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  1. How.. err why... huh? Ok going by the assumption that both sonics fight each rival why do Metal, get so many cutscenes?
  2. So is Robotnik Winter from triple troule called "Eggman Winter" in Sonic & Tails 2?

  3. Well I know I'm still excited as the only thing I wanted was refined unleashed/colors gameplay and they're giving me that plus a extra layer of classic sprinkled with all of my favorite levels showing up with Metal Sonic as a added bonus (Metal Sonic is my favorite sonic character).
  4. You can quick step in all of the 3D areas but you can't drift in all of the 3D areas (specifically area's that prompt you to quick step). Offtopic: Your welcome and Shadic93 those were the wisest words I read regarding how Generations should be judged.
  5. Same here as well but it was only because I was treating the game as if it were Unleashed 2 and I also thought rail switching was mapped to the shoulder buttons and that I could drift in all 3D sections (in the quick step section at the end of green hill the drift input is cut). Once I realized that was not the case I begin treating the game like Colors 2 and magically it clicked in my mind that homing attack was mapped as a second jump and that rail switching was done by moving the analog stick or D-pad (Yes you can control Modern Sonic with the freaking D-PAD!!!). Edit/ added info : Our fellow member Panserbjørne even said she prefers modern with the D-pad on the ps3 version and of course controlling him with the 360 d-pad kinda sucked, but this means theoretically you could play the whole game with a Street Fighter pad for a more Sega Saturnish feel.
  6. So it's a dmc lite combat styled PSO with above average character customization, randomized stackable "interrupt events", multiple planets with multiple environments per planet, and THE ABILITY TO JUMP!!!??
  7. Uh unless a miracle happens there is no chance in hell Sonic is gonna even be in the top 10. Edit: I Voted
  8. I just hope people can look past the Classic/Modern bullshit and see how good the game is.~Shadic93

  9. reviewers are a bit too harsh on Sonic. . .

    1. Raxz


      wow this is a new development eh?


    2. Xenos


      I thought that was mainstream now.

      Y'know, like how bad Sonic games are lately. *Trollin'*

    3. Nintendoga


      I know one guy on youtube who refused to buy Sonic Colors, because his "Trusted source" gave the game a 7/10. Doesn't 7/10 mean good?

  10. Just based on the new trailer alone I can tell it's gonna be very different and it's possibly going to mix in some of the indoor sections from the night time sections (Classic's version already does it). Btw am I the only person who thinks the festival going on in Spagonia is the Sonic version of the Olympics?
  11. So what's stopping Sonic team from making more fantasy environments? Absolutely nothing and it's absurd to think that it's the reason why we haven't seen any fantasy environments and Sonic having a planet of his own does not change the fact that city levels based on speed will have " corkscrews on civilian highways" and the setting being on earth doesn't limit designers to ONLY use realistic settings. Take into consideration that all of the portable games happen on earth (sans Rush Adventure) and they have many of the features you apparently miss and as for the three major main series games that don't have this influence they have reasons as to why they don't. Sonic the Hedgehog was supposed to be a "Sonic in real life" type of game and it's art style reflected that while Sonic unleashed was a "world adventure" (environments, cultures, people) and it stuck to its concept and even then we only got to see ONE SMALL AREA of each of the seven selected countries but the differences between them caused them to stand out more which was the point, and finally Sonic Colors took place on Eggman’s interstellar amusement park which consisted of various altered alien worlds. So each of these main series games have reasons as to why the fantasy Earth concept wasn't the basis behind the art direction. So with generations around the corner (and it has a lot of fantasy earth settings) I think it's safe to say that the art direction for the next major game is going to be more in line with the other Sonic titles. In short Sonic's Earth =/= Our earth in anyway shape or form (well maybe the shape lol) and this means we can have absurd environments with giant fauna and huge alligators chasing us next to our Central City/ City Escape like areas and that be the norm for this earth.
  12. Correction. I have never been interested in a saints row game, but that video just sold me this game.
  13. It makes perfect sense to me as the only games I can think of that even allow you to make a natural "black" character would be the def jam games and APB and this is of course without the character looking awkward. Really!? That's the fem shep that won!? I 100% agree with turbo and chaos supreme on this.
  14. I lol'ed! So some of these guys have been in previous Platinum games right? If so does anyone think Bayonetta or Sam Gideon will cameo and how deep is the combo system in this going to be?
  15. I didn't even notice the load times, anyway the combat does it's job at being both simple and deep as combos are based on timing (I didn't realize this until I pulled of some awesome flashy rapid bullet rain move with the second weapon) and I think there is more to the weapon/ combo system than the demo let us try. Oh and Day One!
  16. Chemical Plant vid in "Hidden assets" thread

  17. He still has Shadow's data and can use chaos control plus it took 10 heroes fighting a "incomplete freak" and three Supers to defeat him...make of that what you will.
  18. *cracks knuckles and puts on boss fight pitch gloves* (Modern)The fight could start in Soleanna and after the first hit Silver tosses you into the sky and as soon as Sonic lands (optionally in a new area. Kingdom Valley mach-speed zone?) He boosts away in 2D. Now Silver is at an obvious disadvantage because he’s not as fast as sonic but Silver manipulates the level geometry to break up and alter the area in front of our famed hero thus in essence slowing the blue blur down a bit and forcing you into quick bursts of 2D platforming. While he does this he’s catching up to you and tossing pockets of kinetic energy your way (these cause paralysis from which he can hit you with all of the level geometry he’s altered costing you your rings and a means to attack him. Don’t worry it just means you gotta boost again) and it’s up to the player to dodge those and exploit the fact that he can’t maintain this much concentration. After 5 pockets cue Silver grabbing his head in pain following you hitting the ole X, X or A, A for a Homing attack to his face and after three hits the fight switches to a 3D interceptor style fight. Now silver is sending out Emp shocks (his stasis power up from 06 where he slams one hand on the ground) quickstep these 6 times and he tries hit Sonic by ramming him with “How bout THIS!” being your cue to jump over him as the camera snaps behind you and you get the opportunity for a homing attack. After 3 hits it’s time for the next phase with Silver now in front of you in both 3D and 2D throwing HUGE chunks of geometry at you that you quick slide under, sidestep (obviously not in 2D) around , or jump over. His weakness being his shock that you could dodge all of his attacks which requires you to remember his lifting limit from the first part of the boss (If he hits you it resets his limit).Once again 3 homing attacks later we can do 3 separate things. Now on one hand that could be the end of the fight on the other hand we could continue and incorporate the MAJOR plot point in the fight. So one way to add some kick to this fight is for Silver’s knowledge of chaos control to manifest early due to him attempting to unlink himself with the “white space” that is the time hole he is a part of ( Since it’s 06 it should be hard to do since it’s taking place in an alternate timeline anyway). Now with chaos control as an added power the camera switches to 2D and you play through a repeat of the of all phases of THIS boss with the exception of Silver can REWIND TIME (it’s very limited) therefore possibly putting you in a place you don’t need to be as his kinetic traps are unaffected (I’m sure you can see how this is a challenge).Finally after hitting him one last time (in phase 3 redux) he rewinds the final hit the perspective switchs back to 2D he warps to the far right of the screen and kinetic boosts towards you cue you and he ending the fight like the Blaze v. Sonic boss in Sonic Rush. Another way to extend this fight and also raise the stakes would be for the “Time Eater” to give Silver ALL of 06’s Chaos emeralds resulting in a Super Silver fight.
  19. But hey even if they re-enact a previous fight hey can change things, I mean just look at the screens we have of the Metal fight. I don't see Classic Eggman chasing after both of them with a laser do you? See that's part of the point it has some differences heck he even turns towards you and attacks now versus just trying to stay in front of you.
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