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  1. Is that on his new mixtape? cause I've never heard that one before.
  2. WTF did I just watch!? This dude makes Waka Flocka Flame sound like a work of art!
  3. Wait, I thought Riders 3 was not being done by sonic team and that the storybook division of Sonic Team was doing Sonic Colors Wii/Ds while Dimps and key members from Sonic Team did Sonic 4. That would leave the Unleashed Sonic Team free to work on the anniversary game right? edit: I'm loving the look of Colors and I'm gonna get both versions! Sonic 4 not so much maybe when episode II news shows up I'll get more excited.
  4. Yo Speederino I see your Spring Yard mix and raise you this
  5. Well in long stretches I randomly quick step and I like the cartwheeling animation you could do at a standstill. Like I said just dicking around sorta like how in SA2 and SA2:Battle I would back step and somersault jump at any opportunity I had.
  6. Yes that is a issue as I like dicking around with it, but I'm gonna assume it's different with the cube controller.
  7. You sir are made of pure WIN!

    1. Neon


      My sides.

  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. So no Kirby Adventure?...*looks at Kirby super Star* well looks like it's me and you again old friend...
  12. Wait by full render of Neo Metal Sonic, do you mean like a turn around for him or just him in that pose he's in when you select final story? Truthfully I just want this render so I can finally draw/3D model him accurately!
  13. So where does the second Angel Island fit into this ...Wait I get it! thats where Eggman's pyramid base was in SA2! Cleaver indeed Sega. XD

  14. Not only that it creates Two Master Emeralds, and here we were worrying about a second set of Chaos Emeralds (lol Sega, still buying 3 copies of this...)

  15. What about the master emerald?

  16. So confirmed there are two Master Emeralds and two Angel Islands? (lol Sega)
  17. Okay they made a huge mistake! How can Eggman have the Master Emerald at the same Time as Mecha? And this is considering where they say Knuckles' story starts.
  18. Or it could be Mecha Sonic, but really I think it refers to the Badnicks, Traps, and Bosses. (Maybe even The Death Egg)
  19. Wait Wut!? Knuckles' story happensDURING Sonic's ? MIND =
  20. Also I've seen that your development team has grown significantly! (As you said at retro it almost seems like a community effort!) I would like to wish you and your team much luck and hopefully by this time next year I could provide you with some of my modeling skills.

  21. Your Avatar is okay at best, could do with a little height, slimness/ elongated quills, and Some rocking green irises .(Yes I know thats not the point of the edit, I'm just stating my opinion thats all.)

  22. Thats just it though it was an Elite! . . .But I guess since it was the Falcon chip set and not the jasper one that it may be one of the reasons for the malfunction. The main point being Microsoft owes me a new copy of Sonic Unleashed!

  23. Well I'll always have a large part of him and his world in my heart, So I'll say unto death. (Hey, playing sonic games inspires my art and my writing and since a game art designer needs things to kill "Artist block" Sonic is my trump card!)
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