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  1. Creative direction shift is typically not a single person's choice. And typically (at least as Japanese) when talking about something in public, you'll omit ill will in your comments to preserve the group harmony. It's very possible that Maekawa-san did not like the direction personally. That doesn't mean he didn't have any favourite thing to say about when working on it.
  2. Yeah, you have the right idea. I believe Sonic would be a character that would always try to remain independent (free as the wind as they say heh), as I don't really see him belonging strongly to any faction. He's more the guy that would ultimately always try to do the right thing despite what people think, and will likely try to amend the relationship later if needed. Taking a ninja village where Espio would have ties to as en example, you'd see that kind of conflict between the two characters if he needed to grab the relic/gems they guard/value forcefully from them for the greater good.
  3. I would probably focus on making Sonic's world a little more complex and believable. I would make (animal) civilization more visible and interactable. Right now this seems to have been handled okay in the comics, but at the moment it seems to mostly be there as background noise and not functional. It should at least show that there is an economy and social events. Taking a previous post as an example, if a character is part of a band, then live performance show should be a thing, etc. Currency would probably be rings, although probably not the size we've been seeing them in-game if it has to be shown. Closely related to that, I would likely establish several factions, or at least show that there are factions. They would be varied in degree friendliness to Sonic (or whoever the MC is). More importantly, Sonic's friends would not always be in full agreement with him since they's identify more with one of those factions. This would open up the possibility of confronting him in a more believable way. A concrete example would be Espio with a ninja village, Blaze's monarchy government, GUN organization (probably would have to be animal converted now) with Rouge and Shadow working there, etc. I'd be careful for most of them always hold a diplomatic-style of relation rather than always bending over to Sonic (or the current hero). This is something Archie tapped on. This would also mean that there would be a variety of villains/antagonists, more importantly not related to Eggman. More interestingly, I'd prefer antagonists to not be one-dimensional and have people understand the other side of the conflict if they choose to. This would likely mean that something has to be done to justify Eggman's actions. Plus, diplomatic-style of relationship would lead to being able to craft scenarios that would sour relationships and have that faction become the antagonist. The opposite would be true too. In a way, I'd love to genuinely have cooperation with Eggman again, similar to what has been done in SA2. Lastly, I'd introduce a mythology where Gods and powerful beings exist. I've always wondered why the concept of elements were not introduced with the presence of Chaos Emeralds as a concept of gems of power. Each one of them would be attributed an element and would enable its wielder to use its power. Though to even the power share a bit I'd probably make it so all gems have a degree of potency instead of just the 7 ones we know. Some beings would need to rely of them while others less so (ie: all rubies would give some fire power depending on their quality). That would make the powerful being that is Sonic more believable and have opportunity of equal opposition/collaboration of similar forces. In this case, Sonic would be character with innate wind power. This is also something that early games have tried to touch on but never developed (SA2 with Sonic's wind moves, Sonic Heroes with Knuckles' fire punches, possibly Marine's). This would even/balance the scale of power, since Sonic, Blaze and especially Silver are very hard characters to write in a believable way since they are uniquely powerful (something Ian and Evan have stated before). I'd replace the wispon-powered weapons with gem-powered instead too as it sounds a little better. A lot of these ideas may not be able to be demonstrated well in games (as we know), especially Sonic ones. It even reduces the focus/power/importance of Sonic himself, but more on Sonic's world which I think would be good for the franchise as a whole. If money/public interest was there (because that's really one of the main reasons for not expanding the series more), it would not be Sonic front-focus all the time, but a Marvel super hero-like handling of the franchise.
  4. Interesting discussion. I'd say that one of the major issue at hand here that has not been discussed is that the internet is too accessible and resulted in many of the inconveniences discussed here. What I mean is that any individual has the power to be given a much bigger voice and connect with other people. This results in more opportunity to maliciously (or ignorantly) falsify information. Where you used to have some control in interaction in the past, any uneducated person's voice can be as big or bigger than a scholar. Any kid can argue with a celebrity, etc. This is one of the many cases where too much good (accessibility, privacy) can be bad.
  5. Similarly, the recent stories written in the Sonic Channel are also pretty Japanese-esque. You'd probably need to change the dialog a bit to match Western Sonic.
  6. It's been a little while since I've posted stuff around here. Despite that long time, not much was produced anyway lol. HEDGEHOG WITH A MISSION Sonic the Hedgehog, Infinite the Jackal, Espio the Chameleon, Knuckles the Echidna and Vector the Crocodile performing a live rock band concert. The crowd is going wild and Infinite is about to join them. A full concept art of a band based on MAN WITH A MISSION. I kinda wish I was able to incorporate the colors of the wolves with the Sonic characters, but I didn't think that far ahead. Well, at least Vector is green and Knuckles is close to pink lol. I went for the cool boys in leather theme with this band and designed outfits that matches but aren't quite the same, which I've often seen with group branding. It gives each member an identity while still looking like a unit. Vector is pretty much already dressed for the occasion so all other attires were loosely based on him. Infinite's design could have been kept as is, but I couldn't help but to add the earring and such. He's the baddest boy of the group after all. Since this would be based on the wolf band, I've pretty much added some key elements of the Werehog design on Sonic. Plus, as a leader, he was given a coat to give that vibe. I really wanted to keep Espio's ninja look and it was pretty easy to have him blend in. Knuckles as a drummer was also kinda easy to mold him into a brawler's look. All instruments were tailored to fit their look. I drew a lot of inspiration from SHOW BY ROCK! in how they would design them. Vector's DJ set was the hardest to come up with. Infinite's microphone is the one I'm the most proud of.
  7. If the goal is to use him as a tool to make Sonic better, then that could be a reason. I'm not saying that it's the case here particularly, but you can find some reasons. For better or worse, this is (no longer) a World of Sonic comic, but more a Sonic one.
  8. While I understand that the difficulty curve is not for everyone, my favourite is hands down the second one. It's probably the only game where I participated in time attack. Bosses in Sonic games tend to be fairly boring and frankly not giving any sense of danger, but the running ones managed resonate well with what I seeked. The special stage and entry method made you explore the map thoroughly and try to master it, which is a plus on my book. The first game was fairly simple and probably too basic. There is sadly not much I remember about it. The third game, while I remember probably enjoying it more than the first, was overall disappointing. I can't quite explain it. Maybe it's because the bar was set pretty high from the previous one, or because the tag system didn't quite work out as well as I expected.
  9. Interestingly, abrupt change of tone has been seen in long running anime series and depending on who you ask, they're mostly well received. It's typically as a one time filler but sometimes it can be an arc.
  10. I suspect that the next game will determine how some of current fans will approach this series (game-wise). No matter what happens some people will not be pleased. I suppose the problem is that as soon as it's clear that the direction the games are going is not what a person wants, then the potential of sales and and future interest would go down drastically. You can already see it when some groups are saying "if Sonic is just mania from now on", or "if no more Mania from now on I quit" kind of posts around. Sonic is too big for what the fans want out of it for games. So it's very scary to think this way as an investor; you always want to keep the leash and therefore make sure that there may some thing for everyone, if not now then in the future. At least, that's what I would have said years ago. With Sonic not being the hottest thing for Sega anymore, I imagine that we may get a more simple budget focused experience out of it, not to dissimilar to what we've gotten. You just have to hope it's going to be something you like. That said, Sonic is a multimedia franchise tofay. So venues other than games can hold your interest.
  11. There is not much that is documented on this. Even the old American Sonic (that we dubb Mohawk Sonic) is not talked about. Not sure about today's opinions, but I did ask about it to a friend about 5 years ago or so, and the answer I've gotten is that he is (too) scary. Not surprising since Sonic X portrayal seemed to be the most known/liked one.
  12. It's also partly an industry-wide issue. The B-budget games/studios have disappeared when game budget/demands could not make the cut anymore.
  13. Right around this game (or maybe this game specifically), I realized that Sonic has become a lot more like Mario and Hello Kitty style of mascot. Suffice to say that I started to got a less invested. It's simply not the kind of Sonic I seek. There was something about the presentation, tonal shift, budget, etc. that simply rubbed me the wrong way more than any prior titles. Though in its defense, the clash likely started at Generations.
  14. I'll be siding with the opinion of bringing characters only when the scenario calls for it. This would also mean that characters like Tails and Eggman would not have to be shoe-ins. That way, it would make their appearance much stronger and meaningful, not to mention a much easier time to create a coherent story with meaningful iterations. I would not mind seeing things they did with Sonic-Blaze-Marine for other odd/rare combinations like Sonic-Chaotix, and so on. If they really have to be put the favourites in for a nod, then maybe as a passer-by/cameo to let people know they exist and are doing their own thing, but only if it makes sense.
  15. Despite being wildly different, FF7R and Trials of Mana are examples of generally well received remakes, though. I think the key is that it needs to adapt to the audience's current taste. But that's another subject altogether. Going back to Sonic, as many pointed out, the problem with 3D Sonic that it doesn't scale well with the expectation of the generation; the return on investment is pretty low (perhaps borderline negative if everything is met) compared to other games. It really needs some change, but I can understand why it's a hard problem. I mean we can see here that a lot of people are still talking about longer bigger levels when that is essentially the big issue. If slowing him down goes against his character, one of the possible venue is to play a character not bound by jumpingandgoingfast and have Sonic be a secondary character present in the universe helping you out in key moments.
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