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  1. I don't think any Mass Effect fan wanted this but I'm gonna remain positive until I see this bull sh*...I mean see this added feature in action. /Edit Nix your avatar is a perfect reaction for this news.
  2. So what would you do if I said Mass Effect 3 had multiplayer co-op? Laugh you say, I agree that would be the most ridiculous thing ever! I mean who plays a character driven RPG that centers it's whole plot on the choices you make for multiplayer? amirite guys? Mass Effect 3 now with co-op Multiplayer cause you wanted it! http://kotaku.com/5848392/co+op-multiplayer-is-coming-to-mass-effect-3 ...Lol wut?
  3. LOL
    1. goku262002


      Sonic Generations Ruined Forever

      Death egg compliant/ytp.

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      I honestly don't get it.

      Is it because it's white?

    3. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      It has teeth and the trench is filled with blue lights now. I find all of the changes awesome!

    1. Conando


      Rouge: Assault Dudes.

    2. Place


      hey i posted a status update about this too y'know

      Anyways, "Mecha Sonic and the Polka Starring Sonic"

    3. Mr. Awesomest

      Mr. Awesomest

      There needs to be a final boss that is titled "B.U.T.T.P.I.R.A.T.E."

      I would tie a note with my Social Security # on it to a brick and throw it at SEGA HQ

  4. Dat modern n classic Crisis City remix!

  5. Fixed... Edit: I honestly think a frog forest lost jungle combo would have been awesome, and just think of how insane the "growing" alternate paths could have been.
  6. Okay what level is this? I can see all of the other levels in the achievements but this doesn't fit any of them!
  7. I say yes and it can be combined with your expansive levels idea (see previous post for details of which I'll expand upon after tomorrow if needed).
  8. Cut down on the amount of 2D sections and Open up the 3D like that and Improve handling at slow speeds (like generations is already doing). Alter the boost so that it starts off only a little bit faster than Sonic's normal top speed and add in the fact that it gains more speed until it caps off at Unleashed boost speed. Add some generic platforming mixed with Some Sonic style platforming (using boost to run down a hill gaining speed until you launch yourself off of a quarter loop/ ramp and propel yourself to new heights/ areas). While spin dash drifting allow us to tap the other trigger and rev it up (Since you only need one trigger to drift in the demo I played) and gain a major boost in speed upon release regardless of weather your boosting or not. Also tapping "B" causes you to slide holding "b" causes you to roll (rolling allows you to access tunnels). Add triangle jump to wall jump areas to add some random 3D areas to wall jump segments and reduce the amount of speed boosters. I think that would work pretty well For Modern formula 4 the Game and the image is Diogenes'. . .
  9. So this Generations speed running thing...Can I join?
  10. How did I not see this thread!? [
  11. Was walking to the store but now i'm stuck on some stairs...HALP!!!

  12. So the Death Egg has a mouth now. Fans rage in 3...2...1...

    1. Xenos


      How do you know dis/

    2. Jetronic
    3. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      Pause the new generations trailer right after c.Sonic passes the signpost and look at the death egg.

    4. Old dead account
    5. Invictus Ordo
    6. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      @Gartocer No it was always just eggman's nose,eyes, and mustache.

    7. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      That's the only thing I do like about the remade Death Egg. It's lost so much detail.

    8. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      @Balding Spider I agree and it just looks less intimidating from the forth of it that we can see.

    9. Xenos


      Too be honest, it never did look intimidating to me. It was a giant ball with Eggmans face on it. THREATENING.

    10. Old dead account

      Old dead account

      Well then in that case yes its not just like the classics so its a piece of shit and fuck sega for raping my childhood lolol

    11. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      @Xenos, Speaking for myself here the only time it was ever intimidating was in Lava Reef when it looks like it's just staring at you.

    12. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      I second B.Spider's comment.

  13. I . . .I . . .it's in HD . . .Chaos Boost!? platforming puzzle in my . . .*gets boner and faints*

  14. http://kotaku.com/5839630/familiar-challengers-enter-the-street-fighter-x-tekken-ring/gallery/1 New Screens!
  15. Best design: Neo Metal Sonic,Modern Metal Sonic, and Classic Metal Sonic. The runner up: 06 Eggman Worst design:
  16. So in other words the Sonic cycle is gonna return in full force and let's hope it gets shattered harder than it was shattered by colors.
  17. I'm gonna boost to the stars! although they look pretty far, I'm gonna boost the whole way!And take a chance on today!

    1. Koopalmier


      Well I don't boost, don't criticize, I'm just spindashing by my own feelings.

    2. Old dead account

  19. I think I have a fetish for hard video games...

    1. null


      In that case, Etrian Odyssey is so hardcore, it's illegal in 7 countires.

    2. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      After reading up on it... It sounds perfect!!! "rigorous dungeon crawls" and "a real sense of wonder and accomplishment with feelings missing from far too many modern games" = BOUGHT!

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