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  1. Not as big of news as the Uplay exploit or the devkits, but European PSN members get a shot at buying Tomba/Tombi from the store http://www.joystiq.com/2012/07/30/tomba-coming-soon-to-european-psn/ Other than the news already stated, that's all I got that I think's worth sharing. No official date yet on the game, just "sooner than people think"
  2. Well it may have the code in it, not only pre-order copies get the code. First printing run games have it as well. Not sure how long a single printing run for a game in japan lasts though.
  3. Might as well contribute to the mix Max Anarchy. Sega decided to delay this. They said "Quarter 1 2013". I said "Hell no" and my imported order arrived a week back. Think of it like a beat em up/hack and slash hybrid if you want. With it being a Platinum game, Jack and some MadWorld characters making their return shouldn't serve as a surprise (nor should the pre-order bonus Bayonetta, the surprise in that is the code to download her is a part of the inner case artwork, behind the disc itself. Not sure if most japanese games do that or just this one, but it is pretty cool). The campaign is a tad bit on the short side, 4 quick chapters in one faction, then the same 4 from the other faction's point of view, and then a new chapter from the perspective of the first side you chose. However, they encourage you to play through it all twice, with the second time startiing with the other faction to get both final chapters (which I'm assuming are pretty much the same events as eachother, just the perspectives changing. I'm working on my second runthrough of it now.). However, the game rests it's laurels upon the multiplayer component, even going so far as to having the curser on the main menu start off on multiplayer as opposed to campaign. Most of the characters (except Bayonetta and a secret character) and perks can be unlocked just by playing through the multiplayer, while all characters (minus Bayonetta. The secret character can only be unlocked by completing both final chapters so that's single player only.) and a small selection of perks can be obtained in the campaign, so it goes together as well. The combat is fluid and the game is mostly balanced (Mostly. Some tactics are clearly better to use than others, and at times the 3 larger characters have an edge for being able to grab two opponents at once, but that one is more of Your Mileage May Vary), and each character can hold their own. Only gripes I have are that the campaign is short, as already stated, and the multiplayer is all online, there's no split screen whatsoever. 9/10
  4. Apparently, we live in a world where Sonic helps sell car insurance

    1. Soniman
    2. GameFarnsworth940


      Yeah I know. New to me though.

    3. LoseR


      It's for the tornado.

      If Tails dies, Sonic has noone to fix his plane. XP

  5. Now how's this for a PS3 haul from yesterday? Bayonetta, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Devil May Cry 4, and off of PSN I got Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure. I think I'll have a full plate for a little while.

  6. I should give somewhat of an update on my teams, huh. Well I pretty much have 4 main people, Deadpool, Morrigan (I've been using those two since vanilla), Doom (never used him until Ultimate... not sure why truth be told), and Iron Fist. I work those around into teams, though I do tend to try other combos, like Skrull, Zero, and Doom. When the opponent's in the corner, starting with a stone dunk, then Tenderizer H, Skrull's QCF hyper (don't remember the name, but i's the one where he flies and you control his path in mid air), then after a little bit of that, go to Zero's QCF hyper (Rekkoha I believe), then immediately go to Doom's hyper where he throws the lazer in the air. When that hits, it does roughly 650K, and the only place to really mess up on is the Stone Dunk. From there, it's all going through the motions. Just a little something I thought up yesterday.
  7. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, soon to work on Final Fantasy XIII and MGS HD Collection.
  8. Oh I remember those! I flipped one so much I almost ripped the page out of one of the books. I used to have the entire series of books, and the hypno-ring.
  9. Okay, I missed it yesterday. But the footage here is definitely good. Especially the street level one.
  10. HUZZAH I got Skyward Sword... just not the collector's edition. Just saying, I'm not using MotionPlus in the remote jacket. No protection like a boss

    1. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      Going bareback hardcore XD

  11. HUZZAH I got Skyward Sword... just not the collector's edition. Just saying, I'm not using MotionPlus in the remote jacket. No protection like a boss

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