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  1. Hello again, Stadium Goers. Popping in to throw some of this on the table. Oh wait... Aren't I forgetting something? Oh.... yes.... I need naught forget that.
  2. Her mouth? What about her HANDS? I know the Sonic characters have human hands (due to anthropomorphism) but for all that is right and Mobian.... BRRRR... Seriously, her puppet is the oddity here. It's the creepy one. It just doesn't belong.
  3. Oh for the love of... Did I ever say I wanted an EVIL Mickey Mouse? Did I even ONCE utter the word? NO. But what I am saying is I wanted to be the earlier Mickey who was an absolutely selfish douchebag who would harm his own girlfriend from thousands of feet in the air because she wouldn't kiss him. Sure, he saved her because his intention was to frighten her to kiss him, but for the love of Pete, you guys read it that I wanted to be a monster. NO. I wanted to be a selfish prick who wanted to leave Wasteland EVEN if it meant that I cost my own older half brother his life and Wasteland's decomposition into the hopeless dystopia we see in the concept art. How you guys changed that it into something utterly different is beyond me. I love Mickey. I wear sleep pants with him on it as I go to sleep, but NOOOO I want him to not act like himself in this game. Because I wanted to be a different era of Mickey's personality? Mickey was always a wholesome character, but he also was really fucking selfish and would scare people into doing things for him if they were adamant on not doing as he says. He was still great, but he was a really cruel douchebag at times and how anyone ignores that outright I've no idea why. Because it's unfavourable? I like that Mickey because he's awesome to work with. Straight man Mickey Mouse of today is overrated, yet somehow that became the prime Mickey in Epic Mickey. Warren, why did you ignore the Mickey you liked most? WHY? Oh well... The Disney execs forced you to make him that kid friendly goody two shoes. What a damn shame.
  4. I've been said to be close minded. I just like to think that I'd like to be a bit more REFINED.

    1. azoo


      I'm just trying to help with your tolerance, and your tendency to get so angry over little things bro. That's all. You need lots of improvement there and I'm constantly willing to help you with that.

  5. Like I give a shit? I don't care, that would have been badass. Make me love yet hate him yet have so much guilt that I made him do that and leave me to war with an unthinkable monster all on my own. I guess I expected too much, because what Warren told us was making Mario and Ratchet into Fable and I loved that prospect. But instead I get this average game whose camera needs SERIOUS work. I wanted CONSEQUENCES for my actions, but the only consequences I get is how people view me and that's considering that my older half brother still ends up loving me, despite helping Pete trap his kids in the jail. I did bad things to people yet the plot forced me into a happy ending no matter what I did even if my animatronic friends are still in shambles and some people are uptight bastards and plain out pricks. The morality is BROKEN. I say, don't pander to the kids. If they made a bad decision let them live with it and feel bad for it. If they don't like it, they can restart and make the right decisions. I wanted to be sadistically mischievous rat and the game's most mischievous event was letting the Lonesome Ghosts scare a guy. I am disappointed and I don't care if this was a kid's game. Blaming it on the fact that it'd a kids' game is not a good excuse anymore. It should be a game for EVERYONE. Not just kids! Stop belittling kids' intelligence and have some balls to tell them they fucked up. I am absolutely sick of this mentality. People are understanding no matter the age and if you get them acquainted with a character, then no matter the situation people will feel with that character. Stop acting as if a kid can't be understanding and feel emotion. And yes, I am complaining about story, but it's because it's such a main integral part of the whole game. If its morality system is broken, then the game begins to fall apart. It's not helped by poor camera and bad paint and thinner aim. Disney fan or not, most will probably be disappointed with this game as I am. The original cartoons Walt did had better morality and emotional struggle than this game. They were choice examples of storytelling that the game should have taken more influence from.
  6. I'm pretty divided about the final product. The camera wasn't bad at first but when I started getting into the game later on the camera was pretty bad, Plus the poor aiming system of paint and thinner was bothersome, let alone the fact that I couldn't tell what was painted or not at times. Sometimes, the painted stuff would look like the Burtonesque formations that aren't meant to be thinned, and sometimes the Burtonesque would look painted. I don't know, but that got real annoying real quick. Everything else in the game works great on the other hand. But for the love of me, despite loving the redemption aspect and a good portion of it, the storytelling is plain out WEAK. If you play as a mischievous Scrapper Mickey, then aren't you supposed to get a BAD ending because you fucked everything up? It doesn't add up. Why are Mickey and Wasteland still redeemed? Why doesn't Oswald steal Mickey's heart for being an ass to him? I feel that some strong executive meddling came about and this game ended up being an average product. I honestly didn't like it the way I was hoping to, and man... I'm really irked about the lack of terrifying imagery. I wanted to see that Wonderland level in the game, guys. I really did. It's a 7/10 for me. I just can't find it to be something that I'd want to play again. It's basically Fable lite, but with a morality system that's trumped by Shadow the Hedgehog of all games. I really hoped for something more... epic, you know? But it turned out too Disney friendly. The hero can't produce an unhappy ending because EVERYTHING must end happily ever after. And I lived mixedly ever after with this game.
  7. Now he needs a John Wayne rifle which he carries single-handedly and he will be pretty damn awesome.
  8. I signed into Stadium just to check this project out. And you guys are still up for Badnik designs right? I'd love to try my hand at steampunk Badniks.
  9. Hell yes. It's something new every time. And what was even more surprising about the special effects is how much of a step up the text effects were from the Adam West Batman series. It reacted in fluid synergy with what was causing the disturbance and make the words pop up. HOW IS THAT NOT COOL?!
  10. Ah, I am zanking you Mademoiselle, who be the wearer of a costume of a much undeservedly loathed character that deserves more respect than is garnered. Pray tell what you would love to tinkerer at mine side or thou side, whichever you prefer, or what I may penner in leading inklings for you as thou shalst work on something I oh so desire to see from thyself.
  11. I signed in for the first time in months to approve of this thread. Now join Sonic Retro.
  12. Do I even belong in this fanbase anymore? I mean good gravy. I don't know what to think of this franchise anymore.

  13. On the Angel Island in the vast desert of Sandopolis lay a pyramid that lay dormant in the eons that the old civilization had withered away. And with the old relics barren and without an occupation guests arrive and greet you as the full moon rise into the sky and you feel the need to pull the chain and awake the sun. For they have a peculiar eccentricity that one isn't quite able to swallow as it bares it's choppers. And this.... is what keeps the children of the homeland awake in their beds at night. In fear that maybe, the ghosts will take up new residence alongside them. Waiting. Waiting for the right moment... TO SCARE THE LIVID BEJEEZUS OUTTA' YA!
  14. Whoa, do I spy a story based on the first Sonic game? Interesting. I can't wait to see how it develops. Art is already beautiful, by the way.
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