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  1. Put me on the "Ray is awesome" train. I've begun to get a hang of him, and man is he fun! I suppose some adjustment and natural experimentation was required, but he is so liberating, and his aerial mobility is a proper delineation of one of Sonic's core gameplay pillars: momentum. Taking note of the environment around you and using that to facilitate mobility, but it doesn't come without risk. Genius. Even in more crowded spaces his glide still has some potent utility, allowing the player greater degrees of aerial control than would be afforded with, say, Sonic or Mighty, and gaining slightly more height, all while still maintaining good game-feel. It's just a matter of giving him some time and being willing to experiment.
  2. That was pretty fun. The Big Arm remix was absolutely lovely, and I must echo the sentiment of Metal Sonic's expressiveness. It really goes to show how much a character's eyes and body language are important to portraying their discrete traits. I would definitely love to see more of these types of projects for future games.
  3. I'm honestly a little disappointed that they changed things up from prior titles with regards to the roster focus. ASR and ASRT were celebrations of everything Sega, and now it's just Sonic. That's not really a bad thing, per-say, but it's like if the next Smash was just called "Super Mario Smashers" and only contained Mario characters. Not the cleanest comparison, for sure, but I can't help but lament the loss of wider Sega representation. The music for the teaser is nice, I guess.
  4. While Kishimoto didn’t pen the scripts himself, I think that pinning everything related to the narrative on the writers alone isn’t really reflective of collaborative and creative environments. Just as in film, the director likely has a big hand with the progression, direction and overall narrative of a work.
  5. Not specifically for the events of Unleashed. I believe. Quoting Eggman from Colors, "This amusement park has been constructed entirely out of a sense of remorse for my past transgressions..." It was really just a generalization of Bad Shit he had done in prior games (which could include Unleashed, I guess?).
  6. Four years of work. Well, “four years”. What a joke this game is.
  7. Can someone shoot me a PM with the stream link? Thanks.
  8. If anyone could PM me a link to the stream, that would be much appreciated. Edit: Oh NVM lmao
  9. https://twitter.com/SONIC_FORCES_JP/status/923373347181707264 "Sonic force, Nintendo Switch ™ version and PlayStation® 4th Edition download trial version released! Take a look at, please experience "Sonic force, high speed action on this occasion." Basically it's apparently out on PS4 too, but IDK if you have to have a JP account for that one as well. Dunno about XB1, but if it's Japan centric, they may not have bothered with that platform.
  10. ResetERA is up and it's going pretty smoothly. GAF is basically a ghost town right now. The site itself is pretty snazzy looking, with everything being laid out clearly and cleanly. The general aesthetic is also super nice. The big sticking point right now is the lack of a dark theme, which they said they are working on. But right now... it's pretty good!
  11. The pastebin full of accounts is pretty awful. How pathetic do people have to be to go out of their way to try and make people miserable. It should be noted that if you go to the mobile GAF site and check the categories, Off-Topic is completely gone. You can't actually see any content, but it's pretty clear that OT got nuked to mitigate shit talk against him. So many threads and communities gone. With regards to ResetEra, we're getting regular updates on how things are progressing, which is nice, and the admin staff that's been chosen is fairly encouraging. No exact ETA on when the new site will be up, but a lot of the things I've been hearing are quite encouraging. EDIT: Malka's statements and responses in that Waypoint article are also awful. Like, holy shit.
  12. I'm afraid I lack the means. I'm not in it personally, and apparently a lot of trolls and the like have been flooding a lot of servers. So even if I did have knowledge with regards to who might be in the server or have access to it, the ability to invite people would likely be disabled. All of the ones I'm currently in have disabled invites due to trolls and potential raids.
  13. After Gaf imploded, everyone more or less found refuge in the various community discord servers that were formed over the years. I'm in several of them, and it's nice seeing the same old faces, but discord is by no means a replacement. I hope the claims of this new site being up by tomorrow are true. But man, the fact that this happened at all sure is something. On one hand I'm glad Evilore was exposed for being a scumbag, but on the other hand, all of the communities, threads, users, etc., just became scattered to the wind. And that is without a doubt the biggest loss here. I may have only gotten my account approved this year, but I had been lurking for far longer, but there was no other site on the internet that was quite like Gaf, especially in the gaming sphere (namely, it wasn't littered with a bunch of hate-spewing alt-right/4chan esque scumbags). The strict moderation helped greatly to keep things in line, as did the non-open registration (though the probation period was needlessly long for my liking). While Gaf was far from perfect, I loved being there, and I loved the people I met there. Hopefully whatever this new thing will be can gather up all of us lost souls.
  14. So get this: you can literally see enemies spawn in right in front of you at the end of the video.
  15. This genuinely may be the worst level yet. Like, holy shit.
  16. The game's performance isn't too great on my machine. Granted, it's not that great of a machine (and I was able to claw back some performance by turning down some settings, but it still wasn't perfect. I guess resolution will have to go next :/). Overall, it was pretty good though! I'll echo the sentiment of the physics being almost there but not quite perfect, but I'm sure that's something that can be ironed out with more time and elbow grease. All-in-all, an impressive effort from all the peeps on this project.
  17. I finally got around to playing Generations on PC and goodness, 60 FPS is a game changer. That's to be expected, I suppose, but WOW.

    Now to grab the Unleashed Project so I won't have to endure Unleashed's spotty-ass performance :P

  18. Unlikely. Her seiyuu (voice actor) is simply also the voice of the female avatar
  19. That was almost worth it just for the Hooters cross-promotion. You can’t make this shit up.
  20. While I can agree that folks shouldn't get too dogmatic about their opinions, and I can simultaneously understand the fact that many are exited for Forces, I don't really understand why those excited disagree with the core arguments of Forces' detractors (unless the primary issue has do with attitude in some cases). Wanting better level design, more malleable mechanics, etc. isn't anathema to being excited for Forces. You can still be excited but see that some of these things have been done better in prior games. And also, as long as Sonic Team emulates the Classic gameplay, they most definitely have a lot to learn from Mania. Like, what we're getting in Forces is strictly worse in that regard (this does not mean unenjoyable, necessarily). EDIT: Keep in mind that the arguments of the Forces detractors mainly come from a game design perspective. Pointing out that others are excited for it doesn't really do anything to address those arguments.
  21. The title and OP of this thread should probably be updated to reflect the fact that we have a bit of gameplay now.
  22. That remix of Supporting Me is the best thing about this footage. Everything else is just... yikes. The pedestrian, block-y level design, the homing attack chains, the super homing attack thing. The enemies that continue to pose absolutely nothing in the way of challenge to the player (seriously, how did Eggman take over the world with bots these inept?). And even better, another Green Hill Zone environment! Yay! It's free, at least.
  23. While it's nice to see some actual effort being put into the promotion of this game, the big problems I see in regards to the presentation of the narrative are the cutscene direction and the animation. The former is pretty pedestrian, and doesn't really do a lot to really enhance or heighten the drama in any way (this was evident from the Enter Infinite video as well). It very much carries over the "Saturday morning cartoon" style of direction that we saw in Lost World's cutscenes; lots of simple pans, still shots, and a loooot of close-ups. The camera just isn't lending a sense of any sort of significant sense of dynamism to most scenes. And as for the animation, it's also reminiscent of the way that we saw Lost World's cutscenes animate, but it simply doesn't suit the more grounded approach they're going for. The more naturalistic character movements and direction that we saw in Unleashed would be more appropriate for this game. Hell, even taking inspiration from SA2's cutscenes would do wonders (as that game actually had some flair to its presentation). Can't say much more without actually knowing what the characters are saying, but those are my main takeaways for now. Edit: And as an aside that moment where Knuckles rallies everyone almost looks like something out of G-Mod with how lifeless everything is.
  24. It would be bad PR to do so, and wouldn't inspire a lot of confidence in viewers.
  25. Early levels being more simple in structure is something that pretty much everyone expects, but they don't have to be so banal. The third and fourth stages in Generations--those being Classic Chemical Plant and Modern Chemical plant--are much more complex and interesting than anything we've seen from Forces, and those aren't even the best Generations has to offer (hell, arguably the best level in the whole game--Modern Sky Sanctuary-- takes place in the next zone). Nobody is under any illusion that Forces won't have more complex levels as the game goes on. What is in question lies with the extent of complexity and quality of those levels. Edit: I want to emphasize the fact that Generations' third and fourth stages are much better because four is exactly the number of stages we've seen from Forces.
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