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  1. I've played S3K a million times over and until now I had no idea you could spin dash into the spiked enemies on the Death Egg Act 2 boss. I've been beating the boss the hard way all this time.

    1. Treacher


      That caught me by surprise after the first few times, too.

    2. Tracker_TD
  2. Bought Megaman 11! I've never played a Megaman game before. But I liked the demo for 11. Can't wait to play.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      It's definitely great, for sure!

      If you really have never played a Mega Man game before, please choose one of the easier difficulties. Mega Man is a difficult game, and the lower difficulties will make it much more bearable for you.

    2. I Love Sticks

      I Love Sticks

      I'm gonna play it after I'm done checking the routine! It definitely looks great, I love Mega Man.

  3. Red

    Starlink AKA No Man's Skylanders

    Fox and co will be integrated into the main StarLink story. So he won't just be sitting in the background as you play as him, he's actually part of the main story and you will see him in cutscenes and stuff. It's pretty cool.
  4. The only Telltale game I ever played was Tales from the Borderlands. I was really hoping for a sequel but I guess now we'll never get it. It'll probably be removed from the Borderlands canon now too. RIP. I've always wanted to check out their take on Guardians of the Galaxy so I guess I'll be picking that up plus another copy of Borderlands off GOG just in case the titles are removed from Steam. One thing I always wondered though, if the studio was so broke how come they could afford to splash the cash for so many notable voice actors? Patrick Warburton is a Hollywood actor and then you have Troy Baker and Laura Bailey - two voice actors under Union so they had to be paid a fixed wage.
  5. #891 Already? What happened to #808? I'm more confused why they would leak a Gen 8 Pokemon so early.
  6. Ready for Nintendo Switch Online! Is anyone else buying the 1 year sub right away? I'm not even going to bother with the free trial. lol

    1. Tails spin
    2. Ferno


      I actually do plan to within the next few weeks/ months, but only because of the "I have to" aspect. I'll be frowning the whole time i sign up though. gonna frown real hard. i hope nintento feels it

    3. KHCast


      Lol I envy your excitement and optimism for that thing 

    4. Ryannumber1Scarer
    5. \Unauthorized


      Gonna try the free trial first, then figure out the family plan with my family later on. Paying less than a tenner for an entire year is a plus for me, but I gotta say, if they didn't offer this as an option, there'd be riots around these parts, lmao

    6. Demon Hunter Ellipsis

      Demon Hunter Ellipsis

      @Ryannumber1gamer: why am I imagining the dogsong music with that gif

  7. Red

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    @shdowhunt60 he's not being voiced by someone else. The female Pikachu is the guest star.
  8. I'm thinking a teaser at the end of the upcoming movie, Power of Us. They wouldn't release a trailer during promotion for the current movie but I can see them making an exclusive trailer for those who see Movie 21 in cinemas.
  9. We have a logo https://twitter.com/DetPikachuMovie/status/1033006574363586561
  10. Red

    Sonic Channel

    It's Vector! Really love the pose here!
  11. Red

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Has this been posted yet? Tangle is getting her second piece of merchandise
  12. My main worry with this game is that it will be very barebones story wise. Look at how revamped the Gen 3 remakes were. A few towns got a significant upgrade from the original. And a few changes to the story were added too and some NPC's were given more depth to them. Let's Go right now doesn't look like it has any of that. Just a 1:1 remake in HD. It's been mentioned Mewtwo will have more a role in the story but I'm not getting my hopes up for anything major. This whole game just looked like a huge missed opportunity to actually go crazy with a Kanto revisit after all these years. It's such a disappointment they went this direction instead.
  13. I'm watching Independence Day and just amazed at how much content Sega borrowed for Shadow the Hedgehog.

    1. \Unauthorized




      Suddenly Shadow's story went from a 3/10 to a Damn/10

      The antihero protagonist

      The heavy focus on guns

      The alien invasion, president assassination mission, and vehicles in the levels

      The unnecissary swearing

      The cheesy one liners

      It all makes sense now

      It's all inspired by early 2000's American action blockbuster movies, and Sonic Team's take/tribute to the direction like Adventure was to Indiana Jones, Adventure 2 to military action anime, and Heroes to Saturday morning cartoons

      That's amazing

  14. As someone who normally loves Sonic Spin-offs I find it hard to be excited for Team Sonic Racing. There is just nothing appealing here and the writing of the characters is as terrible as ever. I'm also sick of Kart racing that isn't Mario Kart. Wish we could get another Riders game.

    1. Deead Dude

      Deead Dude

      Tfw you realize they could’ve just made a new Riders instead.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Well, we got three Riders games that all sucked. Now we're on our third Sumo-made racer that still looks better than all the Riders games from SEGA even though it looks worse than the previous two in the series.

      Don't miss Riders at all. It was more original, but was never made well at all.

    3. Strickerx5


      It's the franchise's newly found blandness seeping into what are suppose to be the fun, crazier titles. There's a severe lack of effort going into every category here.

      The Riders games might not have been that good (I'll argue the first and ZG but certainly not FR), but at least they had life to them. I don't get that at all from TSR and it's worse off for it.

    4. Bobnik


      I dunno, I think Riders 1 was pretty good for what it was. Sure, it had somewhat steep learning curve compared to other arcade racing games with drifting, turbulence (though that one was a bit too hard to control) and fuel management, but it still was more fun and engaging than w/e previous racing games were.

      I do agree that the later sequels were either pretty boring (Zero Gravity) or just outright marred by the control scheme (Free Riders) and I wouldn't mind another shot at Riders with the polish Sumo Digital have (or, well, had).

  15. Furries will rule the world one day. Fighting game tournaments are just the beginning.


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