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  1. I'd probably buy a F4F 50cm resin painted Infinite statue immediately if such thing gets announced lol.
  2. There is even the opposite; Full female cast. But I get that those tend to cater to a certain male demographic.
  3. At minimum, you can expect something that meshes well with the game universe for the sake of some consistency in image. This doesn't mean it's going to be connected to any game directly or not. Whatever it means in terms of creativity limitation/scope and the likes, we can't say much for now.
  4. That's probably one of the few things that's starting to make the overall setting feel stale. The excitement on that potential aspect of the book has waned down.
  5. It's unfortunate that the character usage discussion was done in such generic topic. It could really use to be indexed properly in its own topic.
  6. It seems to affect pretty much anything in activity stream (/discover/*), like https://board.sonicstadium.org/discover/1/
  7. I think the problem is less that they're simple in background, but more simple in mind/motive/character. The latter typically makes a character hard to care about.
  8. People also forget or don't know that the hired individual with technical responsibility tend to not be the product owner or similar role (aka the person with creative approval). Sure, you may be able to influence a bit with your suggestions, but once you're in, you will have to comply and compromise in many ways. A fan game is typically an individual's endeavour free of any shackles (even time and money) while games out there is a commercial team delivery.
  9. There is some merit in thinking that there was a shift to try and put Sonic on the pedestal (though at all times at fault), if you want to find reason in all of this. One recent event that struck me was how Senoue-san seemed to have difficulty saying that his favourite character wasn't Sonic but felt obligated to say it.
  10. I'll be the one chiming for the kind of fans that don't care much about the gameplay but more for the potential narrative and world building, which has taking a back seat for quite a while. The shounenesque SA2, with all the character nuances and build-up is something that's pretty treasured.
  11. I'd say there are many that at least seek that RPG aspect in the games. Though it's pretty hard to include that in the games as we know now. That said, Adventure and Boom seemed to have that placed in high value.
  12. If you think about it for a second, it's very unlikely for something as important as Sonic in the company to have every decision done by a single (or even just a handful of) person/people. You can easily assume that due to his importance, a lot of people will try to steer him in some way to fit their need. In general, it's not because you're a director or even a producer that you'll heartfully agree with all the decisions that has been done (even your own). Every one of them is a result of a compromise; It's never fully about creativity. For example, I've seen product decisions that were driven by sales and marketing department. You can say that it's a case of too many chefs in the same kitchen, but gaming (or any product development) really is a business, a team effort. Plus, quite often, the delivery, good or bad, really is a miracle in itself since it's so chaotic.
  13. Well, you can also argue that making (big) Sonic games is unsustainable. Sonic stages in general requires asset use/production that is probably is one of the least cost-effective one out there, if it has to match today's growing player expectations. It's a tough spot to be in.
  14. When you realize that most games don't turn up a profit, it's not very surprising. Unfortunate news, regardless.
  15. Creative direction shift is typically not a single person's choice. And typically (at least as Japanese) when talking about something in public, you'll omit ill will in your comments to preserve the group harmony. It's very possible that Maekawa-san did not like the direction personally. That doesn't mean he didn't have any favourite thing to say about when working on it.
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