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  1. Despite being wildly different, FF7R and Trials of Mana are examples of generally well received remakes, though. I think the key is that it needs to adapt to the audience's current taste. But that's another subject altogether. Going back to Sonic, as many pointed out, the problem with 3D Sonic that it doesn't scale well with the expectation of the generation; the return on investment is pretty low (perhaps borderline negative if everything is met) compared to other games. It really needs some change, but I can understand why it's a hard problem. I mean we can see here that a lot of people are still talking about longer bigger levels when that is essentially the big issue. If slowing him down goes against his character, one of the possible venue is to play a character not bound by jumpingandgoingfast and have Sonic be a secondary character present in the universe helping you out in key moments.
  2. While not a masterpiece per-se, do I believe Sonic Adventure 2 is the one I would choose. It felt pretty ambitious, but that alone doesn't really hold up most of the time; it was paired up with an engaging plot and series of event resolutions that, while fantastical, were still somewhat believable.
  3. Fire Fighting Lightning, Zeraora The newest pokemon (Meltan aside). I'm kinda wondering about the story of the current marketing. It's a very marketable design.
  4. Desert Mercenary Jackal, Infinite Design It's Infinite! And he's back for trouble. Good luck pulling this 5★ unit lol. Animation Written process http://fav.me/dcq42kj Video time-lapse:
  5. The Endless Maverick Wars Not too sure of my hooomans. It was pretty difficult to pull them off in the typical style I go for. But hey, the robots!
  6. Ryan does a fairly well job on describing what people are missing on the technical level. But that's only part of the story; I'll develop on the other, dark and boring, part spectrum which is often ignored: You see, game development is really a controlled business. Let me elaborate (by still simplifying a lot of stuff). You have time, human resource, etc., all of which are finite resources and ultimately a cost that you allocate on a budget. To balance that, you have to make sure that it will bring in not only the amount you paid to create the game, but more to turn in a sizeable profit. Why work on something that will bring you $10? (Or a magnitude more, if you're talking as a company). It's not a charity. As everything you do costs money, you'll have to justify how working X would hold more value than Y, as an individual, and even as management. Should the answer be that what you're working on not what is planned/acceptable/not valuable enough, you'll be directed to work on something else, or be shown the door as it is their money that you, as a developer, are spending after all. There is very little time for experimentation. And even if there were, you'd be allocated a fixed amount of time doing that compared to something that brings sure value. As much as possible, the roadmap of things to do is planned. But sometimes, things don't go as planned (Hah! Okay I jest: Always). You can't always extend the time of the project, because that would increase the planned budget. Instead you'd just have to cut on things that has the least value, or that cannot be done in time for sure. The planned revenue stays the same no matter how much additional work you do. And lastly, say you get in the team as a developer, for example as one that has the skillset to develop a game engine; You likely won't get to fully participate (or even at all) on other aspects such as level design, setting, story. In more complicated project (as soon as you hit 3D, you likely get in this category), you may not even have anything to do with what you think you can tackle, like anything graphic (lights, particle and effects, animation). There are other, better people suited than you for that after all. Ultimately, you're a simple small gear as part of a whole game creating machine. When participating in these kind of projects, your individual contribution, while important, means little in the grand scheme of things. Also, It's really not an all-fun industry, and many people fail to realize that. Project Mania seems to have have put some ideas in some people's head. I'm not undermining the work our 2-D devs are doing, but the fact is that typically, 3-D projects operate at very different scales.
  7. @Monkey Destruction Switch Haha thank you~ Although to answer your previous reply, this is one of those picture where you can make sense in its reception; Very niche therefore overlooked. I feel that I create a lot of artwork for a lot of underdog series lol.
  8. Samoyede Showdown A little something of a hidden gem. Not a lot of people know about this game. Written process: http://fav.me/dcbe1r8 Video time-lapse:
  9. It's much more expensive to add anything in 3-D games. Additionally, were it not due to greenlight of expansion work, you would not have any of those additions you think perceive as fixes.
  10. The quality range is quite wide, and some of the popular ones are very surprising to me. I can tolerate the public love for Sanic, but to have it acknowledge in the games is a little... I mean I'm sure playable Sanic is easy to do in Mania and lot of people would like it, but sometimes it's okay to not please everyone.
  11. They also don't have to make that much sense. Just something is enough to please most people.
  12. This is really unfortunate news. I rather liked Mighty and Ray in the comics. Their inclusion in Mania is not all good news after all. I'm kinda hoping this doesn't extend to the other remaining characters.
  13. I'm not sure if labeling characters are core or extended matters in a story-driven medium. For best result, I believe that certain characters should be called into an issue only if they would bring something to the ongoing events. You'll appreciate your favourite character's appearance much more when used timely.
  14. Network Terminal Strike A written process log can be found at http://fav.me/dc6hg0k Also timelapse video because why not.
  15. I'd like him to return. More as a different faction than part of Eggman's lackey. At the very least, his sizeable visible fanbase should be enough to consider it. It would be a good first step in developing some sort of thread continuation.
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