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  1. so, im inspecting PC files. And there... SUPER SONIC DLC! I check music too, its a instrumental Fist Bump, just like released by sega after name reveal
  2. No DLC clothes, due unlock code is still not reedemable
  3. So. Im one of guys, who complite that game on 100%. And game only grant me new Wispons (there is 63) and Clothes. Nothing more. Sonic Generations and Unleashed much better in post game content
  4. Yeah, air plane is borring and ugly section. But game have 1 weird thing, if you not finish GHZ act 1 game not save you progress. Initally i make super sonic flight into this level, but scrap it (classic sonic and some objects crash game) and replace to this. And really. No any SG\SU framework. It's absolutly same game engine. Sonic Team just drop SU related gimmics and "tweak" (read as screw up) Sonic physics.
  5. I think not all know about another DLC acts ports, but it's exists. Main difference between UP\my packs is... My packs have some post UP researches and hacks (like SU physics, cameras, objects), and done more like SU conversion, not remake. Idk why S0LV0 try call mod 'Unleased Project 2.0', because all old crew (except Zoney) left SG modding scene. PS. Now i'm workin on new update Holoska. Stay Tuned!
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