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  1. Game Reactor's preview of Sonic Generations is very hopeful.../Sarcasm

    1. Voyant


      They seemed to be trying to hard to be negative

    2. Marcello


      No they didn't

    3. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      That was absolutely batshit crazy. They had no proof to their points what so ever. And just look at the feedback they got for it, lol.

    4. Voyant


      @ Marcellof

      Bad collision detection? It just seems tat the game didn't wow him from what he saw. Then that's what you say not come up with stuff to make yourself seem valid on YouTube or as a gaming site.

      Haven't heard any of that from even the people who been negative about the game. Also the intro was unnecessary.

    5. Carbo


      Bad collision detection was one of my first criticisms towards the demo honestly, and it could use some fine tuning.

      But that's mostly due to the scripted segments.

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