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  1. a sonic game that has an emotionally resonant final boss that also plays well

    1. JezMM


      God that's the dream right.


      I mean Unleashed honestly came close to this for me because unlike most I didn't hate it AND the first time I played it, that sombre acoustic guitar moment in the final boss music played during the first QTE approach after Chip got grabbed. So many plays and I've never managed to get it to sync up like it did that first magical time again since. =C

    2. Dejimon11




      that also plays well


    3. Wraith


      I think Sonic Unleashed was really onto something turning the gaia temple into a level and overall tipping the scales while gods that are beyond you fight around you feels great but yeah I kinda wish they just did one final racetrack even if you do turn to Super Sonic on it. The other parts are....unpolished.

    4. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Sonic Colors




    5. Catallena



    6. JezMM


      ^ Sonic Colors DS had no chance of being emotionally resonant due to the choice to have that bad midi of Reach for the Stars playing and making the boss go "DAUUUGH" each time you hit it, lol.

    7. Thigolf


      I dunno, I really liked Colors Wii's final boss, with Eggman fighting you with the aliens you saved and befriended all game,essentially using your own powers against you, with you freeing friend after friend once again and finally blasting the enslaver away with your combined powers.

      I found that very endearing and satisyfing, and the fight, despite being easy, is still really fun imo.

    8. Wraith


      This might be subjective but when a final fight is so easy it kind of robs it a little of the emotional aspect

      I think it's well done but with a relatively conflict free plot and a kind of pushover boss it doesn't hit as hard as it should imo.

    9. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Oh right Mother Wisp was a thing

      Shoot uh


      Sonic... Battle?

      @Thigolf Yeah I like Wii's angle of saving one after the other, it's just DS has the better script and overall follows the same beats without being garbage either. It's not exactly what I'd say is the most emotional resonate finale of the series, but it's the closest fit I can think of tbh

      Oh and the button mashing against the final laser is a lot more intense. Helps with the tension, lol

    10. JosepHenry


      Sonic Battle duh

    11. Wraith


      My favorite is Sonic Adventure because it's at the very least a straightforward momentum gaining fest while having some added emotional punch

      Sonic Advenutre 2's is a little weird but it's simple enough to get the gist of it while you're playing and the atmosphere is tense in a way I really like. It feels REALLY good to have Shadow land the final blow too.

      I think Sonic Heroes's final boss actually plays pretty closely to the rest of the game and it has a cool track but Sonic Heroes isn't all that fun to begin with and has no plot at all so yeah

    12. Diogenes


      it's not the most intense in either emotional impact or gameplay but i would argue Colors' final boss is one of the more effective ones in the series. plus i think the little escape sequence after the fight itself helps a lot.

    13. Wraith


      Oh yeah I forgot about the black hole run. That bit is great.

    14. dbzfan7


      Would say SA2/SA1 but plays well....yeah harder to justify since the Super sections are kinda clunky. But the pay off is nice.

      What about Sonic Battle? It's gameplay is good, it's just the story pacing/structure is awful to play through. But technically it's actual mechanics and story/pay off are mostly satisfying (Aside from WTF Amy)

    15. JezMM


      I do think making a final boss hard without ruining the atmosphere for repeated attempts is a VERY tricky needle to thread.  I think my ideal would be that you make the main part of it a suitable final exam (when the typical Hidaeki Koboyashi "please stop making me compose final boss themes my orchestras are exhausted" track is playing), but once the power-up music kicks in, most of the attacks have much more percieved than actual danger.  Start doing subtle under-the-hood shit like attacks that give you barely enough time to dodge but as long as you jam the stick in the right direction, Sonic will ALWAYS just dodge it by a hair's breath, with the game carefully steering him to make it so you don't overshoot into another attack.  Attacks that look viscious but have smaller hitboxes than one might think, etc.

      Again, programming that to not be noticable - at least on the first few plays - would be a big feat I wouldn't expect of Sonic Team, sadly lol.  Also I'd never recommend this sort of design unless the final boss IS supposed to be a significantly emotional climax point for the narrative.


      Also I forgot to mention specifically but I definitely wish Sonic Colours DS had swapped the Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2 and Mother Wisp boss themes.  Mother Wisp's would've worked fine for a 30 second power-up moment, while meanwhile Nega Wisp Armor Phase 2 never gets a chance to get to the really good hard-hitting emotional bit on the DS version unless you intentionally stagger your button mashing (which has a very high risk of death).

    16. Wraith


      To steal a trick from another game, Give Super Sonic's jump/quick step I frames at the beginning so even if your timing is sloppy it just feels like you dodged it by a hair

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