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  1. I played Sonic Classic Collection for the first time in forever today. I really wanted to play some S3K. The levels themselves okay but oh god the special stages are horrible!

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      SCC is nice for simply being the Classics on the go, but fuck if they aren't the absolute worst emulations ever. I can just about look past the squashed resolution, but the performance issues are way too strong to ignore. The S3K special stages are particularly bag with the frame drops and broken scrolling. The SK bonus stage with the plasma balls has random garbled graphics throughout the background too. The game was not made with any integrity whatsoever.

      What system are you playing it on? If you're using an original DS or DS Lite is even worse. At least on the DSi and 3DS the performance is much higher.

    2. Shiroi


      The Special Stages were the reason I put that version down.

    3. Red


      @Blue Blood I'm playing it on a New 3DS XL. I just tortured myself getting all Emeralds with Tails without realizing he can't transform yet. So now I have to do it all over again with Sonic!

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