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  1. The second Sonic Music Spectacular went off without a hitch, and went out with a bang. I was very happy to be there almost the entire time (I missed the first 40 minutes), though I was multitasking some of the time. I do have to say I was disappointed there weren't any stuffed nachos, they really made last year's spectacular. Seriously though, it was a lot of fun, big thanks to @Ryannumber1gamer and the rest of the Motobug staff: @The Deleter, @Kiah, @Forte-Metallix, @Failinhearts, @Spin Attaxx, @kirby1up, @galabance, @CrowtheBoolet, and any one I may have accidentally left out. I honestly can't think of any complaints or critisicm, you all did an amazing job. I can't wait for the finished celebration videos. SSMB wouldn't be SSMB without Motobug! Here's to another year of Motobug, and another Sonic Music Spectacular!
  2. Great idea Ryan! Since no one submitted any song from it for this year's celebration or last year's, I'll use my extra submission to give poor Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine some love. 2-Player - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine http://youtu.be/ZjEyI6Pqnfk It's a great game with a great soundtrack in my opinion.
  3. Well this sucks, I figured it was probably being cancelled, but I had a little hope inside that it really was just a hiatus. I don't think this was handled well at all, I would love to know what was going on this whole time. Of course I have no clue, but I've got a feeling this was Sega's decision, not Archie's. I feel like if it was Archie's decision, Sega wouldn't be bothering with taking the comics in a "different direction". Speaking of which, I am not at all looking forward to this different direction. And I feel so bad for all the people who were working on the comic, I hope they can find other work.
  4. Oh good lord! This shirt will sell just as well as those phone cases did, I'm sure, who wouldn't want to wear such a beautiful garment, you'd be the belle of the ball. I see Lara-Su looks as awful as ever, and what in the hell is going on with Julie-Su? 'working mother', what work is she doing, acting in a Golden Girls stage play? I've said the man has no talent, but I was wrong, he has the talent to completely one up himself in awfulness almost every time. I cannot not believe its been five years since this thing was supposed to be released, and this is what he's come up with.
  5. Awesome, I loved last year's Music Spectacular. Song request 1 SONIC & KNUCKLES - BLUE SPHERES My Favorite Sonic song of all time, it's been stuck in my head for twenty years. Song request 2 SONIC THE FIGHTERS - Sonic vs. Knuckles ~ North Wind I've said it before, but this series needs more eurobeat. Song request 3 Sonic R - Livin' in the City Sonic R's soundtrack is one of the best, and Livin' in the City is my favorite from it. Remix request 3 SONIC 3D BLAST (Genesis) - Diamond Dust Zone Act 1 Remake by TechnoMichaSDL The original was fantastic, and this remake is also very good. It gives it a bit of a different sound, but doesn't stray to far from the original, and I like that.
  6. I'm here with my ballots, just in time. Better late than never - my family's motto, or at least it should be. Spoiler'd so it doesn't take up the whole page. Thank you @Nepenthe, this was a lot of fun!
  7. I'm loving the chemical plant remix, it sounds so good.

  8. I'm here with part 2, I was going to say just in time, but I see it's been extended. 13. What is your favorite Sonic track both vocal and non-vocal? Non-vocal: Blue Spheres The catchiest song in the entire series, I can't tell how many times this has been stuck in my head. Vocal: It Doesn't Matter (original SA1 version) Great guitars and excellent vocals, and I love the lyrics, I think they fit sonic so well. Honorable mentions: Non-vocal: Quartz Quadrant (JP) , lava reef act 1, icecap Sonic 3 Genesis (both acts) Sonic 3 mini boss, and Sonic 1 special stage Vocal: look-alike, Livin' in the City, Work it out, Diamond in the sky, and Cosmic eternity. 14. What is your favorite move from Sonic or any other playable character? I think I'd have to with Tails' flight ability. Like I mentioned In the favorite character question, it's very unconventional, but cool. Of course Sonic's spin attack and spin dash are great too, and I also like Amy's running hammer jump from Adventure. 15. What is your favorite Sonic soundtrack? This is another incredibly tough question. I think I have to go with SONIC 3 & KNUCKLES, though SONIC CD (JP), SONIC 1 (MD) and SONIC R are close. and the OVA too. 16. What is your favorite image from the series? Please post it here and mention the source. I'm having trouble finding my favorite image, I'm starting to think it doesn't exist, so here's my second. I like that he's waiting for a bus, even though he could get to where ever he's going on foot, in no time flat. Since he has a suitcase, I assume he's going on a trip, so he must be taking the bus so he can sightsee, because that's hard to do moving at sonic speed. I also think it's cute how he's sitting on his suitcase. 17. Which is your favorite voice acting cast? As far the games are concerned, there's good and bad in each cast, so can't choose between them, so my choice is for SaTAM. Jaleel White's Sonic may seem cheesy, but I love it, and everyone else's voices are great. It's also my favorite Tails voice. Oh and I prefer Rotor's first VA over the second. 18. What is your main/favorite Sonic head-canon? I don't have too many head-cannons, and I'm not really sure I have a favorite, so I'll just list them. I like to think Amy enjoys cooking. Not a very interesting one, but I like it. I think Sonic is a pan-theist, pan sexual, polyamorous, anarchist, I don't have to much say about it, it's just what I like to think, but I do think it works for him, especially since he's usually described as being a free spirit. And lastly, I don't care if it was just an "artists error", Rotor is gay, and attracted to Razor, who is bi, and they were flirting. And speaking of Razor, while he is somewhat attracted to Rotor, he's in love with Coral. She's also in love with Razor, but their both too afraid to admit it. I suppose the Razor x Coral isn't really a head-cannon tho, as that seems to be what Ian's going for. 19. What is your favorite recurring level theme (e.g. green forest, space stations, lava ruins)? I'd have to go with Beach levels, I love the beach, and Sonic's beaches don't disappoint. I also like Eggman base levels, especially of the non space variety. 20. What is your favorite level from the Sonic games? This may be the toughest question yet. Launch Base Zone. It goes along with one of my favorite level themes, the Eggman base, and it's tricky without being annoying. You also get ride in an egg mobile, so that's a plus. I also like Big arms, it's a fun boss. 21. What was your most memorable year in the franchise for you? I wanna say some of the mid nineties years, simply because of family memories, but I also want to say 1999. I got the OVA, which I love, and SONIC ADVENTURE, which I also love. 2002 is up there as well, SONIC ADVENTURE 2 BATTLE came out then, and MEGA COLLECTION, which made for a nice revisiting, as I don't think I'd been playing them (or the Genesis at all) as much at the time. 22. What is your one favorite thing in the entire Sonic the Hedgehog series? I've give Been giving a lot of multiple answers, so I'm going to try to give one single answer for this. And that would be, The music. The majority of the games in the series, despite their problems in other areas, have had great music. The only thing that could make the music better, is some EUROBEAT, make it happen sega. 23. What is your favorite trailer for Sonic games revealed? I think I'd have to say Mania, it's hard for me to even express how happy and surprised I was to see a new classic game. And watching it live with people here on Motobug, made it even better. 24. There are many versions of the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog in the quarter century he has existed across various forms of media. Which one is your favorite version of Sonic and why? I'd have to go with Archie Sonic, and specifically pre boot Flynn Archie, for a few reasons. 1. He displays a wide variety of emotions, Sonic in the games, at least starting with Heroes, tends to be rather one note when it comes to emotions, in my opinion, but with Archie, he cracks jokes, he cries, he gets angry, he shows love, it's nice. 2. His sarcasm is written well. In other mediums, his sarcasm tends to be of the unfunny and/or jerkish variety, but I think Archie Sonic (when written by Flynn), has more witty sarcasm, which I think is a better fit for Sonic. 3. Archie Sonic does it best when it comes to relationships with the other characters. 25. More than a quarter of a century and the Blue Blur is still running! What keeps you around at this point? It's hard to believe Sonic is 25 years old. When it comes to entertainment, I don't lose interest in the things I love to easily. And even though there hasn't really been a game that's wowed me in a while, I've always held a little hope that I'd get one that would, and Mania looks to be the first start, it's certainly wowed me. Of course the comics help too. And even though I'm not on here much, this site, and all the wonderful people here, help me stick around. And really, I've been with the series for over twenty years, if I haven't left before, I don't see myself doing it now. once again, thank you @Kiah! This was a lot of fun, and you picked some tough, but very fun, to answer, questions.
  9. It's been a little while since I've posted here, I've been checking in once in a awhile to see what's been going on with Archie, but I've not posted. I've always loved these events, so I have to partake. Seeing as it's almost over, I'm glad I caught it now. 1. How long have you been a Sonic fan? I'm not one hundred percent sure, but I believe 1995. It could have been 96 though, I was a little tot. 2. What was your first Sonic game? I couldn't tell you exactly, but it would have to be either, Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, or Sonic & Knuckles. My brother had 1 and Sonic & Knuckles, and my Cousin had 2 and 3, and we'd play them all at our grandparents' house, with some of our other cousins, if they visiting. 3. What initially attracted you to the Sonic the Hedgehog series? I think it was a combination of the gameplay, visuals, characters, and music. So the whole package I guess. 4. How many Sonic games do you currently have? Feel free to count duplicates! This answers gonna take a bit, let's see... (Spoilered, as it's a fairly long list) So all together that's 36 games (not counting the previously owned ones of course). 5. Are you more of a Classic or Modern Sonic fan? I like both, but if I had to choose between the two, I would go for Classic. 6. Who is your favorite Sonic character and why? Miles "Tails" Prower He's been my favorite since I started playing. I couldn't tell you why toddler me loved him, but I can tell you why adult me does. First off, he's got a cute and unconventional design. I'm not sure a lot of people would've come up with a fox with two tails, that flies, I don't think I would have, but I'm very glad Yasushi Yamaguchi did. Also, orange and yellow are two of my favorite colors. I like his character too, especially in the adventure series. Even though I may not have realized it at the time, I can relate to his not wanting to rely on others, and trying to do things for himself. Special mentions go out to Amy, Cream, Bunnie, and Rotor. 7. What is your favorite continuity? (SEGA, Archie, SatAM, OVA etc.) I'd have to go with pre boot Archie, especially during Flynn's tenure. I loved a lot of the characters, and the world itself. And the fact that there was so much history behind it, seeing as how it was over 15 years worth of stories, even with a good number not being very good. I thought Ian did a great job at tying up all the loose threads, while at the same time bringing in new ideas too. And he also brought it a little closer the games which was nice. And I thought Ian brought a good combination of action, drama, comedy, and a bit of politics too. 8. What is your favorite Sonic quote? This can come from any character. "You've turned into a big-time villain, Doctor!" - Sonic from SONIC ADVENTURE 2 I feel like this is the perfect Sonic line. Sarcastic during a very tense time, I can only assume it's something of a defense mechanism or him. And I love Ryan Drummond's delivery. And now I'm going to name a few funny ones from the OVA here. "SHUP UP TAILS!" - Sonic "YOU'RE NO HELP!" - Tails "I was pretty popular with the ladies." - Old Man Owl "I'll stop being your hostage." - Sara "STOP TALKING AND DRIVE ROBOTNIK!" - Sara Oh, and one more from SA2 "Sheeeesh! There always seems to be a lot of police around when you don't need them" - Sonic Truer words were never spoken. 9. What is your favorite story in the Sonic franchise? This is an incredibly tough question, hmm... I think I'd have to go with the Archie arc, Enerjak: Reborn by Ian Flynn. Its got every thing I mentioned from my favorite continuity answer, and I'd say it's some of Flynn's best work. And it has some fantastic art from Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, and Jason Jensen. 10. What is your favorite Sonic cartoon? The OVA: Similar to my love of the pre boot archie, the OVA has great action, hilarious comedy, and a little bit of drama too. And it's got gorgeous animation, and a fantastic soundtrack. Not to mention some fun characters, that have unfortunately have never been seen outside of this, (expect for that one little Archie story with Sara.) Oh and I can't not mention Knuckles' hat. 11. What is your favorite cutscene from a Sonic game? So I'm going to cheat and name a few for this. English Japanese (with English subs) The first one, is Amy's opening from Sonic Adventure cutscene from 0:00 to 3:00 minutes in both videos. I like that we get to see a glimpse of a character (in this case Amy) going through their everyday life. And I just like the cutscene overall. And Birdie is cute. The second, also from Sonic Adventure, is the cutscene where Gamma lets Amy out of her cell, from 5:53 to 857 in the English video, and 9:46 to 12:49 in the Japanese video. I feel like this is a pivotal moment for both characters, and a great look into their personalities. And the dialogue is a little different in each version, but I like them both. And my third and fourth are from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The cutscene from Hidden Palace to Sky Sanctuary, and the cutscene from Sky Sanctuary to Death Egg. I don't have much to say about them, other than I love them. I will say, the Hidden Palace cutscene is a pivotal moment in the story, Knuckles finally figures out who the real good guys are, and I've always thought the Sky Sanctuary to Death Egg cutscene was really cool. 12. What is your favorite Sonic game? SONIC THE HEDGEHOG 3 & KNUCKLES Truly the greatest Sonic experience, I think. It's got every thing great about Sonic, good gameplay, nice graphics and aesthetic, wonderful music, and a nice story. What more could you ask for? I've done about half now, and I'll hopefully get the other half done before it's over. Thank you @Kiah for putting this together.
  10. I'm loving TweetMashups, some of them are hilarious.


    1. Blue Swallow

      Blue Swallow


      Hyper Potions are a danger to the planet.


    2. Remy


      the all time greatest game hero bernie the hedgehog

  11. That was another experience. I don't even know what to say.

    This Twitter thread pretty much sums it up for me.


  12. So the RNC cut Trumps funding this morning, and are moving it down ballot. Seems the GOP isn't banking on a Trump victory, the recordings and sexual assault allegations were the last straws I suppose. They may even be trying to get him to step down. I'd say it's a little too late for that, though It would be their best option.
  13. I should've made my intention more clear, I apoligize. There is absolutely no proof that Putin has any involvement with WikiLeaks. And the bucket of losers transcript came from some Rightwing news site, Real True News, not from wikileaks.
  14. Of course not, that's terrible, I brought that up not to defend the Trump supporters, but because Kurt was brought up and called brave, and a hero, and he's not, he's a very bad guy. But again, I think that Trump supporter, and any one else doing those kinds of things, are absolutely awful.
  15. Kurt Eichenwald is a pedo http://nymag.com/guides/money/2007/39957/index2.html. Something else in the Podesta emails I meant to mention, was Harvey Weinstein, (one of Clinton's top fundraisers) encouraging her campaign to silence Bernie's black lives matter ad with Erica Garner, with the sandy hook shooting. https://interc.pt/2dBF7sL
  16. I'd be very shocked if it didn't. This is going to haunt him all the way to November 8th. Even with the Podesta emails, the media won't be focusing on them much, except to fear monger about Russia, and they'll be talking about his 'locker room banter' (your not even trying Don) for days, so I think this might effect him in the polls. At least I hope it does.
  17. Those recordings should be disqualifying for him, but that's not gonna happen in 'great' America. I don't think he'll lose many of the women that already support him, but it'll be tough to get support from the many that don't. I imagine Hillary and her campaign are going to be bringing this up daily, probably all the way up to November 8th, pointing out trump's sexism and misogyny has been one of their primary strategies, so this is like an early Christmas present for them. And speaking of Hillary, wiki leaks released the emails they'd been hinting at this week. They're from John Podesta, and some of the emails pertain to Hillary's paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and other banks. The Intercept has some excerpts from those speeches, and you can read all of the Podesta emails here. I've only read The Intercept's article and seen a few things on Twitter, but so far, what I find the most interesting, is her saying you need to have a public, and a private position on policy, and her praising cutting corporate tax and raising the social security age.
  18. That debate was an experience. 

    Despite the fact that half the things  he said were lies, and he's insane, Pence won. Kaine had his moments, but he interrupted way too much, focused too much on trump's taxes, and used too much of those cheesey, cutesy, lines Hillary likes to use. They both agreed on too much for me. 

    And the questions were horrible, nothing on abortion, the economy, climate change, queer issues. Too  RUSSIA much RUSSIA on RUSSIA foriegn RUSSIA policy RUSSIA fear. RUSSIA! 

    And you can't forget that Ronald Reagan exchange. That man has been brought up way too much this cycle.

    1. Strickerx5


      I might not be remembering it correctly but I think they did bring up abortion. Well, at least one of them did in their ramblings I believe.

      Though yeah, I think Pence won too though I think that's largely in part due to him just not defending Trump and sort of throwing him under the bus at multiple points. There really wasn't much else he could do there so I can't really say it makes a strong case for Trump anyway. All I know is that I'd rather have Pence on the top of that ballet right now.

    2. Nepenthe


      Pence won if you think a VP in themselves is supposed to be a composed and professional political figure.

      Kaine won if you think a VP is supposed to properly position their running mate as the better choice.

      The ultimate winner will be decided as the week plays out and the narrative plays out. Can't tell which side is gonna benefit the most right now.

  19. I didn't mean to imply that his emails were the reason he's a war criminal, I was just trying to point out my, and others, dislike of Bush, bad writing on my part. Though the emails are an issue for me (for a few reasons), there are plenty of others issues I care much more about, so I definitely agree we should focus on other issues of her's.
  20. Since you two are talking about white moderates, I think this quote from MLK (who white moderates tend to trot out in debates), from his Letter from Birmingham Jail, says it all. "First, I must confess that over the last few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the pancakes's great stumbling block in the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Council-er or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I can't agree with your methods of direct action;" who paternalistically feels he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by the myth of time and who constantly advises the pancakes to wait until a "more convenient season." Shallow understanding from people of goodwill is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection." We still see to this day, How many white moderates today, say they don't want violent protests, that all protests should be peaceful, but in the next breath, criticize Collin Kaepernick for his peaceful protest of taking a knee? The answer, is too many to count. In other police brutality news, we have another unarmed black man killed by police. Alfred Olango, was shot and killed, in the El Cajon suburb of San Diego, after his sister called the police, to help him, as he was acting unusual. I know it's speculated that he was having a seizure, and that he was mentally ill, but I don't know if either of those things have been confirmed. Either way, there was no reason for the cops to do this. He is now the 217th unarmed black man killed by police this year.
  21. Reagan would be a better example, since he had a disease that affects the brain (Alzheimer's) and Parkinson's, which can also affect the brain, is usally what people speculate she has. Someone whose paraplegic can make important decisions, someone with dementia can't (not any that involve others anyways). And again, she used her health as an excuse for why she forgot briefings for her job as Secretary of State. Also, I'm just curious, but did you feel the same about people going after McCain's health in 2008, and Bernie's health during the primary? She apoligized for her "mistake", as I said before, the things she did could not have been done mistakenly, the only mistake, is she was caught. I'd agree, mostly, if we're just talking about those on the right, but those of us on the left were, would've been, and are, pissed, and we don't like Bush or his administration, any more than we don't like Hillary. In fact, I think most of us would want him to be arrested for war crimes, along with Cheney, Rumsfield, and the rest of the Bush administration. I know I would. But also, Bush isn't running for president, And, I ask, is the Bush administration the standard we should be setting for our presidential candidates? Anyways, I would rather criticize her on policy and record, like her foriegn policy, which is one of my biggest issues with her. Like how she helped destabilize Libya, which has left the country worse off than before we intervened, or how she backed a coup in Honduras, which got many activists killed, and then said we should send the Honduran children coming here, back to Honduras to, "send a message". And I can't leave out how she and Bill screwed over the people of Haiti. This article, written by Katie Halper, explains her reservations, much better than I can explain mine.
  22. I Think when criticizing Hillary, Benghazi is not the way to go, for a couple of reasons. One, as you pointed out, it tends to make people think your a "right wing nut job", and two, I don't personally think it's a big deal, you'd be better off pointing to Libiya as a whole, and leaving out the Benghazi incident. Now for the emails, they are fair game, but when your doing it, stress the private server in her basement, because no other Secretary of State had one, and if you don't, they'll just say "Collin Powel had a private email account". Although a good counter to that is asking why the Bush administration is the standard our politicians should abide by. But your best bet might be to link them to this brilliant article, which goes in depth about it all. And speaking of the emails, that was another thing that annoyed me in the debate, she went with the same tired, old, "I made a mistake" lie, which is ludicrous. I don't know how she expects people to believe that, she mistakenly set up a private server in her basement, mistakenly accessed said server on multiple devices (which she denied doing.), mistakenly sent classified emails on it (and wants us to believe she had no idea what the C on those emails was for), and mistakenly had emails removed by Paul Combetta. She'd be much better off if she just admitted it, rather than trying to pretend it was a mistake. And as for health issues, I think it's fine to talk about a candidate's health, however, we should be careful not to diagnose a candidate, especially if we're not in the medical field. But let's be clear too, Hillary legitimized talking about her health when she blamed a concussion on her forgetting briefings on records, and ya know, her medical episode. And speaking of that, here's another brilliant article, from the same journalist above. Oh definitely, you can't deny he was obstructed, anyone who does is being woefully ignorant. But his trying to be bipartisan, is his biggest problem for me. That was not what was needed then, the progressive change he campaigned on was. And that mistake clearly hasn't been learned, because Hillary's said the first thing she'll do in office is reach out to republicans in congress, and their hate for her far exceeds their hate for Obama. I can already imagine Ted Cruz will make it his mission to have an eight year government shutdown. But the bipartisanship is apart of a larger problem I have with Obama, which is his constant need for equivalency, and while yes, there is equivalency in some situations, there isn't in others. For example, when a cop is killed, he "demands justice", but when a cop kills a black person, no justice is demanded, instead, he says, "The police and the African American community, need to come together, and work out their differences", like there's something that black people are doing to make police brutality happen. And he displayed this need quite clear at the townhall the other night. Of course there's more than an election going on, The protest of the Dakota Acsess Pipeline, which is ravaging Sioux land in North Dakota, is still going strong, however, the Pipeline is fighting back in a big way. As I mentioned previously, they've started to spray an unknown substance on the protesters, and now, they've brought in military like police in armored vehicles, to arrest 21 unarmed protesters during a prayer ceremony. And then there's this, we're building a $100 Million dollar drone base in Africa, which is the last thing we need.
  23. New movie idea, a buddy comedy starring Lena Dunham and Amy Schumer, written and directed by Tim Burton. Bill Maher can heavily promote it on his show.

  24. It's a piece of paper, she doesn't have to do any of things listed on it. Let's not forget Obama ran in 2008 as a progressive who would bring in progressive change, but turned out to be a neoliberal, bringing in crumbs for the 99%, and aid to the 1%. The platform doesn't oppose the TPP, it doesn't oppose fracking, it doesn't oppose Israeli settlements, it doesn't support universal single payer healthcare, it doesn't support free college tuition for all. Not to mention the Pelosi email, which instructed them to listen to black lives matter, but to not offer support in any way. The record number of night raids and deportation, and the droning of innocent brown people in the Middle East, of which they made up 90% of the targets killed during Hillary's time as Secretary of State. And that's all part of "Obama's legacy", which Hillary has said many times she's going to continue. Both Democrats and Republicans just agreed to give Isreal 38 billion dollars in military aid, and to continue arming and funding Saudi Arabia, which ends up helping terrorists across the Middle East. Breadcrumbs are what Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party are offering, and breadcrumbs are not progressive change. Edit: Protesters are being sprayed with an unknown substance in North Dakota, this is wrong, as the tweet says, boost this!
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