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  1. I finished Resident Evil 7! It was the first RE title that I beat.



    +Atmosphere, voice performances and presentation were top notched and carried a generally pretty bad plot/premise. The first person had me more afraid of what's around the next corner than I've ever been playing one of these. 
    +RE gameplay makes you feel like your back is against the wall like little else does with the constant decision making, resource management and how dangerous the enemies all feel. That slow creep up from powerless to empowered feels even better now that I'm playing as the everyman instead of a trained shot.
    +The bakers carving out their own unique "lairs" among the abandoned plantation was wonderful and made each section of game stick out despite how samey a grounded setup like this can feel.

    -Above written plot is generally pretty bad like I said. The last fourth after all the bakers are dead kinda lost me.
    -First person feels like a step up in terms of atmosphere but makes some combat feel clunky. Wouldn't be a problem but the game starts to lean on combat toward the end. 
    -Ethan really does kinda suck. I liked that he was a normal guy in terms of skills but he doesn't really behave like a person with any kind of survival instinct so that kinda took me out of it. I kinda pitied him in the same way you pity charlie brown but that's about all I felt toward him. 


    1. KHCast


      Yeah that’s pretty much my thoughts as well. Are you gonna get 8 or either of the Remakes?

    2. Wraith


      I have Remake 1 already so I'll play that sometime this week or next

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