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  1. I hate to bump this up after a month, but I still haven't received my Project 24 badge yet. If anyone is able to update me, then I thank you in advance
  2. I sent my email a couple of days ago as well. Hoping its in
  3. Turns out I'm only doing one track, and that's Splash Wave. Track's nearly complete - it won't blow anyone's minds, but it's still gonna sound fun on the surface
  4. I can reveal now that for the SEGA Mixer Drive slot, there will be prize giveaways! Sure, it's a far cry from Jeffhog's Sonic Lost World OST addition, but if you tune in, then you could be in for the chance of winning either a £10 Steam voucher (it will translate into your own currency of course), or the grand prize of a physical copy of OC Remix's Sonic 1 album The Sound of Speed! All details will be stated when the show goes live. Be there
  5. WANT ME AT PROJECT 24? LISTEN IN: http://radiosega.net/listen

  6. Guys, I don't know if I can make the full quota this year. It's December, I had been held down by my health for most of the year, and only now am I hoping to push myself further. But it's too late to really start anything big, so unfortunately I'm gonna have to drop Cannon's Core. I do however hope to do some nice quick work to get myself stimulated again. So instead of stating 5 off the bat, I'm better off making 3 new claims and seeing what I do with them. If anyone has any problems with them, let me know. I aim to do, at least for this album: * Sonic 2's Sky Chase Zone, possibly solo piano * Sonic 4 Act 2's Sky Fortress Zone Act 2/3, aiming to be a silly short mix less than 3 minutes long (hey, Sonic 4's music is perfect for that) * And a non-sonic track, OutRun's Splash Wave. If I get these three done, then I can add some others. I just want my muse to light up again as it did last year... o_o*
  7. Like Sega music? Like remixes? Like BOTH? Odds are this status would only live for 10 minutes, but SEGA Mixer Drive's 2013 In Review poll for November is looking for some love - come on in! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/ZTH5BGK

    1. Place


      Oh hey, I love your work on TSSMA and Temporal Duality! I'll give this a look.

  8. http://soniccd.ocremix.org IT'S OUT! GO LISTEN! :D #MusicMonday
    1. Xtremer Sadiqachu

      Xtremer Sadiqachu

      AWESOME!….but what's with the hashtag? Did you copy this from Twitter?

    2. Rexy


      I add hashtags everywhere, and it's definitely no copypasta :3

  9. Like Sega music? Like remixes? Like BOTH? Help contribute to Sega Mixer Drive's Season Finale by saying what you thought of September's new releases! :Dhttps://www.surveymonkey.com/s/L7VQ8NN

  10. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2HJ9ZFD Like remixes? Like Sega BGM? Like BOTH? Help SEGA Mixer Drive out today by filling in July's 2013 In Review poll, with 9 BEAUTIFUL tracks! :D
  11. Ummm happy belated birthday...

  12. I'm in this year! My productivity's been kinda down since surgery, but I need to push myself back into the spirit of things. I'd be picking up dibs as I go along since most others will be able to claim tracks as it all goes, plus I have a habit for making things work out of the more 'unpopular' stuff apparently xD (not saying I do things JUST to give them a boost... I just have a habit for liking things others don't ). I will say right here and now - my first claim will be for Cannon's Core. Yes, all 3 tracks in that stage, weaved into one song. If someone's gotta bring in something close-to-progressive, it may as well be something like that
  13. Consider me late on the reply, but I'll state what happened :-) With Shadow and Silver both having theme songs, it's natural both had more weight. It also happened though that both Dusty Desert and Kingdom Valley both were difficult to integrate, former being musically sparse and latter being musically complex. For Silver's segment, the pungi melody in the "Quicksand" variant of Dusty Desert can be heard on the dubstep bass. I can understand that being difficult to hear as most would be mindblown at the wubwubwubs :-P Shadow's was a little clearer as the brass riffs in the "Lakeside" segment of Kingdom Valley were heard in the flute lead in the first half of his segment. Makes sense as Shadow is the only character that went to a place he had been during his story, albeit going down that passage backwards while riding a hangglider. Either way I appreciate your responses a lot! I thought I'd get shot down because of generic OC Remix hate, but it made me feel it was worth chipping in :-D
  14. Copying everything from a new blog at RadioSEGA: And there we go, my thoughts in a nutshell. Nice going, all!
  15. It's from Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst. And that's definitely a great tune, one of my fave from MasterJace on the entire set
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