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  1. I understand your perspective but I'm also tired of the whole 'enlightened sega fan lectures the old guard/Sonic fan' shtick. As someone who actually has played most of Sega's modern output it comes off as a little condescending. Games like Sonic Mania and SOR4 are really good but not as interesting as a lot of the new action games or platformers cutting out due to the sheer lack of ambition in their mechanical design. This doesn't make them bad games, but I'd like them to be breaking new ground with their IPs more, even if it's just innovating more within the constraints of classic Sonic design or whatever. I'm not sure of the specifics on budgets so I shouldn't have used that terminology, but as someone who's been going through the Yakuza series over the last year or so I've been disappointed in how..samey they feel? Of course, that's why Like a Dragon exists and I'm looking forward to that. Overall they still cling too strongly to their old library. They're doing a lot of ports and remasters and not all of them have been up to par. Banana Blitz HD was fucking terrible but it's already been swept under the rug. I don't play Panzer Dragoon but I didn't hear good things there either. I'm not nostalgic for JSR and Nights so much, more for a time where Sega would release something like it. Something that was on the cutting edge of the market, employing a lot of modern day mechanics and techniques, and having a more modern cultural punch. I never said modern sega is bad, but they are a little boring.
  2. I've been watching cops openly beat the fuck out of people of all shape, size, color and age all week in the name of keeping the peace. If this doesn't lead to police reform, nothing will.
  3. The Wonderful 101 is good as long as you're cool with a good 15 hours of learning how to play it

    1. KHCast


      How long is the game?

    2. Wrapped in Black
    3. Maxtiis


      Well it is a game from Platinum, that's pretty typical for them. Imagine if a non competitive game like that had the learning period of something like a fighting game. 

      I've spent two and a half years playing Street Fighter 3 and still suck at it lol.

    4. KHCast


      So you’re spending the whole game learning it before you fully enjoy it lol?

    5. Wrapped in Black
    6. Maxtiis


      Your first playthrough of a platinum game is just the training mode lol. Or just any game that had Hideki Kamiya's involvement.

    7. Nix



      Basically, lmao.  The mechanics of W101's combat are incredibly obtuse. The game tries to do so much in such a bizarre way. Even when you do learn its ins and outs, it's still kind of a clusterfuck.

      It kind of feels like the game wasn't actually made to appeal to any particular person outside of Kamiya himself, and I kind of dig that. It's like the greatest shitty game ever made in a lot of ways.  10/10

    8. Maxtiis


      I wonder how much if at all the characters for 101 were inspired by that midget power rangers boss fight from God Hand.

  4. I'm not sure if Sonic is trying to compete in the AAA space anymore is the thing. A shorter game for 40 bucks seems to be the goal for the series, so might as well make it a good time instead of focusing on gimmicks like Forces still managed to do. Nintendo took big time and budgetary investments to reinvent Mario, Zelda, and Metroid: 3 years each for Mario and Zelda and even longer for Metroid. All the while budgets were inflating and the time it was taking was considered ludicrous all over the industry, both internally at Nintendo and at other companies. The pay off was worth it, of course, but I don't see Sega ever taking that much time between releases to find their groove for the sake of a AAA production in a genre that no one is certain of the viability of.
  5. 2D Sonic levels can also be blasted through in a few minutes with even the longest games as a whole having very short runtimes. Actually adapting the classics to 3D won't even fix this problem. It's a problem inherent to Sonic's design, 2D or 3D. The only solution to this problem is to stop considering it a problem in the first place. Accept that you're making a shorter, more replayable experience and focus on that. I can understand Sonic Team felt that a longer runtime was necessary to be competitive, but they're clearly beyond that mentality, so let's throw padding out the window altogether and just make the time you do spend with the player bliss.
  6. Spider-man is a shoe in even if it doesn't happen at this event. I'm hoping to walk away surprised somehow.
  7. I played Tekken over street fighter this gen just because I found the gameplay more fun but I'm not sure how the online got as much of a pass as it did for as long as it did. It's truly dreadful even down to trying to get games going in lobbies with friend. I only booted SFV twice since CE so I can't comment on that game's netcode now but I always had problems with it in years prior. Not nearly to Tekken's extent tbh but it was nerve wracking. Never got the chance to try Killer Instinct but as a Skullgirls player who couldn't get anyone else in my group to try it this has been satisfying in a twisted way, lmao. The online/offline experience is def different. I play Zelda a lot and it's like she moves up 10 spots on the tier list in lag. All of her cheesy gimmick specials become toxic. I still prefer offline though because my true love are the faster, movement based characters like Fox and I don't even fucking bother trying to play them seriously online.
  8. None of the tournaments that were originally running are going ahead. The four games that are running this year are: Mortal Kombat 11 Killer Instinct Skullgirls Them's Fighting Herds. We've known this since Evo online was announced. Delayed based netcode is a source of derision in the Fighting game community in general right now. Smash is just it's worst implementation.
  9. I'm lucky to have someone to play locally with but if I didn't I wouldn't play at all. Online is basically impossible to take seriously so I just stick to offline and the occasional party matches in lobbies. Then again it's not like most other fighting games are much better in that department.
  10. I think every Sonic soundtrack up to like Lost World is spectacular, like S+ tier stuff, and even then Lost World is only a slight downgrade. Hard for me to pick favorites when they all nail what they were going for.
  11. I enjoy talking about Sonic mechanics way more than I do Sonic lore

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic lore is beyond repair.

      Sonic mechanics on the other hand get a fresh start every game.

    2. Wrapped in Black

      Wrapped in Black

      I honestly like most Sonic lore/characters fine it's just maddening trying to get people to agree on what the fuck actually happened/where the problems are most of the time.

    3. StaticMania


      Game mechanics are interesting.

      Especially what could've been.

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      I like when game mechanics reflect of have implications on personalities; the boost or really any quick dash attack can easily be reflective of Sonic's move first, ask questions later policy; and being reckless with it can put him in a tough spot. 

    5. Kuzu


      The real problems start when some fans start considering one more important than the other.

  12. Since this topic's been bumped I might as well post about the State of Play showcase happening in a few hours. It appears to be of a similar size and length to the Ghost of Tsushima showcase from a few weeks back. It was largely ignored on this corner of the internet but everyone I saw elsewhere considered that a good concise showcase of the appeal of the game without revealing too much, so I'm hoping for something similar here. Despite alll of the negativity surrounding the game I still feel pretty bummed that I won't be playing it this friday. The first game is one of my favorites from that console generation and Naughty Dog hasn't dropped much quality since then. Twitch / Youtube
  13. Rush Adventure largely continues that momentum by giving her a kid sidekick that pushes all of her buttons. Even if I weren't against Blaze being Silver's mentor character in concept, Marine brings out a much more interesting personality in execution than Silver ever did. Silver and Blaze don't even have to be such a dead end of a relationship either. It's pretty obvious Silver is the type of person that would annoy Blaze if she was allowed to be herself, and that alone means that it's a pairing worth exploring. In Sonic 06, Silver's flaws as a character are repeatedly brought to the forefront which is good, but Blaze as positioned as muted and competent instead which isn't true to the character. To me, Blaze is all about projecting the appearance of having it all together with a lot of anxieties running underneath. Pairing her with someone who's more outwardly a mess but more willing to learn and fix things is a good idea, but nobody at ST has ever made that connection.
  14. This is obviously not the case with Rouge since she's positioned as an anihero. If it was the case with Blaze they don't act like it. She spent her only real HD appearance glued to Silver's arm and has barely appeared since then.
  15. I thought she was entertaining in Sonic X so I didn't really mind the 'flanderization' there. I haven't noticed too much of a shift with her modern interpretation either to be honest. I think toning down her crush too much could be a mistake if it ever becomes so muted that it stops being obvious, but they might be able to find another groove with her if they're forced to try other things, I guess. At any rate, I can't take Sega's attempts to craft a more 'independent' character out of Amy seriously. Making Amy the catch all role model for girls while making no changes to her role or any of the other roles of the girls in the series is inauthentic anyway. Blaze is still nonexistent and Rouge is still Shadow's secretary as of Forces. Tails is allowed to be a little ball of insecurity, It's not that big of a deal of Amy is messy and underpowered too as long as she's not the only female character that shows up. Have more active female characters to start with so you don't have to count on one to be exemplary.
  16. There is. https://www.engadget.com/2019-12-09-a-new-bioshock-game-is-in-development.html https://www.gamesradar.com/new-bioshock-game-confirmed/
  17. If the time bonus is weighed heavily when adding up the score then this is basically a nonissue. A lot of Sonic games do that.
  18. The Restoration hasn't stopped a lot of character moments from happened. I'd argued that they've been enabled more by having to be there and work together. That's kinda why this setup has grown on me: It brings out a lot of potential interactions that don't happen in the games setup of putting everyone in their own little corners of the universe. These characters are supposed to have their own agency but they're also supposed to be a group of friends too.
  19. It's not the exact same thing, but there is something to be said about how Ian used Forces's structure to keep the characters together in the same way the main cast would be together during Archie so he could write stories in a similar way that he was doing before, essentially. This paired with turning Eggman up a few notches from the Modern games so that we're pretty close to feeling like post reboot never left aside from a few omissions and characterization tweaks. I have no idea if it'll stick or not. I didn't think the "Restoration" would still exist 2 years into the comic's life to start with though, so yeah.
  20. it's been 12 hours, stop arguing about sally please i'm sorry i wont bring it up again
  21. I mean, there it is again though. When do Sally's personal failings have a domino effect like the average Sonic Boom episode does? It's just not comparable to me beyond personal preference for what types of stories/writing you like
  22. I'm all for exploring the ugliest sides of these characters and even doing it through humor but it doesn't really feel in the spirit of the series to me if nothing positive really comes from it. It's kind of a balancing act that only the earlier Sonic games and some of the Archie/IDW nails for me.
  23. I dont really see it. Itd be an interesting trait to dig into but it's not a trait I think she really...has? The most I can say about Sally is that she can think too rationally or put too much pressure on herself to get it all right. Pretty mild as far as negative traits goes but Ian seems to put way more emphasis on the casts positive traits and relationships more than their negative ones anyway. Maybe that makes them less interesting, but after the constant cynicism in Boom and flaccid non-development in almost every modern Sonic I find it kinda refreshing going back through these books.
  24. And like I said earlier I dont get how she's being a control freak in the examples you posted. If it's a direction you want to take her to make her more interesting to you, that's absolutely fair. One of my problems with Sonic in general is that they don't explore the character's flaws enough. This just...isnt really a flaw she has in my reading. She goes into mom mode in regards to cream but like half the cast does that without meaning any harm or without it getting called out.
  25. I was hoping for something post reboot or even post Ian takeover since that's the Sally I've been discussing. If you want those uglier moments and impulses to be re implemented into her character then that's fair, but it's another discussion.
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