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  1. Yes, and that's reflected in the first panel of the comic.
  2. Completely and utterly pissed at society ...again... Yay!  Rage with me!!!! 

  3. Isn't this technically what classic is doing in Mania when he preforms his tier two running animation or does that function more like it does in CD? Anyway I think you're on to something with that and that would change up the boost formula and bring back the speed as a reward gameplay in 3D.
  4. I wonder if the 2017 project is going to follow the total style of generations? I mean we have a "perfect" classic game in Mania, so why not let classic Sonic adopt a refined version of Adventure era gameplay to counter Modern's focus on boosting (with the hopeful addition of parkour).  That way each era of Sonic is represented in some form next year.

  5. Wait that wasn't the Sonic Team game just designed within the Christian's engine?
  6. Well guess that's that... awesome for the classic fans.
  7. Currently attempting to get good n stylish at FFXV's basic combat system....

  8. Holding the button OR Tapping the button... Infact using both plus directional inputs and manually switching weapons with each one having it's own movesets and skills is the basis for the BASICS of this final fantasy's combat. Edit: They didn't even find the Cross Shuriken or the Hero Shield. This is a better combat showcase.
  9. Eggman singing... seriously!!!

    1. Haalyle


      Sonic Boom Idol confirmed? xD

      But seriously, I love this.

  10. That but the Sonic cast.
  11. Freaking awesome! Metal always look good in capes or that skirt in his Neo form. It really reminds me of this fan art.
  12. Dr. Finitevus can't be used anymore!?

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Actualy no official statment from an official source has been given, Penders has just been trollish

  13. So I just ran into Somic Boom "Sonic" in Pso2... gonna upload the pic in the comments of this status.