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  1. My biggest concern for this game is if Sonic Team will utilize the SSD of PS5 and Series X or constrain the game to fit it to the Switch instead of making a seperate version for last generation like with Unleashed on Wii/PS2...that would be so sad...
  2. Yuck, that video is WAAAAAY to compressed to even make a comparision more than "That red thing is a darker red in the new version".
  3. I don't have it on hand right now but the japaneese SEGA twitter commented on Sonic Origins as "being a large collection of sonic games from the mega drive era including 1,2,3, K, CD". Feels like there will be at least a couple of more games in there. Maybe they will elaborate further after Sonic Colors have been released. Market one game at a time.
  4. Japanese 30th Anniversary Limited Edition 30th Anniversary Sonic Collectors Coin Life in Sonic's World Vol. 1 CD Life in Sonic's World Vol. 1 Art Book
  5. It's easy: One is known to be terrible, one is know to be good. When the regular edition of Mania is out of print and people who only buy physical games sees this in stores and want's to play Mania, Sega can add 1 point to Sonic Forces sales chart per Sonic Mania sale and call it a success. It's an evil plan and i don't stand by it.
  6. I bet this was made not to oversaturate the stores with Sonic games since the new racing game was about to come out this holliday. And to force people who want's Sonic Mania to also buy Forces.
  7. I hated it but i do have some pros for Forces: You can disable dialog during gameplay. It's felt polished...kinda. Some stages(modern Sonic) where fun for a couple of runs. Better luck next time, Sonic Team.
  8. -Dull level design -Enemies just standing around waiting to be defeated(easily) -Can't turn off dialogue -Cant turn off lyrics in the songs(even Sonic R could do that...c'mon.)
  9. Oh my.....that was just awful on so many levels.
  10. Because the gameplay and level design so far looks so dull, forced and automated. And why are there springs at places like this? Are Sonic Team affraid people wont find the jump button? If they want to smooth out the speed without loosing movement on Sonic, why not just use the quaterpipes? That's what they where there for in the first game, to not make the game come to a dead stop before a slower part. The spring fills no function here since i bet you can't move foreward when bouncing on it like in Generations and Sonic 4(?).
  11. I'd love it to be Hydrocity even though the original stages are similar to Chemical Plant, i think the Mania-team can do wonders with it. And Tee Lopes making the music...too perfect.
  12. The Custom Charachter gameplay looks so simple. Theres like 8 enemies in a row everywhere and all you have to do is hold R2 or wathever so blast them with a flamethrower. Wheres the challange? Nothing. And the Classic Sonic gameplay is just a bad emulation of what once was good. And the level design is so boring. Just alot of straight lines. It might not be as bad as Shadow or 2006, bud it's gonna be the dullest Sonic 3D game since heroes.
  13. Outside of the Modern Sonic gameplay, everything looks so bad. Good Lord. We are back in the dark times of with 3D Sonic games again.
  14. Oh no...what the hell did they do to the music? It's supposed to be a heavy song. Sounds so tame. And why even Chemical Plant again? My Mania-hype went down.
  15. God, how awfull the Sonic Rivals soundtracks where.
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