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  1. No thanks. I like what they've been doing for the last few years. There's really no reason to stop.
  2. >mfw people won't let the '06 topic die already http://i.imgur.com/Opv98.gif

    1. Shrek


      Welcome to SSMB, where we like to beat Dead Horses until there's nothing left but dust and bones.

    2. Enderwoman


      ...needs more Blaze...

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @ Shrek: That reminds me, I've not done enough S4 hatin' and Dimps rantin' lately. I can't let those horses rest in peace.

    4. TheOcelot
    5. goku262002


      Why does it need to die? its fine.

  3. If someone is claiming to be a part of "Anonymous" they aren't doing a very good job of following the whole "being anonymous" mindset behind the "group" regardless of whether they are a part of it or not.
  4. >Make an account on Sonic fansite >First post is saying many fans' fav Sonic voice actor sucked balls and ruined the series >"I'm totally not trolling guys" Mmmhmm
  5. ...Your point? Sega didn't "lie" about him not having the job.
  6. SEGA told Ryan he had the job... and he refused the offer because it wasn't a good one. Key difference there.
  7. Well you could at least make it a lighter blue, Like this or this instead of this
  8. 69 likes lolololololol

    1. T-Min


      What are you? 12? :V

  9. So much drama and I haven't even thought about getting popcorn. Shame on me.

  10. You know, assuming that they gave Roger the same sort of deal they gave Ryan, I can't really say SEGA did anything wrong. Apart from being total cheapskates of course, but can you really blame them for that considering their financial situation? Drummond wanted more than they were offering, but Smith was fine with it. This is probably a pretty unpopular opinion given that I don't really have a problem with the voice actors, and if anything Ryan - judging from his actual performances in the games he was in and not 3rd hand knowledge of how he "killed" in some auditions - is my least favourite voice, but whatever. I just don't think this is worth conjuring up a shitstorm about.
  11. Judging from the number of death threats Jason and Roger appear to get, a lot of people care. Far, far too much.
  12. I want an Ecco the Dolphin sequel.

    1. JonoD


      Didn't Ecco the Dolphin get 2 or so sequels? Ecco Tides of Time and then Ecco on the Dreamcast?

    2. Tornado


      Ecco on the Dreamcast wasn't a sequel.

    3. Tracker_TD


      Then what was it?

  13. Entirely different to what Wario is suggesting, but I would love an Evil Genius like game, starring Eggman. Basically a spiritual sequel to Dungeon Keeper, you build a secret evil base and get your minions to do evil stuff all across the globe, and defend your base against the forces of justice. I think this idea could work really well in the Sonic universe. You would be able to build surreal and outlandish bases like Eggmanland in Unleashed, do science and stuff, build crazy robots instead of hiring minions, and have them sent off to do missions like get Chaos Emeralds to power your evil science lazor. Then you would get your base wrecked by furry anthropomorphs because Sonic is overpowered. It would totally be the best game ever.
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