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  1. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s been shown that Silver can move at super speeds so it wouldn’t be out of character for his rivals fight to be based on that concept. I don’t see any reason why we have to limit any of the character boss fights based on said character not being able to utilize a certain skill in gameplay. Plus as far as I’m concerned it would reduce the need of coding a boss fights from scratch and the programmers could just edit and tweak the code as they see fit for Silver’s abilities. The way I see it each rival battle is going to build off of the previous one and each rival’s abilities reflect this Classic Metal is the base form of the rival bosses and his know abilities include Overdrive dash and Ring spark (we have seen screens of both btw) While Shadow could builds off this and replace Overdrive with Chaos Control and Ring spark with Chaos Blast while adding projectiles: Chaos Spear and/or Lance finally Silver would have his EMP stun attack, Utilization of his Psychokinetic powers to maintain speed (to keep up with sonic) and throw level geometry plus with Chaos Control’s boosting/warping/time stopping powers to boot.
  2. Today I don't feel like doing anything *whistles*

  3. Today I don't feel like doing anything *whistles*

  4. Off topic: Nope at the most they will test it a bit, iron out most of the problems, and begin construction on the levels while testing/ tweaking the physics for each one; also I thought scripting was considered a problem in this fandom unless by scripting you mean writing custom code for implementing physics. On topic: I'll take a fourth helping of 2D/3D please with a side order of extensive multiple paths, a more Richard Jacquesish/Sonic Colorish/06ish OST, and a Surrealistic art style.*thinks for a bit* Oh and for dessert I want the Bonus content with collectibles, leader-boards, and… hmm…*looks at menu*Throw some extra characters in there too. Well your standards are ridiculously high therefor your expectations are unrealistic.
  5. What makes you think these new programmers would be able to perfectly replicate retro Sonic physics 1/1? Also the only thing they would do is build off of the engine the current programmers have been building off of since unleashed which is what the current sonic team is gonna do anyway.
  6. It's thinking...

    1. goku262002


      Still Thinking...

  7. The amount of Metal Sonic avatars in the bossy boss BAAWWWSSES! thread mean one thing...METAL SONIC BRIGADE!!!

    1. Smock





    2. Alex2Beta



  8. So guys how about them upward flowinging waterfalls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWeu87CK9fk&feature=player_embedded

    1. Invictus Ordo
    2. Jix Hedgehog

      Jix Hedgehog

      More weird weather back home in Australia? :/

  9. Changed username from Omnis kai Invictus to Omnis kai Invictus.

    1. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      I liked your old one better personally.

    2. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      There's something wrong with the new name. Like it has green eyes or something.

    3. Unknown User

      Unknown User


  10. I wouldn't mind the characters wearing some of their alternate costumes from other games in main series games. (Like Sonic's Soap shoes, Riders shoes & gloves, or SA light speed shoes)
  11. Oh Wow it's the Giant Ferris wheel you platform on in Stardust Speedway act 2 badfuture (on the low route I think)! So do you think we are gonna get the 3 Mecha Sonic bosses (4 if you count Knuckles' final boss) in Sky Sanctuary Zone, the intro warp from Hidden Palace, the launch of the Deathegg, and ending the level by escaping from the crumbling ruins to the Deathegg? Because if you think of it THIS (Along with that awesome song) is what made Sky Sanctuary Awesomely memorable! Edit: Well seems I was confusing the spring launchers for a ferris wheel in the badfuture but a ferris wheel does show up in the background of the goodfuture.
  12. Randomly SSMB on muh skype!

  13. Wait is he... Is Metal Sonic shooting at Sonic with his hands!? Either it's that or I think the Metal Sonic fan in me is over hyping the hell out of this fight so hard it's causing me to see things.
  14. Ladies and Gentlemen I present our first taste of Sky Sanctuary HD
  15. Well this is defiantly Stardust Speedway badfuture. I'm hyped beyond anything possible and I NEED this boss fight on my TV NOW!!!!

    1. \Lennox



  17. Has now seen the Spider-man trailer! Looks way better than rami's films !

  18. Is that korean Megaman "generations" MMORPG canceled?

  19. Wait stop the freaking presses! We've been struck by a asteroid recently !?

    1. Noir
    2. Ferno



    3. Invictus Ordo

      Invictus Ordo

      I never played Legends and I've always been more of an "X" fan really, still it sucks it was canceled. About that asteroid impact though...http://dorigo.wordpress.com/2008/10/07/asteroid-2008-tc3-hits-sudan/

  20. Game Reactor's preview of Sonic Generations is very hopeful.../Sarcasm

    1. Voyant


      They seemed to be trying to hard to be negative

    2. Marcello


      No they didn't

    3. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      That was absolutely batshit crazy. They had no proof to their points what so ever. And just look at the feedback they got for it, lol.

    4. Voyant


      @ Marcellof

      Bad collision detection? It just seems tat the game didn't wow him from what he saw. Then that's what you say not come up with stuff to make yourself seem valid on YouTube or as a gaming site.

      Haven't heard any of that from even the people who been negative about the game. Also the intro was unnecessary.

    5. Carbo


      Bad collision detection was one of my first criticisms towards the demo honestly, and it could use some fine tuning.

      But that's mostly due to the scripted segments.

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