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    I want to believe they exist, I really do. There's too much evidence in the world for me to simply dispell the idea of their existence and I don't believe everything can be proved by science. I'm also worried about life after death. I'm terrified of ceasing to exist of simply becoming nothing for all eternity and that's why I want spirits to exist, to be able to live on in some way after I die and for those I care about to live on in some way.
  2. Wow I never knew that, thankyou, I'll try that next time I hate ED. They're so racsist and cruel in the things they say. At least Uncyclopedia keeps it to an acceptable level and doesn't just spam the F word.
  3. Why 4chan still exists I will never know, granted I've never actually visited the page but I fear that if I do I will come down with a severe case of stupid. Simply knowing the kind of trolls and idiots that lurk there and spread their virus across the world is enough to put me off. And Facebook is one of my pet hates too. I don't even use it anymore because everyone sends me things I don't want and asks me to become a fan of things I dislike. One time I got sent a cow for a farm I didn't even have
  4. Cosmo really irked me in Sonic X. I think it was her dub voice which grated on my ears and she was really dull. All she seemed to do was cry and cause bother until the second to last episode where she actually did something useful. Who knew a plant could be so annoying? I'd also have to say Storm because he was big and dumb. I can't think of him doing anything important excpet for lurking behind Jet and Wave and acting like a stereotypical tough guy.
  5. Youtube. Copyright this, copyright that blah, blah. If I buy a CD, and then use a song to that in a video on youtube, I should be able to use it as much as I want because I bought that song and I have given them money to purchase that CD. I paid for it. And it's acceptable for VEVO to upload songs but if you do it it's illegal? I understand ownership rights and stuff but if they've already uploaded it to watch and listen to for free, then why can't anyone else? They'd only be doing the same thing and the company still aren't gaining profit either way. Also, ever since Google and Youtube became one, it's gone straight to pot. They're are adverts everywhere, even on the videos. Sure it's keeping the site free but even so, do they really need to make them pop up when I'm watching something? Finally I hate the fact that a large amount of videos are banned in the UK. WHAT DID WE EVER DO!? Seriously, it's annoying. Why can't we watch something that every other country can? It's stupid.
  6. It's a hard topic to discuss. What if the wrong person was accused and then put to death for no reason? That has happened in the past and I certainly wouldn't be happy if it were me or someone I cared about being wrongly accused. That being said when there is hard evidence that somebody is guilty of a crime and I mean hard evidence like video footage of it happening that can't possibly be denied, I think it's perfectly acceptable. Serious crimes like cold blooded murder, serial killers and serial rapists, pedo's e.t.c. don't deserve rights. If they can destroy another life and feel no remorse for it, particularly if it was done for no reason at all, then why should they be given rights when their victims families clearly weren't? Maybe the death penalty seems harsh but a life sentence doesn't. Actually I prefer to have them locked away, leave them rotting in prison where they'll have to constantly look over their shoulder. Because, if somebody I loved had been wronged I would want revenge. Many people would and I think it's justifiable. Hypothetically, your sister, brother, parent has just been stabbed/shot/throttled to death for no reason whatsoever. I doubt you'd sit back and say to the judge, "Don't kill them, that's too cruel." Life should be life, nothing less. No, 'out in fifteen to twenty years'. If your in your twenties and you get locked up you'll be out by the time your in your late thirties mid forties, presumably to kill again. Most offenders do. Small scale crimes like theft and such should not have jail time because it's pointless. Put them in for community service so there's more room in the prisons for real criminals.
  7. I've finished Hetalia and am just waiting for FUNimation to sub World Series. Also, the dub demo is quite impressive. I think Eric Vale does a fine job at voicing America and the rest of the cast do a great job too. I'm glad they kept the accents, I'm just waiting to hear Latvia dubbed, I hear Ryan Reynolds is doing it. I'm also busy with K-ON!!, Bubblegum Crisis, Seto No Hanayome and School Rumble. I think, the next time I eat an apple, I'll have to quote Harima: Yummy, yummy, yummy, apple core in my tummy!
  8. Blaze: I think she's really easy to relate to. I'm a bit shy and insecure like she is so I understand how she feels a lot of the time. I see myself in her quite often and it relieves me to think there are characters in the franchise who aren't overly outgoing because it's nice to have characters you feel connected to. I haven't been able to do that properly with the others. Rouge: I like her sassy attitude and how she's more concerned with herself than doing what's right. There are too many heroic, righteous characters and I think Rouge is a refreshing change from that. She does what she does because she enjoys getting paid, she shows little interest in communicating with the others unless she's forced to do so through the storyline but we all know that even she is willing to help out when needed. Silver: He's a hedgehog with psychic powers, I think that makes him stand out from both Sonic and Shadow. He has a pretty deep plotline in 06. He's naive and unable to do anything without Blaze there to support him, he has a childlike innocence about him which is obvious when he swallows anything Mephilies tells him up. He is also one of the few characters to question morality, whether killing for the sake of the future is right. Chip: I hear not many people liked him but I adored him. I thought he was so cute and the comments he made about things were entertaining to read. Also he never became a Tails clone, being more subdued and uncultured. He's ironically one of the strongest characters in the series and I think he helped Sonic see the good in himself. Even Sonic was shocked to discover it was his good heart that prevented him being overtaken by the darkness. Knuckles: He's so dense and that's why I love him. Things pass over his head way too easily and he never learns from his mistakes, providing much humour for us. Sonic Man: He's hardcore.
  9. ^I'd love to put that soundclip to a clip of Shadow talking, particularly with a clenched fist. The only characters I really don't want to be pushed out are the Chaotix, not that I suspect they will, I just want them used more. I personally think they're the funniest characters in the series, constantly broke and in need of cash, something I'm sure we can all relate to. And I will gladly take anything over Vector's current VA. I don't need to hear how to find that computer room anymore, thankyou very much.
  10. I'm not picky at all. If I want to debate something on a forum I can be but in terms of general enjoyment I am very easy to please. There is very little that I can actually say prevents me from playing the Sonic games so even though I can say a game is lame compared to others I still like it. What I find most irritating about Sonic fans is how they turn their back on a series so quickly. I have enjoyed every game because every game has had a unique aspect to it. Shadow had guns, 06 had town trials, Unleashed had the classic speed and yet people still say SEGA aren't trying enough. Mario has had tons of games out and even though I haven't played a single 3D Mario game I can see the stories are pretty bland. No offence to fans but all he does is rescue Peach whenever she's kidnapped and fight a giant turtle so with that aspect I'd have to say Sonic is doing a bit better storywise. SEGA does something different and everybody hates them, Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider and Mario all try new things and everybody loves them. Seems a bit unfair if you ask me. So I'm not very picky because I try to accept that SEGA are being innovative. I go with the flow I suppose, try and find good points in everything.
  11. Oh I know, ha ha. I was just worried that he wouldn't be able to reach a higher pitch because his natural voice is so deep. At least we know he has the range to do different characters.
  12. Even though Griffith didn't have much of a range with his voice acting, out of every character he played I felt Sonic was best suited to his voice. He just has that upbeat, joyful sounding voice that suits Sonic. That being said I do think Smith will do a good job. All I've heard is the demo reel which isn't much to go on but with practice I think he can fit the role nicely. I was worried he would sound butch like Chris Redfield but he doesn't. As for Tail's new VA I also think it's a good choice. At least it's not screechy like Palant's and he still sounds like a boy.
  13. The only one that comes to mind is the one that was mentioned in the title. The Sphinx was so cute I had to shave it.Those lyrics always confused me as a kid and as I got older I kept thinking there was something sexual about them but I just didn't know what. I'm still not sure why I think of it that way now, probably something to do with shaving certain hairy areas. Come to think of it the entire song is pretty sexualized with the way it is sung. Even Rouge's theme isn't that explicit and she's only in it for the boobs. The relationship between Big and Froggy always did seem a bit odd to me though. A cat, living on his own, in the middle of nowhere, with only a frog to keep him company, hmmmm...... Oh and Rouge's breasts wobbling. There's no reason for them to move other than to attract attention to her chest.
  14. I don't think they'll be getting rid of any of the characters anytime soon. Even though certain characters don't appear as often as others they have a pretty big fanbase. Jet is quite popular as is Rouge so I doubt sega would shun them. Besides not everyone is getting recast. From what I've heard Mike Pollock is still Eggman. As far as I know the only characters with new VA are Sonic and Tails. Shadow and the others aren't in the game so they won't need VA yet.
  15. My dad got me into the games. When I was around five/six years old I used to watch my dad playing it on the megadrive and so I gave it a try. Being so young I was never able to complete it or get very far but Sonic always stuck in my head from that day on. Around nine years later when I was in high school my dad bought a Dreamcast off my cousin. It came with SA1 and SA2 and after playing those games I've bought almost every other Sonic game that was released since.
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