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  1. Because the Sonic brand and franchise as a whole is an unwieldy, outdated beast of a franchise, that tried oh so extremely desperately to keep up with the fads of the times once the initial appeal of "90s anthro with tude'" trend died off after 2003 or so. Sonic was not equipped with any effective tools with long lasting success in mind during conception. He was literally crammed full of trends that were popping off during the early 90s and that's about it. It worked for that time but as each year put more distance between the series and the 90s, the inability to adapt, find a foundation and stick with it stuck out very noticeably. If the design was so appealing, it would show in sales, or rather not sales but fanbase size and casual interest; both of which are at the lowest point the franchise has ever seen. Yeah the design is iconic I admit, but if it isn't actively attributing to the appeal of your brand it does not serve any useful purpose. I already went over the fact that Sonic was built on 90s principles, and this is confirmed through various interviews and developer factoids. The design isn't helping and in the past MANY other dated franchises have updated their character designs for the era, it just so happens that my suggestion is a far more dramatic departure appealing to a completely different demographic. And I think it's fair to say the largest contribution that furries have given to Sonic over the years is porn. let's be honest here. No large loss, especially considering how minuscule furries are in the first place. As a fan, you would be most affected by the change. Casuals, we both know would not give 2 singular fucks and if the game was fun they'd play regardless. And that is what is missing: casual interest. If it is outside of the context of a nostalgia revival ala N Sane Trilogy or Sonic Mania, casuals again don't give a fuck about platformers. The fact that the dated anthro concept plagues the series only makes the issue worse. Other than Mario and other nintendo IPs, essentially every other platformer from the PS1/PS2 era are completely dead. Ratchet, Sly, Ty, Blinx, and those before like Jazz Jackrabbit, Gex, Croc, Spyro Bubsy and Earthworm Jim were all products of their time. Once the developer got a name for themselves, they left old projects to die and moved on to more ambitions projects. Projects that pointed in the direction of the industry. Naughty Dog has the Last of us for example. There is no profitable market for oversimplified platfromers when open-world games are already the natural evolution of the genre. By making him human, you expand appeal, allow for more potential in storytelling, broaden gameplay possibilities. If done right, it can reboot the fanbase and get fresh blood. The Comics are anything but fine. IDW is on the brink of bankruptcy. I'll leave you to research that on your own since that's not my point at all. The movie has far more destructive capacity than you grasp. Since you posted this, extremely frightening details about the movie have surfaced and it looks to be the train wreck everyone imagined it to be, and more. If and when the movie flops, casual interest from children and soccer moms will be utterly dismantled.. Recovering from a critical box office failure is NOT easy by any stretch of the imagination. Even Star Wars is struggling with gaining consumer trust again after constant disappointment ever since Clone Wars' cancellation. Sonic in its currently comatose condition with a failed movie is going to critical blows dealt to the franchise. It has since been revealed that Sonic Team consists of nothing more than 7 or 8 so members that tossed forces together haphazardly. the bulk of the team fled to Nintendo, including even some of the composers and Naka himself is at Square at the present moment. The franchise is in worse condition than it has ever been in history. The movie, assuming it bombs as it likely will, is yet another nail among the other hundreds in Sonic's coffin, but the difference being this nail may be the final one. tl;dr, platformers are dead as a moneymaker genre, anthro game series are outdated and lack appeal. Even the mount of pissed off Sonic fans wouldn't equal the amount of new blood coming in just to peep the franchise's new look out of curiosity, or those who stick around as a result.
  2. This is, and I mean this completely unironically and 100% seriously, really the only thing that can save this series and even then it would have to be done in such a way that the execution would be nearly impossible to pull off. But it's funny how incredibly prophetic this thread is now.
  3. I mean, fans have been warning that this would eventually happen. Forces is only the next natural step after Lost World. Makes sense honestly. It became clear sonic team had not the slightest fucking clue what they were doing when sonic 4 and sonic colors came out, some of the worst 2D they ever created.
  4. Wildly funny to look back at all the dogged Lost World defending just to see all of the SLW issues manifested at peak volume in Forces. Bitter, bitter irony.
  5. Basic and straight to the point, these vids. I may sound like I'm exaggerating but I can truthfully say I agree with everything here. I was waiting for the longest time on a SonicTuber with a viewpoint devoid of gameplay jargon. It's refreshing to see a new angle to the Sonic paradigm. Glad to see Sonic Adventure 3 overcoming that stupid stigma of being angry, biased Adventure "fahnboiz". These are good discussion starters. What do you guys think? OfqrqueHY5s
  6. Why do we make a fuss over Eggman pulling out some semi-realistic firearm on Amy ....yet give Eggman electrocuting Knuckles with who knows how much wattage a free pass? Both were played straight in terms of how "serious" it was to the canon (it wasn't meant to be "silly" in other words) Let's be fair here lol.
  7. Nor did I. Post lag didn't alert me. I honestly wasn't trying to be antagonistic. I was only being objective. Observing TSS, it seems people are far more touchy here than anywhere else I've been.. I'm used to the "don't mince words" attitude of the SEGA forums I guess lol Meh w/e, this community warning gives me some street cred.
  8. He also wasn't standing there letting Chaos 0 know how much of an incompetent, inferior infidel peon he was. He was going with the moment and having fun. Not being insulting.
  9. Question: Aside from the big confrontation resulting from the kicked conch, when were any of the D6 members even remotely come close to killing Sonic? Sonic making fun of a person because he's fat is immature and puerile. I know Sonic doesn't always act his age but for God's sake is it acceptable in today's society to walk up to someone who is sitting there eating a sandwich and burst out with a joke at their weight. No. That isn't even appealing as weight joke's are just insensitive. I don't know why I'm explaining why making fun of someone's weight isn't cool haha xDD I know you might bring up SA1 where Sonic calls Eggman "a giant talking Egg." Ok yeah weight joke. But it has context since Eggman and Sonic have some sort of weird "frienemy" thing going on so Sonic making fun of Eggman feels more natural since Sonic and Eggman have always hated/rivaled each other. As for facing other threats like Dark Gaia. Yeah I know. But the thing is that Sonic took those situations far more seriously and didn't go out of his way to insult gigantic primordial creatures. Sonic has the capability to take his adversaries seriously and while I'm not saying Sonic should have taken those "ogres" as you put it (haha!) seriously. Why should Sonic lower himself to such standards when he can handle things much worse? I don't see why Sonic's character needs to insult those that are obliviously and woefully incompetent. They couldn't even stop Tails from shooting at them...when they have control over machinery! I don't see why these character's were even threats to the Sonic and why Sonic needed to stoop to their stereotypical level. Now Sonic trading insults with someone who can actually match him would be a REAL battle! Sonic taking his usual cheap shots only to be greeted with something equally as stinging would catch Sonic off guard and perhaps even evoke a sense of fun since he has met a worthy challenge. Sonic picking at incompetent villains didn't come off as cocky and awesome to me. It lacked the depth to be interesting.
  10. And Sonic knew....without a Shadow of a doubt...they had absolutely no hope of doing so lol Seems more like Sonic poking fun at their inadequacy than anything else. Sonic never really needed to make fun of Zomom's fatness at all even if "they were trying to kill him" xD
  11. Nice summary dude!

    1. Komodin


      Oh, thank you very much! =)

  12. Ok wow....you actually found a suitable spot in Sonic's personality from Lost World... Well done! I can agree with this. It's natural to assume that Sonic would want to lighten a heavy mood with a joke or two since Sonic is inclined to the lighter side of things by nature Whether it works or not is something interesting to observe I think. All I would like to ask is make his jokes not "exclusively" snarky. He can do some ribbing because it's only some harmless fun between friends. Maybe calling Knuckles an " " for sitting up on Angle Island and taking his guarding duty a *bit* too seriously. I'll even go as far as to say Sonic should intentionally and even unintentionally antagonize some of his friends. Friends get on friend's nerves at one time or another. Just make sure Sonic's friends can take it and hold their own against Sonic's smart mouth as well. Maybe some pranks as well? Since sonic is more of a "Let me show you rather than tell you" type of guy, it makes sense for Sonic to "show" his humor rather than always saying it through clever quips. I would like to take it a step further and suggest sometimes Sonic and friends are just goofing off enjoying each other's company without making any jokes at anyone's expense. I always felt that Sonic would be the type to gather up the gang and star an impromptu chill-out session. That would be nice to see on screen. Even the SA games didn't show that too well. I guess SA1 did it to a degree...but I would like to see more. But the snide remarks made to the Deadly Stereotypes seemed mean spirited and perhaps even vain.(especially that one quip to Zeena.) That should just be off limits. And finally than you for getting the discussion back on track. I wanted to but it seems some users were mad at my tone but never explicitly stated what exactly pissed them off. I'm glad it's productive once again. Thanks and you have a good idea of characterization!
  13. That's what I thought....apparently attacking a video games flaws is "rude" as well. If I was acting superior to the users here ok they would have the right to address me. Your "boss" analogy was amusing xD
  14. I've been fairly impassive and polite to all the users. I haven't insulted anyone nor have I started some sort of flame war. What exactly has been done here except exemplifying the flaws of certain characterization from my vantage point. I literally recited SLW's plot minus the one flaw I made I don't see where I went wrong. What irks you so much that you feel attacked? Like I said I haven't insulted anyone nor have I served baseless insults to a game without examples to back me up. What is so wrong with my tone. I'm not even instigating a fight.... What Posse? I have been on this site for a while now....I have only 2 friends lol and I even conceded on some stuff I had wrong. What exactly is your point? Clarify....I know he/she was agreeing with me and I am glad I have been making valid points but it seems that anyone with a slight edge to their tone or who feels strongly about something is constantly ordered to "use their "inside voice"... If you don't believe it to be the truth, debate me on it using facts. That is the only way you can disprove me in the end. StaticMania, good point. Point taken. And Ben 10 really had potential to be fun...but the constant bickering and the character stagnation is what killed it for me. Sonic is really starting to resemble Ben in many ways...
  15. Well in that case you aren't interested in debating. Concession accepted.
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