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  1. It's easy: One is known to be terrible, one is know to be good. When the regular edition of Mania is out of print and people who only buy physical games sees this in stores and want's to play Mania, Sega can add 1 point to Sonic Forces sales chart per Sonic Mania sale and call it a success. It's an evil plan and i don't stand by it.
  2. I bet this was made not to oversaturate the stores with Sonic games since the new racing game was about to come out this holliday. And to force people who want's Sonic Mania to also buy Forces.
  3. Oh my.....that was just awful on so many levels.
  4. Because the gameplay and level design so far looks so dull, forced and automated. And why are there springs at places like this? Are Sonic Team affraid people wont find the jump button? If they want to smooth out the speed without loosing movement on Sonic, why not just use the quaterpipes? That's what they where there for in the first game, to not make the game come to a dead stop before a slower part. The spring fills no function here since i bet you can't move foreward when bouncing on it like in Generations and Sonic 4(?).
  5. I'd love it to be Hydrocity even though the original stages are similar to Chemical Plant, i think the Mania-team can do wonders with it. And Tee Lopes making the music...too perfect.
  6. The Custom Charachter gameplay looks so simple. Theres like 8 enemies in a row everywhere and all you have to do is hold R2 or wathever so blast them with a flamethrower. Wheres the challange? Nothing. And the Classic Sonic gameplay is just a bad emulation of what once was good. And the level design is so boring. Just alot of straight lines. It might not be as bad as Shadow or 2006, bud it's gonna be the dullest Sonic 3D game since heroes.
  7. Outside of the Modern Sonic gameplay, everything looks so bad. Good Lord. We are back in the dark times of with 3D Sonic games again.
  8. Oh no...what the hell did they do to the music? It's supposed to be a heavy song. Sounds so tame. And why even Chemical Plant again? My Mania-hype went down.
  9. God, how awfull the Sonic Rivals soundtracks where.
  10. I know the game's not finnished, but Sonic looks soooo weird when running without the boost. Can't put a finger on why. Stiff as hell. Almost awfull.
  11. Would love to know more about this. At least with games today we always here why the games come out trash and what went wrong. Would be really fun if someone with more knowledge about Chaotix's developement came forward or if people got hold on the people behind it to get some answears.
  12. Back when Sonic Gems Collection was about to come out i was wondering, why not release this forgotten gem that i saw in magazines as a kid and once played at a demostation in a gamestore (at that time) 10 years ago? Even more obscure Sonic games like Sonic The Fighters has been released for homeconsoles more than one time. And from what i have seen, heard and read, Chaotix isn't that terrible(if terrible at all) compared to most Game Gear games that's gotten re-released several times. I read that Knuckles Chaotix got released on GameTap in 2007 but it's stay was short lived and that's it. So are there any real answears to this? Like SEGA just not caring or simply just that Sonic is missing from the title and game itself for marketing purposes? And would You like it to get an official console re-release?
  13. The sound effects in all of the past ports of the 16-bit Sonic-games have always been terrible. The Mega Drive/Genesis collection for PS3 and 360 and same for PSP/PS2, Sonic Mega Collection, XBLA/Wii/PSN-ports, Steam...Why was this always a problem? I don't get it. Is the Genesis sound chip so hard do emulate? The only ones i never tried was the DS Sonic Collection and the 3DS ports, but i don't expect anything else. The Taxman versions of 1/2/CD is perfect though. But hey, it's the Taxman. And sadly, only CD is available on console and 3 and Sonic & Knuckles i fear will never be ported by this genius.
  14. Because the games in the other franchises you mention are not directly bad. They still play really well. Might not be for you, or me for that matter, but they are not unplayable, the stories are not fanfiction, they don't release 2 terrible games every year. I personaly find Assassins Creed to be extremly boring games. I have tried a fev of them. They play amazing though. The combat is not for me, but for those who likes that kind of combat, it's good. Call of Duty are "the same every year". But it works, right? What if Sonic still had the Colours/Generations concept, people would adapt to it. Get used to it. I mean, those games got well recived both by customers and critics. And then they just stopped. You don't see Activision changing up the gameplay in CoD. Sure, they might be modified from year to year. But they still keep the things that worked from the beginning and building upon it. The next year, the ones who bought last years game will recognize how to play it. With Sonic, you have to learn a whole new type of gameplay almost every time. The same could be said about Mario, but here, it's really just a difference in concept and quality assurence. Even though i personaly has not liked a single Mariogame since Sunshine, i still see the quality in the 3D-Mario titles. New Super Mario Brothers....ugh, those are just soulless. Crash had two really bad games in two years. Activision stopped it. Spyro just got really mediocre, and had even faded away from fame after the PSone-era. But activision stopped it. You don't see Activision barfing out bad Spyro game after bad spyro game with some bad portable spin-offs year after year. When was the last time you saw a Spyrogame? 2009? Skylanders does not count. People forget if you do it like this. People in my age, who are pushing 30, are not into Sonic as much as they where about 15 years ago. I have a friend that laugh every year when a Sonicgame is released and it's terrible. Not that he ever was really THAT into Sonic, but he loved the Mega Collection and played Adventure 2 a lot. He even bet's with another friend over the metacritic score for the next game. Almost every time. They both gave Generations the approval though.
  15. Not funny, not entertaining. Just a waste of time.
  16. I feel that if they have a big game on the way that is to be releases this year and SEGA/Sonic Team is very confident in it's quality, they should show it as early as possible to get the buzz going. On the other hand, showing something that looks amazing and polished in mid july, the biggest drought in gaming(both releases and news) every year, is pretty smart.
  17. What i ment was that this "new game" seems to be announced in late july. E3 is mid-june. I didn't mean SEGA would skip E3, i knew SEGA of Europe would be there, but they don't have anything to do with the Sonic franchise.
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