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  1. Hey I'm a classic fan that likes the modern designs too! I never knew that was considered weird. . .

  2. OMG! You just tried to say that the geni version of rusty ruins was better than the Saturn version! Dude whats it like in the Bizzaro world you come from? Do you have a evil Goatee? I mean everybody is entitled to there own opinion but I must say its like you just said Sonic 06 was better than SA, SA2, and SU(360) put together! The sheer amount of shock and surprise I felt when I read the post actually caused me to post something here!(I'm usually too busy or simply have nothing to say) Now that the most awesome RJ song has been brought up I'm hoping for some incarnation of a Rusty Ruins redo to appear in game, and I know the chances of that happening are slim to none.
  3. . . .The kinda shit you get on your TV! Everybody, everybody, everybody livin' now.

    Everybody, everybody, everybody sucks. . .

  4. So I take it your gonna get PSP2 too.

  5. Jeez, Just read your post and if I offended you then I'm sorry cause that wasn't my intention. I just wanted to know why you felt like S&K was Sonic 4 and I guess I assumed that it was common knowledge that S&K started off as Sonic 3b.

  6. Rebuild of Evangelion? Like the Anime/Movies? Is it a remake or yet another movie to explain the last to episodes?

  7. Oh well . . .*Continues watching Super Sentai and Kamen riders* It's a shame though cause me and most of my friends had started back watching it(mind you we are aged 21-30!), I know my pal Eric will probably be very disappointed by this news. But really I give it one year before some other production studio picks up Sentai and translates/ creates its own story and releases it under the Power Ranger name.
  8. I Find it funny that you consider the second half of Sonic 3 "Sonic 4", I'm going to assume that you didn't read gaming magazines in the early 90s simply because before Sonic 3 came out they had a couple articles on the Sonic 3 games and how it was supposed to be split into three separate versions. I remember wanting the Sonic 3 complete edition the most. Back on Topic I'm beginning to think this game should be called Sonic Retro, Sonic Classic, or (To rival NSMB)New Sonic the Hedgehog, But thats only assuming that they bring back the good Ole pinball physics.
  9. Flash! Batman! Only in Toonami blackhole megamix!

  10. It was still useless in the Wii version since it was just a alternate animation of the boost, unless you can tell me some other use of it in Wiileashed.
  11. Actually the spin dash was in Shadow,STH06, and both Rushes. As for me my hopes for this game is classic/old school genesis gameplay With less emphasis on Spindash spaming (I'm looking at you Sonic 2 and 3K). I guess you could say I want more of a Sonic 1/ CD style HD side-scrolling platformer with Sonic's modern design to boot.
  12. Dem Bones, Dem Bones!!!

  13. Gooo Green Ranger Go! Btw awsome Green Ranger pic! where did you find it? or are you the artist that drew it?

  14. Knuckles Chaotix Bad ending (I still think this is the most awesome thing since sliced bread) and the 7 Chaos emerald ending to Sonic 3 and Knuckles (The one were egg robo rises from the wreckage)
  15. Ummm yea. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7f5MJzPa-o...re=channel_page . . . Has this been discussed cause its the first time I've seen someone do this before, infact my Mind is blown by what this person accomplished and looking at this made me realize something. Why was there not a option to play the levels in reverse, I mean it would be a good idea and it might be away to increase the length of the next major Sonic game.
  16. Some buttery grits mixed with bits of egg covered in apple sauce or apple butter.
  17. This guy right here is a lurker . . .

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