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  1. "An eye for an eye and a bullet for a bullet" ~ John Joe Gray

    1. Saint Nathan

      Saint Nathan

      i'll trade you a bullet for your eye

    2. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      search John Joe Gray, this guy is a modern day cowboy.

    3. No more

      No more

      this is the weirdest sale I've ever seen

  2. OMG it's the End of the World! ..wait it's not Fuck... I made that playlist for nothing... *hums Cold's End of the world*

  3. I would only worry if you have a launch xbox as I know those are the ones that are affected, and I know for a fact that if you have a Xbox from around the time the elite came out then your perfectly fine.
  4. Either i'm sleepy or do I see 2d platforming in this mario and Sonic screen http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/822/screenshot36942.jpg/

    1. Tobbii


      It's possible, I'll wait for a trailer though.

    2. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      Is that a epic yarn or yoshi stage?

    3. Tobbii


      Yoshi Island with the graphics of Epic Yarn.

    4. Marcello


      So Yoshi's Story...

    5. Tobbii


      Nah, Epic Yarn had better graphics than Yoshi's Story.

    6. Marcello


      Yes, but the level is Yoshi's Story.

  5. That SSMB malware warning is getting really annoying...

  6. "Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that Super Mario 3D for 3DS will support the Gyroscope sensor and camera. The Gyro control will compensate the lack of a second analog stick. There will be no street-pass function in the game." ~ Magicbox (May 6, 2011)
  7. My Top ten are: Knuckles Chaotix Sonic CD Sonic R Sonic 3D Blast (Saturn) Sonic Jam (covers 1-3&k) Sonic Adventure 2: Battle (DC & GC) Sonic Pocket Adventure Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360) Sonic Colors(Wii) Sonic Advance With the runner-ups being Sonic Adventure DX: Directors Cut (DC & GC), Sonic Chaos, Sonic Triple Trouble, and Sonic the hedgehog 2 (GG).
  8. Yes I would as it's a poor version of Batman: Arkham Asylum and was gonna get it anyway, but I think it may come with a special edition version of Sonic the Hedgehog 91' or maybe a fixed (yea right) Sonic 06.
  9. Pre-order!? you could pre-order it and what extra weapons did you receive?
  10. I LOVE the new Enerjak because that was the best ghetto slap of all time!

  11. Always thought Chooch's name was Cooch..-__-;

  12. Crash bandicoot = "Sonic's ass game"

    1. T-Min


      *is reminded of Icons back when it still came on* *gets depressed* *lies down*

    2. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      Ah yes the good Ole days when G4 was actually good.

    3. Ghostly Gogglehead CC14

      Ghostly Gogglehead CC14

      Makes me glad that I found the first three seasons of Icons and they currently rest in my files. Awesome show. :)

  13. http://www.joystickdivision.com/2011/02/naughty_dog_creators_reflect_o.php http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEYcWVKErKo#t=7m42s Start watching from 7 minutes and 42 seconds. Relevant post is Relevant. (I must have edited this post more than 31 times!) Edit: ninja'd by A freaking day!!!! hmmm this makes 32...
  14. Pure freaking win! btw where is that classic Sonic artwork from?
  15. Do the stack ups still stack up?

    1. Raxz


      We're running this joke into the ground AGAIN?

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy


    3. Ekaje


      Do unfunny memes still stack up?


  16. So I guess it's time For some Smash bros. 4 news (cause you know a HD smash bros. would sell a nintendo console like hotcakes)

    1. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      lol I don't be fooled again. Brawl was my first and last smash bros game.

    2. Lucky


      Yeah, I could not get into Brawl at all. Maybe it was because of all the delays over here, but by the time it came out I just... really didn't care any more and haven't really gone back to it since launch.

  17. I'm willing to bet on it being THIS guy! It's not like he's not capable of it and he's tried something similar FOUR times now.
  18. http://worldsbiggestpacman.com/ I dare any of you to complete it...
    1. Silencer226


      I can't do it :(

    2. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      I beat 22 mazes before I realized that it's impossible! As one could add custom content to extend the world's size!

  19. Dragon's Dogma and Asura's Wrath that is all...

  20. I just saw this while I was looking up Asura's Wrath and was floored by the gameplay! It looks like Shadow of the Colossus meets Devil may Cry with multiplyer! Btw Day one buy...
  21. OMG Classic Sonic has Peach eyelids! ....its Sad that I forgot about that fact....

    1. The Weeb with No Name

      The Weeb with No Name

      It's sad you remembered.

    2. No more

      No more

      Wait I thought he had blue!

  22. Is the Goddamn Batman...

  23. So I was browsing gamestop (as I'm looking to purchase a ps3) when I stumbled upon this. One word...SOLD! It even comes with the accessories I'm going to buy when I purchase one Custom 500gb PS3
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