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  1. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    The thing that I'm concerned about it that it may feel very episodic. While it may be fun to read and all, I won't feel like investing into something that is just a funbook. (Indicentally, this is one of the few reasons I didn't particularly enjoy Mega Drive, etc). It can be hard to not have that feeling when reading the first book. However, since it will be released weekly for the first 4 books, it may help alleviate that.
  2. Pokken Tournament DX Announced

    Having Kamex in there seemed a little too much like catering for the older taste. Ah well, I'm definitively not complaining for continued support for this game, though.
  3. The State of Sonic Team

    Not every one has money laying around to do risky stuff. That's the reality of things. You cannot just throw money at something and "see what happens".
  4. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    For some reason, I actually thought it wouldn't be released outside Japan digitally so I went through loops getting it. Ah well, haha. That said, even with the few odd tracks here and there, I'm quite enjoying the soundtrack. Definitively a nice purchase.
  5. The State of Sonic Team

    I feel that I need to restate the following: There hasn't been any entity called "Sonic Team" within Sega in quite a while (around 2005). The name was kept for branding. The division team that was responsible to develop Puyo Puyo Tetris, Mario & Sonic, and Sonic Forces is the same one, yet only one of these mentioned title kept the Sonic Team logo (guess which one). Granted, since that division so far was the only one that helmed the development of Sonic games since the restructuring, so you may perhaps call them the new Sonic Team (but not really). The point I'm trying to give is that the team that develop the Sonic games is not a fixed team; You should expect people to shuffle in and out. Now starting here it's all speculation, but If the Forces game felt too shorthanded, it's likely due to resources allocated to that team being concentrated on other projects that was (unfortunately for us) deemed more important for Sega. I wouldn't be too surprised if the 2020 Mario & Sonic game (if there is such a thing) would be that other project (though I would not be able to explain the long development cycle).
  6. Am I a failure if I don't finish the Genesis classics?

    The experience is what truly counts, really. If you had fun, great. If not, then maybe it's time to move on to something else. There are many people that are not good at playing games, or that don't like losing. That's how the market of more cinematic games, or "feel-good" games came to be. If it makes you feel better, stats have revealed that most people don't finish their games. Plus, there are people that do not play any Sonic games because they are hard, etc. but are still considered fans of Sonic.
  7. The State of Sonic Team

    I recall that since the restructuration, semi-independent teams were no longer a thing. People are shuffled as needed for each project. I believe that Sonic Team was kept as a name due to branding.
  8. Sonic Forces Reviews Thread

    Remember that reviews, even the so-called professional ones are not a set science. These numbers are reflective of the person's opinion at the time of release/playthrough, and don't even follow the same scale and weights.
  9. Sonic's future as an RPG series

    I'm all for the idea of a Sonic RPG, but I don't believe that it absolutely needs to be fast-paced or "action-y" at all, as long as it delivers a good experience (even if I would personally prefer it). There are a few fans of the series that like the characters and world but won't play the games (because they're not good at them, etc) and it would certainly be more in their alley.
  10. Shun Nakamura Confirmed as Writer for Forces

    During my playthrough, I did notice some differences between the Japanese and English script. A few of them were very different, but for the particular line being discussed... The choice of word "torture" probably wasn't the best one to use, as blatant torture is typically 拷問する. The localization team probably thought that it needed to exaggerate his situation. A closer translation would be: I might go play it again take down the major differences. But one particular instance is that scene where he was talking about chili dog. I remember being really confused because my friend read the subs as I was busy looking at the pretty scenes, hah. It's not an important change, and I imagine that there won't be too many, but it was different enough for me to not continue in English for the first playthrough afterwards.
  11. I remember that I found it weird that Sonic Forces was not mentioned in the last Nintendo Direct before its release when it listed the upcoming games, since it's easy exposure. I thought that it was because Sega was going to do its own thing. But looking back now, I can't recall anything.
  12. It's a lot of effort to open a UI to pick and click on a game. You should instead try to use the keyboard to search for your indexed games (or index them). Since Windows Vista (or maybe earlier?), it's as simple as pressing your windows key and type right away.
  13. I won't derail this topic any further than by stating this. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I believe that anything done with good faith shouldn't be squandered. You state that you would probably be ridiculed if you attempted to teach music. Certainly, it might be the case, but don't you think this is actually a problem? Instead, there can be other ways to follow up the situation. in a more positive matter and respectful matter. But this is not what I've seen here; It's total trashing. I normally can keep my cool on negative stuff, but what I've seen here really hit me hard. I don't think that this kind of interaction creates a good community to interact with, or pass by.
  14. It's one thing to not like a team's project. It's another to ridicule people for hard work and knowledge sharing in good faith. What I just witnessed here is simply shameful and very toxic.
  15. Some of these are alright. I'm not sure about the SMB and Nights mask though. Maybe they would have been better as just ears and hat.