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  1. On 10/26/2018 at 6:55 PM, DabigRG said:

    Was Neo Metal supposed to be that big next to Sonic?

    Nah he's supposed to be a little bit taller than that, Remember Neo's Face is roughly the same size as Metal's face. Now compare the render of Metal on the SH story select screen to Shadow and you'll see that his face is tiny in that picture implying he's not as close to the screen as the other characters, other evidence of him being massive is the fact he shrinks considerably when he turns back into regular Metal in the final scene (look how far he drags his arms in as he returns to normal). The Neo Metal in IDW is mostly based on a fan render of him that got some of the scale and details wrong. Post Reboot Archie Neo was actually closer to the design from Heroes.

  2. 37 minutes ago, KHCast said:

    No, but other final fantasy games didn't heavily promote season passes and tons of DLC. This game is doing a lot of firsts with the series 

    As for the patch, with the way it's been worded, it could be taken either way tbh, but knowing square, I assume it will be a mandatory install first before you can play.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 did "tons of dlc" first, but like most games of this nature you can boot the game without the day 1 patch (I've seen proof of this as the game is out in Peru and I watched a stream and the guy booted without it. Yes, the day 1 patch is already live and it's 7 gigs...).  The delay was to make the game more stable, Boost the graphics of the master copy, and the day one patch is for camera issues and further stability of the master code. The DLC is for additional story content that may have been planned for when it was Versus, but was taken out when the Versus epic (a possible trilogy of games) was condensed into one 50/ 60 hr game/ narrative.   


    2 hours ago, Radiant Hero Ike said:

    Not... sure why that came up, I was actually just wondering if the extra was necessary to start or not.

    Oh hey, on the GOTY subject though, do FF games usually get those?

    Depends on if you are okay with a wonky indoor camera and some minor "hilarious" graphical glitches here or there. Also keep in mind even this day 1 patch will not solve all of the issues and to expect more patches as this is the nature of the industry at this point especially with open world games, as they are vast and every new line of code effects some other aspect and it's a constant tug of war between stability, glitches, and fixes.  Some Final Fantasy games like the Kingdom hearts series usually get a remixed re-release called the "international version" with additional content at some point, but with the advent of DLC it remains to be seen if XV will get one this gen. Now if Tabata follows through with his plans to make a completely reworked PC version we may see a re-release by the end of this gen after FFXVI IMO. Also on a unrelated note, you just know that KH III DLC will be the next "Final Mix" and contain a secret boss that sparks the next saga in KH.

  3. 17 hours ago, StaticMania said:

    Decorating the Pumkin Hills is the first pleasant luxury Silver has gotten to do since he's been in the past, the ghost won't bother him much...but Miles just shouldn't be there, he's suppose to be afraid of ghost. He's the coward of the primary colors trio.

    Well its most likely Sky Rail (Panel seems to imply its day) and he did fly the Tornado III through it in SA2.

    Edit: Guess it is Pumpkin hill... 



    24 minutes ago, Celestia said:

    Maybe Classic Sonic will play like 3D Blast. 

    ...I say that jokingly but now I kind of want to see that.

    Y'know what. I'm placing my bets on Modern Sonic's gameplay (at least) being based on the boost style, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was very different from what we saw last. For example, both Sonic's running for a bit and then suddenly blasting away reminds me a lot of the Advance-style boost mode. In fact, that would be way more fitting for Classic Sonic in particular, compared to the press X = instant full speed boost. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but if not...I called it, I guess? Though I'm sure plenty of other fans have had the same thought. XP

    Isn't this technically what classic is doing in Mania when he preforms his tier two running animation or does that function more like it does in CD? Anyway I think you're on to something with that and that would change up the boost formula and bring back the speed as a reward gameplay in 3D. 


  5. 56 minutes ago, AdventChild said:

    Well, it looks like there are some gameplay vids about the Platinum Demo recently.

    Gonna put a video in a spoiler (lengthy vid about 40 minutes long):

      Hide contents

    Points to consider that this looks and feels more Kingdom Hearts like and gameplay is simplified to hold down the button to attack.


    Holding the button OR Tapping the button... Infact using both plus directional inputs and manually switching weapons with each one having it's own movesets and skills is the basis for the BASICS of this final fantasy's combat.  



    They didn't even find the Cross Shuriken or the Hero Shield.  This is a better combat showcase. 



  6. Wait, what. They're trying to do another Fabula whatever the shit again? Goddamnit, Square-Enix you are the shittiest company now.

    FFXV is set within The Fabula Nova Crystallis and Honestly If all of the story is not resolved in XV then there should be a XV-2 to finish the story and improve whatever needs improving. In short I don't have a problem with this, just keep Toriyama and his lightning fetish/waifu away!

  7. OmnisdesktopInvictus_zpsc04af278.png

    As you can see I like having as little clutter on my desktop as possible, and I'm sure you can guess which game I'm looking forward to. The Icons come from the Hyperdesk suit: Darkmatter Subspace and I have rocketdock installed and set to hide to further reduce clutter.

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