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  1. Shadow Team was an actual web site, with flash games . Do you people remember when TSS had a contest, and you could win a Shadow the Hedgehog game? Damn i feel old..
  2. Finally brighter environment in the game, IV was so grey and depressing :/.
  3. It looks like I'm the oldest one here xD.
  4. Rave92


    I guess the movie Batman with Jack Nicholson, then Batman Animated Series etc, but can't believe that some just acknowledged Batman when Dark Knight movie came, or AA .
  5. Well I was here since 2005 I think (with different nick and wasn't very active), I remember this place used to have some section so new members can post there, introduce and ask admins for verification of their accounts.
  6. Just finished Arkham Asylum, and waiting for Arkham City to get here . Amazing game.
  7. Uncharted 2 on PS3. I'm near of finishing it.
  8. You are right, always when they wanted to "release is as soon as possible" wasn't so good. It's better to take some time, and actually have normal and playable game.
  9. Rave92

    Post Your Desktop

    Great to see that Europe is connected .
  10. Rave92

    Nintendo 3DS

    That is a lot for sure. Hopefully they will use it.
  11. We can only say, give it a try .
  12. I am currently playing Pokemon SoulSilver on my DS, and Donkey Kong Country Returns on Wii. I am on last stage and kind of occupied by Pokemon right now, but I will probably finish it tomorrow.
  13. Same here! It was a bit of disappointing, but game is ok after all, just not that great like I thought it will be.
  14. Well it's in the middle of desert, so yeah that's probably why. I am not sure about Qatar, I guess the time will show, but Russia was a great choice.
  15. ^And list goes American, Australian, Canadian etc.. and even they have their own dialects xD.
  16. My suggestion would be to include more characters from the Sonic universe like Tails, Shadow etc... and by that, I mean to be playable, not just part of the story. I like what they did with Sonic Colors in terms of the gameplay, now just combine it with a greater story and characters.
  17. I would actually order it if I could find it on the Internet, it looks cool.
  18. *Me wants that t-shirt* . Anyway, I'm on the 7th "world" and I have to admit, game is not that easy at all.
  19. I've beat the game and I can only say, I don't think it will get much better for you, but that's my opinion, especially that you will probably use camera more.
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