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  1. What counts as a turd is completely subjective to begin with. How much a remake should keep varies from person to person which is why debates about the ones we have in gaming are so heated.
  2. This reads like you don't actually like Amy as a character that much if her Hammer and her short temper, two fairly consistent aspects to her character since the 90s, bother you to this degree. None of this has gotten in the way of her being fairly competent and able to keep up with everyone else. She's shown again and again and again that she can very much keep up with the others in her own way. Her curiousness and her capability was never stomped out by having a hammer. She's able to keep up by leaning it what she does uniquely well the same way Tails does. I look at the potential quirks in her gameplay as an oppurtunity. There are more than enough characters that play exactly like Sonic. I like that they tried to bend the rules of their own game a bit and think it could lead to something interesting if polished up.
  3. These leakers won't know anything until maybe the day before announcement at best. You're better off ignoring their attempts at clout chasing and waiting for something more concrete to surface.
  4. Ask me anything

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Why should I?

    2. Solister


      What's the origin of life?
      Was Jesus real? And what about God?
      What happens after life? Just a black screen?
      Is there any "right" religion?
      What's the recipe for master success?
      Which is the color of my underwear right now?

    3. Ryannumber1Santa


      How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?

    4. Sean


      favorite badnik

    5. Adamabba


      what music you been listening to recently

    6. TheOcelot


      Favourite Sonic soundtrack?

    7. Wraith





      Low Roar cause of Death Stranding


      Sonic CD or Sonic Unleashed.

    8. Teoskaven


      Reasons for the choice of your nickname?

  5. It's not an easy structure to build higher stakes into. It's better for a series of individual pieces than the large scale action adventures that define the series. Even then, it's common to catch Sonic just wandering around in the comics in-between larger story arcs, especially nowadays. It's just never the structure for the entire thing because it's a little limiting.
  6. I could see why Jaques would be upset but the reaction was too much. It's like he tweeted his gut emotional reaction and I can tell you from experience from someone whos kinda hotheaded that firing off the dome like that is never a good idea in terms of respecting others's feelings. Tee deserves basic respect and empathy even if you want to critique his work
  7. I would strsight up admit to this being true and I'm not sure what point youre trying to make here. Do you think its shallow to care about the visuals? The art design is such a key part of the appeal franchise and a key part of what makes movies enjoyable to begin with. A super stylized verion of this premise would at least bump this up to a rental and for good reason: even the shittiest story can be propped up into something decent with proper framing and presentation. At the very LEAST "Its really pretty but has a bad story" would align it with most of the games.
  8. It's still early but I think Sakurai might have made the most fun of the add on fighters yet with Terry. He's got a lot of the depth they were trying to pull off with Ryu and Ken but small tweaks make him overall less clunky. Is inputs become naturally to me and I'm having a lot of fun using the cstick to put in normals while I charge rising tackle. The stage is great too. I hope every walkoff gets this wall break mechanic because it solves just about every issue with how they play. I don't expect the competitive community to loosen up enough to allow it but this'll probably be one of my go-tos for one on ones. It's also nice to see every KOF character I actually played as in the background and not on the main stage. I've been wanting Smash to experiment with more input methods to accomodate for more moves since I find the standard directional stuff too limiting. The back special is probably something that'll remain exclusive to more technical characters but I'm glad that we know is something that can work now.
  9. I'm all good with Terry being in but as someone who plays a lot of fighting games I hope Sakurai doesn't reach for the poster boy character every time. They're all pretty distinct from one another in terms of mechanics but that's still less variety than we could be having if you reached for, say, Ky instead of Sol for instance imo. Basically ignore iconic characters and put my mains in. It makes sense. Think about it.
  10. He could be. King of Fighters is a very mechanically rich series. Sakurai is also a big fan and cites it as an influence. A lot of signature Smash mechanics like rolling and spot dodging came directly from it.
  11. In case theres any doubt. Home Run Contest is confirmed the last new mode.
  12. GUN reappears in Sonic Chronicles but they're only conducting Rouge and not Shadow. Even if Shadow only being a temporary agent was something they decided on later it doesn't really contradict anything that happens in the games, so...yeah. Not a big deal.
  13. From like 2012 until now, personally speaking. There are a lot of Sonic games that just don't even Ignite my curiosity or hold me long enough to keep playing. I was too young to care when the franchise went into a critical tailspin and still put in dozens of hours on games like Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic and the Secret Rings. I can't imagine doing that for Lost World and Forces both because my tastes in games have changed a lot since then and I don't even find them as ambitious or interesting as games like Shadow anyway.
  14. I would approach the character with more nuance than that. My plan was always for Sonic to interpret her as a flat bad guy for him to punch before realizing that the situation is more complex than that.
  15. We established earlier in the discussion that sega is safer now in terms of output. I said it's boring and I don't like it. You gestured to said modern roster that I was just complaining about and insinuated I haven't tried it and I just want it to go away in favor of IPs I like instead. I never said that and don't feel that way. If NiGHTS and JSR were given low budget remasters and sequels I'd be a bit annoyed with that too. Your second point was my main point of contention since I never used more or less sega as a qualifier for anything and never implied that the new games had to go, but we can let that go if it wasn't your intention. Overall I'm annoyed with your tone implying I've never given their new games a glance.
  16. I'll respond to you when you start arguing with points I've actually made and not just put words in people's mouths like you've been doing all thread.
  17. I'm not sure why this conversation is so IP focused now when that wasn't the point of the OP. I'll just be blunt and say that I would not care if NiGHTS, JSR, etc. Were dead if new original IPs were in their place. The thing I miss about Sega doesn't have to do at all with which IPs theyre reheating this week, but originality. They're boring to me now because theyre safe. I don't care if it makes the most financial sense because I'm not an exec, investor or someone who works there. I tend to take my money where boundaries are being pushed and Sega ain't it. Hasn't been it for a long time . And honestly even if I was a Sega superfan I'd be feeling pretty put out by remasters and safe sequels. I even got bored with Sonic Mania relatively quickly and that's something that's actually made for me. Good for you if you're into that kind of thing but I'm very much over this whole remake/remaster/iterative sequel era we're in with gaming. I also find it condescending as hell when they ask me to buy remasters to prove that there's support for a new thing, but that's another discussion. I dont even really care for the alternate history stuff myself but I'm for the timeline where sega just pulled their head out of their asses and gives their artists the time and money to do what they do best. That could have started at any time, but instead they continue to chase artists away.
  18. So I finished the Last Guardian the other night and it's been on my mind ever since. It's one of those games I'm not sure that I could recommend to everyone since it buckles so much under the weight of its own ambitions, but I'm really glad I took the plunge and played it. You spend the entire game with this giant SO creature Trico, as you already know. It doesn't take long for it to click why this game had 8 years in development and needed a hardware upgrade to come out. The collision detection between you and him and the environment can be...awkward, at times. The framerate chugs every time he stumbles in an out of the unwieldy camera's view. At least once during my play through he bugged out entirely and wouldn't move. But I feel like these problems are minor compared to what the game actually manages to achieve. Trico is a remarkably smart creature, pointing out the solutions to puzzles to the player with his eyes or gestures. If a player is lost or confused on where to go next, sometimes you can even hop on his back and let you walk him to the next objective. Very rarely did he misunderstand a command I issued with the only hesitation coming from natural impulses like judging the distance of a jump before he makes the leap. Sometimes he stops because he's hungry or he's a little worked up after the last combat encounter with the player required to find him food or console him. This could have been tedius but it happens just often enough to reinforce Trico's humanity and the player's bond with him without going overboard. They tow the line of making him responsive without just turning him into a vehicle very well. Even better than the animal companion in Ueda's previous game. Breaking things up are sections where the two are seperate, and if you find the bird annoying for one reason or another they do a good job reinforcing how vulnerable you are without him. Your actions alone are incredibly basic as you struggle to move a barrel from one room to the next or avoid capture by enemies. Good level design keeps the segments based in exploration interesting for the most part with a few exceptions. The combat boils down to avoiding capture,getting Trico in the position to fight enemies and nursing him rather than doing any of the fighting yourself. It's an interesting set up that reverses the traditional video game role, but probably the weakest part of the game just due to how repetitive it can be. The strongest part of the whole game is how all of It's parts come together to form a whole narrative experience. Trico's "arc" feels like one of the best executed ones I've witnessed in a game. When you find him he's gravely injured at the hands of manmade weapons. The boy is able to see past the legends and myths about the creature and see a hurt animal that needs help, but Trico isn't as quick to trust. As the game progresses he gets stronger and more trusting. The game meanders in the middle, but the finale felt worthwhile.
  19. I'm not even sure what another organization like GUN would add to this scenario with team Sonic already acting as the military. A lot of people argue the arc already has too many players as it is and inclined to agree. Widening the scale ecen further and creating drama with another faction wouldn't really address the issues the story has atm.
  20. This might as well be a new character if you need to chop that many parts of it off to work.
  21. This is a preference thing then. I'd rather Nagus bring his own, new side of the universe with him flesh out the Zeti separately.
  22. They aren't, and since there's only 6 of them and they were raised by the same guy, this is fine. Besides, they're explicitly based on Oni and Nagus is based in more western fantasy tropes This doesn't matter. If you want to make him a Zeti by technicality only than he might as well not be one.
  23. What does tying him to the zeti add compared to making him his own character with his own identity
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