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  1. I'm not saying they don't matter, I'm saying Broly shows that the franchises is better when it carries itself with an awareness of what it's good at(humor, action scenes and spectacle). I felt the same way about Battle of the Gods(it's actually an even better movie than Broly in a few ways but that's another discussion). Most of the arcs and emotional beats in the Super series are complete duds on the flipside and they lean more on serious moments. Dragon Ball did have a better grasp on these things a long time ago and no argument from any of the DB eggheads that go on about how it's actually secretly always been shit has has convinced me otherwise yet. There's just no need to force it if they don't have it anymore.
  2. Broly had "untapped potential" that they needed to use which is why they threw out just about everything that made him and Bardock who they were, wrote a new story for both of them and basically only used their names because they were profitable characters. lol. Dragon Ball has been creatively bankrupt for over 20 years now and people are still wheeling out these tired "soul" arguments. If you want soul crack open Jump + sometime and read some of shonen's rising stars. Akira Toriyama is just chasing the bag here. Dragon Ball is basically wrestling now, and I want to get some dream matchups in with Broly-tier animation while the getting is still good.
  3. You mean this guy?



    1. Jovahexeon The Undyne
    2. Dejimon11


      @Jovahexeon The Undyne that’s Takashi Tezuka. He’s been a director, producer and supervisor for a lot of Mario and Zelda games. 

    3. Jovahexeon The Undyne
  4. I guess Janemba would be a safer option. He's about as popular as Cooler but there's really not much to ruin there. He's Buu with a sword
  5. I agree with this but the situation they created is weird. The Goku of DBZ would never let Frieza terrorize the galaxy freely, but he's let Frieza walk so many times in super that it'd be weird for him to start caring now.
  6. All their new villains suck, bring back cooler
  7. who the hell is iizuka

  8. The guy who gave his opinion on this hasn't worked at Retro in 10 years. I don't think he has any say in how feasible a port is. The team who is making 4 is not the same team who would work on a port either, so there is no need to worry about having to split them up. The work is probably already done and they're just waiting until Prime 4 is closer to release to announce it.
  9. I don't know what this idea has to do with Smash Bros. You already get a massive and complete game out of the box with that,. The DLC just "more characters". Hardly a huge addition in comparison. What you're suggesting sounds more like IOI's approach with the modern Hitman series, where they released bite sized levels first at a cheap price point to feel out how they wanted modern Hitman to be designed. Nowadays, the "World Of Assassination" is a huge game with over a dozen levels massive levels and 3 story arcs to explore, but it didn't start that way in 2016. For a long time it was small, incremental episode after small episode. People weren't very receptive to this episodic release structure either, since it made the act of just buying the game really confusing wrt what you actually get. Pricing was absurd with the cost of all content easily eclipsing that of a full price game, and it was hard to maintain interest in the game over an entire year of DLC. When Hitman 2 came around they just finished 6 "episodes" and released them all at once as a full game. The game did a lot better when pitched as a full $60 product. Hitman 3 took a similar approach and it's doing even better than it's two predecessors, being the fastest selling games in the series. The thing about single player DLC that most companies have begun to grapple with in recent years is that it doesn't do very well. Look at the trophy data for any single player game past the initial release and watch the numbers plummet. Most players just move on once they're done with a game, which is why you don't see expansions like The Last of Us: Left Behind or Undead Nightmare in their successors. Once episodic series like Life is Strange have even dropped the model entirely with newer entries. Multiplayer DLC does a lot better, but I don't really know how Sonic could capitalize on that outside of spinoffs. Your approach probably makes the most sense from the perspective of a Sonic fan like you or me that will spend hours and hours revisiting the games, but SEGA doesn't just make games for us. They have a huge audience of people that are going to play through the game once at launch and drop it that they unfortunately have to cater to. They're going to expect some content of significance or they're just not going to bite. And to be blunt, as far as having room to experiment before they commit too hard for something. Sega should have game testers that they can rely on for this type of thing. They can target certain demographics and call more hardcore Sonic fans in to feel things out whenever they want. I'm not convinced that they're struggling to please fans and need our feedback. I'm convinced that they think what they've done is "good enough" to entertain younger audiences and they're content with that. Stopping and taking some time fine tuning the series mechanics doesn't seem worth it to them because the series is already doing good enough as is. There's really nothing I can do for that mindset, so I just take my money elsewhere.
  10. The only tangible way to stop scalpers is to make more PS5s, and they can't do that as long as production is still strapped by COVID and chip shortages
  11. I just don't see it. A lot of the extra features seem like things they could only do because they shook off the technical limitations of the PS4. Stuff like 60 fps, faster load times and animation speeds, the new effects and whatever level design alterations they make now that the game isn't limited by PS4's loading speeds. Even aside from all of that, Square and Sony both benefit from getting more people onboard the PS5. There's just not much incentive.
  12. It's unlikely Intergrade ever comes to PS4 is that's what you're asking.
  13. I'm not really curious about the next game as it stands right now but I would be curious if SEGA let Naka take a crack at Sonic. At the end of the day, his games are the ones I fell in love with so he might have something significant to add to it now even if the end result isn't good.

    1. Adamabba


      im so glad i no longer have a potato pc so i can try this later

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm not going to say "SEGA hire this man" or anything and need to try this out for myself, but... Yeah, there are lessons to be learned from this. The production values here are through the roof (not just "for a fan game") and in many respects it looks like the game puts SEGA to absolute shame. Official Sonic games have done a very poor job of keeping up with the times and they all feel pretty archaic. This looks like a truly modern Sonic game, rather than a stupidly branded "Modern Sonic" game as SEGA puts out.

    3. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I need to hurry up and get into PC Gaming already. I've been planning to for too long. I'm convinced I'd be less cynical if I do.

  15. Alright, clarification time since bias apparently colored that last point: most people thought revealing Forces early was fine, but I didn't. I hate CGI reveal trailers and I'd rather them not commit to anything until the game is close to completion. There was also like, the obvious shitstorm over Classic Sonic that got forgotten about when the OC caused a bigger one I guess.
  16. The game may release with the movie, but it could also easily take the holiday spot next year. If you're going to delay anyway, might as well take the full year to work on it, right? In that case I don't think there's really a reason to drop a trailer at E3. I could be wrong since they revealed Forces so early, but that went over so poorly that I don't know if they'll do something like that again.
  17. Just one DLC level for Mania would have been nice

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Given the choice, I'd have taken new zone over the barely-remixed levels with mostly ugly colour palettes that we got with Encore Mode. The only part of the entire mode that's really worth playing is Mirage Saloon 1.

  18. Saying that they're "embarrassed" is an over-reaction since the brand is in a pretty healthy spot. Everything they've released in the past 5 years has done well except maybe TSR, but they're not being being very forthcoming about those numbers so I can't even say for sure. It's true that SEGA doesn't feel the need to invest in Sonic anymore but that's because they've got a lot more viable franchises to rely on now compared to last decade. That's a good thing in terms of variety, and as video games balloon to an unsustainable level in scope I'm actually thankful to sega for being conservative and creating hits on a small scale. As a Sonic fan...yeah I do miss the bigger projects, but it ultimately wasn't a healthy direction for the series so I understand how they got here. Much as I would like a new Sonic on par with Ratchet and Clank or Crash 4, I could accept a low fidelity direction for the series if it wasn't so boring mechanically. I want them to invest more in marketing/outreach than anything else. Too many people I know weren't really aware Sonic was still around until that film came out.
  19. "Sonic Studio" logo. Took a bit because I had to do some digging to find it. It was going around on discord and not his blog. It matched with leaked promo art for the 30th anniversary.
  20. There's a chance but I think the only reason people are discussing E3 as a possibility is because they want it to happen, not because it's likely. If the game was coming out in the next 12 monthhs I'd agree but now that I'm pretty sure that it isn't I can't see them revealing it that early. Forces was revealed that early, but I think everyone can agree that it was too early to reveal the game at that point and that they'll probably do something different this time. Announcements tend to closer to release nowadays for the entire industry. That's the thing: I'm pretty sure Zippo or whoever his source was got access to this artwork and based his entire rumor around it. The supposed "Sonic Studio" logo was in this collection as well, and his concrete knowledge seems to begin and end with that concept art.
  21. I mean, I assume you're doing this in the first place for the sake of appeasing 'impatient/frustrated people'. Otherwise I...don't really see the point? I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve here if you're going to clam up the second someone is skeptical of you. It comes with the territory. Is that skepticism warranted? You tell me. It doesn't take a lot of digging to see that you're not popular in other communities for similar behavior along with...inaccuracies. I think there's a good chance that you land on more hits than misses, but only because your leaks lack any concrete details. When Sonic games leak in advance there's usually more specific story details or a good idea of the game's hook. Nobody believed stuff like the Werehog or the OC when those details leaked early but they were real. Do you have anything to offer like that? Because from where I'm standing your blog touches the broadest strokes and specific hot button issues from within the fanbase but not much on specifics as far as the actual products are concerned. IE: this is the type of stuff that you see on CBR or 4chan designed to spread around and get people talking. If you're so scared of endangering your sources that you can only be as nonspecific as possible I'm not sure why you're doing this at all. The best way to protect them would be to say nothing. If you think SEGA should have the final say on how this is handled then you also shouldn't bother. They're better off doing things on their own terms without you setting fan expectations through the roof. So, again I'll wrap this up by asking what this is for.
  22. I was completely apathetic to their last couple of releases. Another game like that would be pretty close to releasing nothing to me, so I don't mind the wait. They can take as many anniversaries as they want, whatever it takes to have a Sonic game that's interesting.
  23. From Global Licensed magazine. Anyone could guess this after SEGA implied that delays were happening due to Covid, but it's nice ot have it confirmed. 2022 will be one of the biggest years for Sonic in a while with Sonic Prime, the new film, and multiple games launching.
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