta nowhere.

      That or he doesn't need one. Give him the Black Knight treatment again where he fights for an ideal or goal, and the ongoing conflict between him and the opposing party with a bombastic climax. Will Vs Will. Good old shonen battle writing never fails to get the blood pumping. :V 

      Also, arcs are good for this kind of thing imo. I'd much rather watch a character come to terms with their flaws over the course of several stories that still primarily focus on their positive and enjoyable traits, than have the conflict be the entire hook, content, and resolution of a single game/episode/chapter.

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