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  1. Currently waiting for the Sol Trigger demo

  2. Going back to Beijing again next week,,,, XD

  3. Well if you compare him to flash or referring to 3D Blast, then he's slow but besides that, he's one speedy rodent!!!
  4. On that Tales Of Xillia Ish!!!!

  5. Why is Mother 3 SO GOOD?????!!!!

    1. Gregzilla


      I'm playing through it too, it's brilliant. I slightly prefer Earthbound's more funky/weird tone though.

    2. ItzWizz


      Yeah... Earthbound is.... Ummmm different!!

  6. Thanks man!!! That will really help me out since scrap brain is hell for me!!! And oh yeah Sonic Rush and Sonic Generations are the only games that I managed to collected all the emeralds. And in the classics, sonic 2 only the first one and in blast I've managed to collect like 4 but the rest...........
    1. Alex2Beta


      Because boobs.

    2. Solkia
    3. ItzWizz


      Yep cuz of boobs!! That's the only reason I played the games to be honest!!

    4. Alex2Beta


      Hey, I'm just kidding.

      It kinda irks me though, the way they just put so much thought into how gigantic their breasts are, and at the same time, they jiggle more than even DoA.


    5. ItzWizz


      Lol I know you are... Yep that's just how crazy japanese are and basically senran kagura is a game based on highschool samurai girls and their boobs... The developers said so!!!

  7. I already talked about what's happenning now and this arc is somehow dragging on pointlessly and refrencing on future issues!! Love escapdes I was talking about was the previous arcs in general!! And again this is just MY opinion.....
  8. Umm.. I still haven't been able to beat the original genesis sonic the hedgehog without using level select I have been able to conplete all the other genesis games, even S&K. But sonic 1..... T_T
  9. Gonna replay super mario RPG(I'm bored so don't judge me!!)

    1. McGroose


      Who's judging you for playing a good game?

    2. Phantomime
    3. Ruby CUL Terumi

      Ruby CUL Terumi

      This is a Sonic site damnit, you need to play Dark Brotherhood.

      With headphones.

      And you need to enjoy



      Second of it


    4. ItzWizz


      Dude!! I played dark brotherhood like there was no tomorrow!!! And P.S. I played the entire game while using headphones!!!!! XD

  10. Still looking for someone with decent mapping skills to help me out in RPG Maker!!

  11. Lol!! Sonic Underground Marathon On KidsCo.

  12. #239 really didin't continue the strory as much as I hope it would..... I mean we're given several pages of team fighters just running saving a burin village and when I checked the timeline for the next 4 issues on the last page,it looks like this arc is gonna continue till december or more....... The story is gettin cheesier and cheesier in each arc... But that's just my opinion.
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